Reasons Why Your Workout is Not Working

Workout Not Working
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How frustrating is it when you try and try to do something but it doesn’t work out? Especially for weight loss workouts. Imagine having been going to the gym for weeks and months, and you’re still unable to see results.

You get discouraged and start to revert back to your old self, sitting on the sofa watching TV as you consume those unhealthy foods.

That’s why we are here before you even think about stopping your gym routine, there are some factors that you need to consider which is affecting your progress. It could be with the foods you are consuming or the way you do a workout, whichever it is, once you know the root of all your distress it’s time to change it.

Workout Not Working? Here’s Why.



Weight loss doesn’t just happen because you have been going to the gym regularly. In order for you to effectively lose weight, you need to both workout and have a healthy diet.

It can go like this, you could be burning hundreds of calories whenever you go to the gym, but the moment you go home or you finish your workout, you open a bag of chips or a make a number of sandwiches because you are worn out from your training. So what tends to happen is that you’re just bringing back the calories you have burned, or worse even more.

Having balance means going to the gym regularly and having healthy food choices with the right proportions.

Bad diet

Let’s say that you are both going to the gym and having good meal proportions, however, the catch is you are making the wrong choices.

A visit to the nutritionist is an excess spent on your part, and since you saw an ad saying protein is good for a healthy diet you went ahead and bought five cartons of milk and a variety of meat and poultry foods.

That is a big no-no. This is where the importance of meal plans comes in.

Having a meal plan enables you to create a diet that is designed for you, your health, and taste preferences.

It’s the same way with medicine, you don’t do self-medication, where in this case you don’t just believe what you read, you do research.


Sleep is an essential part of weight loss, not getting enough can lead to health problems and weight gain.

Some of the reasons on how sleep affects weight loss are that it causes you to eat more, through the excess production of leptin and ghrelin, the hormones responsible for hunger, including cortisol a hormone which triggers cravings.

Being sleep deprived can also cause your body to improperly use insulin, which will lead to it producing more and can lead to the build-up of fat.

In addition to all of these horrid things, lack of sleep causes stress and depression.

You’re doing the same workout

Having a variety of workouts plays an important role not only to weight loss but to your overall health.

For starters, having a variety of workouts prevents your brain from getting bored, which can avoid you losing your motivation.

Also, we have different body parts which perform different functions, so for you to keep them healthy, will enable them to perform better and decrease the stress placed on them.

It’s not meant for you

This is an optional thing to consider, however, we will include this on the list because it has its own benefits.

Often times, trainers, fitness gurus, or coaches will either ask what you want to achieve or will recommend the workout that best suits you.

Why is that? Well here are a few reasons as to why they do that. For starters, they can help you immediately see the results that you want from your training by asking you what you want to achieve.

Also, by determining which workout is best suited for you they can create a work out that can be less straining to your body but is effective, or they can create a work out which is needed by your body.

There are ways into which a trainer can determine your body type, either by doing a quick evaluation of your body type, stamina, preference, and result of a previous endurance test or exercise, or they could simply look at you and see which category in the somatotypes you fit in.

What are somatotypes

First off, we’ll briefly explain what somatotypes mean.

Somatotypes is the concept of body types based on body composition and skeletal frame. There are basically three types of somatotypes.

1. Endomorphs

Endomorphs are people who have a larger frame and bulky build up. They usually have more fats, but can last longer when participating in physical activities or workouts.

2. Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs are skinnier and usually have smaller amounts of muscles than endomorphs, they also can’t last as much as endomorphs when it comes to physical activity.

3. Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs are the body type that is between ectomorphs and endomorphs, they are neither skinny nor bulky. They are usually the most suitable when it comes to physical activity.

A while ago we said that considering your body type for a workout is optional because whether you have an endomorph or ectomorph body type, as you work out, you will be able to gradually change to a body type that you desire.


Before you consider giving up and throwing away weeks and months of hard work, it is good to determine first what could be the factors that are hindering your progress.

The sudden change of loss of motivation and discouragement will not make things better, so it is good to know the causes first. To step back and search for the answers. After all, when we have a goal in mind, whether it be in health, career, or finance, it is given that, reaching a goal requires going through obstacles and hardships.

Here at sprout origin, we aim to help those individuals who might be in need of physical, mental, or emotional guidance.

If you share the same goals or values with us, don’t hesitate to share this article to anyone who might need it or are in need.


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