How To Make Yourself Workout In The Morning

Make Yourself Workout Mornings
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I love working out because it helps me better myself, but not the part where I have to wake up early in the morning!

If you’re just like me who don’t have free time besides early in the AM, you must have felt the lazy feeling that bugs when it’s time to do your routine. It’s hard, but it only gets harder the moment you resist your alarm and stay in bed.

If you’re no morning person (like me) and find it extremely difficult to move your body out of bed when it’s still dark outside, take the following tips to heart for a more motivated mind.

Make A Plan

Whether it’s work, business, or travel, planning works in almost every area of our life. Exercise is not an exception. Plan your workout ahead of time or before going to bed the night before.

Will it be running, walking or a yoga session? Planning your workout will save precious time instead of spending a few minutes in bed trying to figure out what it will be for the day. This can also lead to procrastination — if you don’t have a plan in mind, you can’t help but to just stay in bed!

When you have a plan, you can ready the equipment and gear you will need as well. You can also estimate the time the workout will take, allowing you to adjust it for other activities.

Sleep Early

Sleep is an essential factor that affects our mood and the way our body and mind responds to things. Early in the morning, when it’s still dark outside, our mind understands it as still nighttime and therefore is more inclined to resting and sleeping rather than being awake.

So to combat sleepiness and get yourself going, sleep early or enough to complete a 7- or 8-hour rest. If it means turning off the TV or computer or saying goodbye to social media early, then so be it.

After all, your workout is what matters more. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Go to Bed in Your Workout Wear

This might sound funny, but it actually an effective way to keep you going once your alarm reminds you of the (awful) truth. Especially during the days when early mornings are still covered in total darkness outside, it can be hard to get up and change into your workout clothes.

Doing this also saves you time, and even without mentioning these reasons that make me sound like I’m selling this tip, sleeping in your exercise attire eliminates one of the few hurdles you need to overcome to follow your workout routine.

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Forget Snooze

Three words: snooze is dangerous. It constantly feeds your desire to stay in bed and sleep some more, which is even more dangerous!

A helpful tip if you’re the type who can’t help but press the snooze button: put your clock or phone somewhere you can’t easily reach and it will force you to get up to silent it. And when you finally get up, don’t attempt to go back to bed.


Turn On the Lights and Some Music

Once you get out of the bed — whether to turn off your alarm or go to the restroom for some business — immediately turn on the lights. A bright environment will wake your mind and trick it into thinking that the sun’s already up!

Also, make sure to turn on some heart-pounding, sense-awakening music! Music is a powerful drive that can change your mood and energize your mind and body.

If it doesn’t disturb anyone, increase the volume and move your body to the rhythm of the song. Play your workout tunes to remind you of your goals and the reason you’re doing it. Raise your energy through music, and let it motivate you to push harder.

Like Nike, “Just Do It”

Don’t be one of those who skip their workout routine and then feel guilty later! While it’s a real challenge to get on your feet early in the morning for some exercise, it should not just be an option that you will or will not choose.

Make the workout your final decision — one that isn’t decided when you wake up but the night before. Make that promise to see the end of it or until you achieve your goals or until fitness is a priority for you.

When you open your eyes for another day, just go and do it. Throw any hint of negotiation or compromise away. Remember that when it comes to working out, your worst enemy is yourself.

For a workout to be effective, it requires discipline, commitment, and consistency, and I’m sure you’re aware of it before you signed up. Fitness is a lifestyle, and in order for such lifestyle to thrive, it should be practiced.

Do you have any secrets for working out early in the morning or late at night? Tell us in the comments below for everyone to try!

It's tempting to hit snooze and skip your morning workout! Here's how to make yourself workout in the morning even when you don't feel like it.
Trying to lose weight? It\'s tempting to hit snooze and skip your morning workout! Here\'s how to make yourself workout in the morning even when you don\'t feel like it.


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