8 Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

Asanas for Weight Loss
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I’m sure you’ve heard about yoga for detoxification and relaxation, but weight loss? Uh, uh…

Well, I’m here to say that… it does help you lose weight! Not only that, but yoga is also a great way to maintain your health and fitness!

Aside from that, yoga also strengthens your mental health to help you cope with the stress of daily life. So, it really is a win-win situation for your physical and mental well-being!

If you’re searching for yoga asanas or poses for weight loss, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 amazing asanas that will surely burn calories and help you shed extra pounds.

1. Crescent Lunge Pose

Also known as Anjaneyasana, the crescent lunge is an excellent asana to stretch your thighs and hips and improves your flexibility for doing splits.

How to:

  • Stand on your feet and get down in a lunge pose, stepping your right foot forward, lowering your torso, and bending your knee until it’s at 90 degrees.
  • Slowly drop your left knee to the ground so that your lower leg rests on the mat. If you have sensitive knee, make sure to place a blanket under it.
  • Place your hands on your right knee, making sure that your knee is directly over your ankle.
  • Inhale and raise your arms above the head. You can keep your hands however you want, depending on the muscles you’re trying to stretch.
  • Exhale as you further deepen the lunge.
  • Stay in the position for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

2. Wide-legged Standing Forward Fold

Also known as Prasarita Padottanasana, this yoga asana is wonderful for stretching your hips and thighs. As it works different muscles, the wide-legged standing forward fold also helps in losing weight.

How to:

  • Stand with your feet 3-4 ft. apart.
  • Bend forward at the hips and not at the waist, keeping your back straight and feeling a stretch in your hamstrings.
  • Originally, your hands should touch the floor, but you can clasp them behind your back and towards the ceiling for that extra stretch on the shoulders.
  • Stay in the position for 30 seconds.

3. Warrior I

An essential part of the weight loss asanas, the Virabhadrasana I or Warrior I pose strengthens a variety of muscle groups, including the arms, back, thighs, and calves and opens the chest and hips. You may find this pose a bit similar to the high lunge.

How to:

  • Stand with a wide stance and arms at the sides.
  • Turn your left foot outwards at 60 degrees.
  • Step your right foot forward and bend your knee at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your knee is directly above the ankle.
  • Raise your arms overhead with your hands together or apart.
  • Stay in the position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side and move on to Warrior II.

4. Warrior II

The Warrior II is a yoga asana that increases stamina, stretches the hips and chest, and builds strength, thereby aiding in weight loss.

How to:

  • From the Warrior I pose, simply lower your arms and extend them to your sides as you tilt your chest and hips to the direction as your back foot.
  • Aim to keep your front knee bent at 90 degrees, keeping your foot straight forward.
  • Keep your arms parallel to the ground your head straight ahead.
  • Stay in the position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

5. Chair Pose

The chair pose might look simple, but it does great in working your core and quadriceps. It is basically the yoga version of the squat hold exercise.

How to:

  • Stand with your arms straight overhead and your feet together.
  • Keeping your back straight and your arms extended above, lower yourself into a squat by bending your knees. You should still see your feet in front of the knees.
  • Go as low as you can and try to get your thighs close to being parallel to the ground while maintaining a good form.
  • Stay in the position for 30 seconds.

6. Half-boat Pose

The half-boat pose is a great asana to target the abdominal muscles, making it a right choice for when you’re trying to lose weight. It strengthens your abs and vertebral column.

How to:

  • Sit on a mat with your palms against it for support.
  • Lean your torso back as you raise your legs. You can bend your knees if keeping your legs straight is hard for you.
  • Once stable, raise your arms parallel to the floor.
  • If you want to make it more challenging, keep your knees further apart or lean back your torso further. You can also extend your legs straight.
  • Feel the burn on your abs, and stay in the position for 30 seconds.

7. Side Plank Pose

Planks are a great strength training exercise, but do you know that the side plank pose or Vasisthasana is also a yoga asana for weight loss? It’s indeed wonderful for working the core, legs, and arms.

How to:

  • Get down in a regular plank on a mat with your palms shoulder-distance apart and toes together.
  • Tilt your feet to the left and stack your left foot on top of the right.
  • Keep your left hand off the mat as you shift your weight on your right hand. Gently raise your left arm over your body towards the ceiling.
  • Stay in the position for 30 seconds, making sure that your shoulders and hips are directly in line with each other.
  • Repeat on the other side.

8. Crow Pose

An advanced yoga asana for weight loss, the crow pose or Bakasana is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your arms.

How to:

  • Get down in a low squat position. Place your hands on the mat in front and spread your fingers widely. Keep your knees wider apart than your arms.
  • Come up on tiptoes, then place your knees on the outside or edges of your upper arms, not directly on the upper arms.
  • Slowly adjust your weight forward until your toes hardly touch the floor. Raise one foot at a time, bracing your core and keeping a rounded back.
  • Aim to straighten your arms and hold the position for 30 seconds.

Yoga might seem to be an effortless exercise of the body and mind, but if you’re a starter, it can really put a lot of strain to muscles that aren’t often used.

And like your workout routines, it can be a challenge to get up and start working. Make sure to keep your health and fitness in mind and perform these yoga asanas to help in your weight loss efforts.

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