10 Reasons Why Yoga Is Absolutely For Everyone

Why Yoga Is Absolutely For Everyone
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Why has Yoga become so popular over the years? The Yoga craze has hit every one of all ages regardless of gender, size, shape or fitness levels.  

There might be countless reasons why you would think Yoga might not be for you such as your inflexibility, your excess weight, or your health concerns but think again.

Yoga gives you so much more than what you probably expect.  

It just takes an open mind to go into unfamiliar waters and you might be surprised to find out that it could be an enjoyable activity that could give you so much more than what you bargained for.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider starting a Yoga program right now.

1. Yoga is a low impact activity that you can do regularly

Low impact workouts are less hard on the body. They are less stressful to your body especially while you aim for a heart-pumping activity that reduces your risk of getting an injury.

Yoga lubricates your joints while firing up your muscles.

2. Yoga adapts to every shape, size, gender, fitness level and age group

Each Yoga pose and style follows a basic outline and alignment but at the same time, it allows you to listen to what your body tells you and moving from what you feel your body can take.  

3. Yoga relieves stress

Stress-relieving activities are valuable in these times when so many factors in our everyday lives affect the way we live.  

Yoga lets you pay attention to the way you breathe. Deep, full breaths release tension in the body as you breathe in and breathe out.  Watch how your emotional state changes just by doing that.

4. Yoga improves flexibility

Your nine to five job may have you sitting in front of a table for hours and this could wreak havoc on your body systems.  

The practice of Yoga improves your flexibility and lets you stretch your limitations as you breathe deeply into each posture.

Yoga is a process that takes time but will definitely give you a more flexible body with constant practice.

5. Yoga strengthens your body

Just because Yoga is a low impact workout, most people think that they might not achieve the results they want if they aim to have a stronger body.  

On the contrary, you might just be surprised how much your core and muscles develop by engaging in those Yoga poses.

6. Yoga anytime and anywhere

There are no equipments necessary in the practice of Yoga.  Even your Yoga mat can be substituted for a towel or just simply the floor.  All you need is your body.

You can practice Yoga at home, in your office, at the park or at school, anytime and anywhere you feel the need to stretch out and breathe deeply.  

5 minutes of practice is all you need for fitness or just to release some stress when the going gets tough.

7. Yoga lets you connect with your inner self

Despite Yoga being seen as a fitness activity to strengthen your body and improve your health, there is one other thing that you might find to be a welcome benefit in the regular practice of it.  

Yoga connects you with your inner self. There is a sense of calm and stillness as you do your poses that just makes you feel safe and supported.

8. Yoga empowers you

The more you practice Yoga, the more you feel stronger and more confident.  The power of your breathing helps you tune into the inner voice that builds trust and appreciation for yourself.

It makes you more conscious of how much you love your body, mind, and spirit.  The feeling is empowering.

9. Yoga is fun

Yoga channels your inner child.  Growing up might have lead you to become too stiff and upright while trying to conform to the demands of the adult world.  

With Yoga, there is a tendency to get back to how you were as child by just letting go and letting be.

10. Yoga changes your life

There is a transformation that happens when you practice Yoga regularly.  Unconsciously, you tend to shift unhealthy patterns you’ve developed over time.  

Yoga lets you be more mindful and deliberate in your intentions and end up making decisions that are more constructive to your overall well being.

Yoga gives you a better appreciation of yourself as you become more conscious of what your body and inner voice tell you.

Men, women, and children need to stay in tune and in focus if they wish to go through life with less stress and tensions that confront them while living their lives.  

There is no better activity than Yoga as it not just gives you a better and healthier body but at the same time, gives you a more focused mind and a stronger spirit.

Why has Yoga become so popular over the years? Because yoga is for everyone of all ages regardless of gender, size, shape or fitness levels. See why yoga could be perfect for you.
Why has Yoga become so popular over the years? Because yoga is for everyone of all ages regardless of gender, size, shape or fitness levels. See why yoga could be perfect for you.


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