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Woman sugar waxing

Best Sugar Wax Kits

The word “waxing” can get different reactions from your friends alone. Some people associate it with pain, while others call

Body Butter Benefits

10 Body Butter Benefits

Women love to look beautiful every day. Even while we are at home in our baggy clothes we still want

Pink Shellac nails

Does Shellac Ruin Your Nails?

Like any other artificial nail formula, using shellac too often and too much can damage your nails. Your natural nails

Purple and black dip nails

How Long Do Dip Nails Last?

Dip nails or dip powder nails are among the hottest nail trends today.  If you’re tired of going to the

woman getting eyebrows waxed

How Long Does Eyebrow Waxing Last?

Eyebrow waxing should be done every 3-4 weeks. This helps maintain your eyebrow shape without overdoing your brow grooming routine.

Rack of women's clothes

Is Zara Good Quality?

Is zara good quality? The answer truly comes down to what a buyer defines as quality themselves. However, in general

Woman in jeans

15 Types of Pants for Women

One of the best and most versatile items to add to your closet is a pair of pants. Below, we’ve

Woman holding stuff bra

what to use to stuff a bra

Most people think about teenagers when talking about bra-stuffing. But grown-ass women can definitely do this too and benefit from

Woman measuring bra size

Are Bra Cup Sizes Universal?

Finding the right bra size can be a confusing activity. If you’ve ever bought bras from different brands and ended

woman wearing heart anklet

What Does Wearing an Anklet Mean?

Wearing an anklet means many things to people of different cultures. The ankle bracelet meaning differs, from being open to