Wide Strap Bras for Shoulder Pain

Bra causing shoulder pain
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Having a large bust is something that a lot of us women desire. 

When you have an asset that you can be proud of, you tend to feel more confident about yourself. But life isn’t always rainbows for ladies with big breasts. 

The weight in front of them can cause pain on their shoulders and back. That’s why finding a good bra that offers enough comfort and support is essential for these women.

Don’t worry if you’re a woman with an ample bosom or who often suffers from shoulder and back pain. There are bras out there designed to alleviate the discomfort you are feeling. 

Now, ladies, I am going to introduce you to the beautiful world of wide strap bras.

How wearing wide strap bras help with shoulder pain

Wide straps are the ideal partner for women who constantly suffer from shoulder and back pain because of their breasts. 

Not only do they provide the necessary support, but their cushioned and padded features offer extra comfort to the wearer. They are also double layered and ergonomically shaped to help relieve tension and pressure off your shoulders.

Investing in high-quality wide strap bras can be considered money well-spent, especially if you will be wearing them for a long time.

Wide strap bras for shoulder pain

I have compiled some of the best bras with thick straps offered online and written a brief overview for each one, giving you some food for thought on whether you should add them to your closet.

Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Zoned-In Support Bra

If you’re on the curvier side with a bosom that goes up to DD, then you might fall for this bra. This underwear is also perfect for women with wide-set breasts. After all, its solid structure and wide straps are designed to give your girls the support that they need.

The color range for this support bra is limited to two, namely beige and black. 

As for the brassiere itself, it has a leotard back that helps keep the straps in place. It also has a satin interior lining that feels heavenly against your skin.

This brassiere has a bandless and design-corded center panel. It also has a side-support sling and adjustable straps made from comfortable fabric that help ensure a good fit for women of various sizes. 

Playtex’s 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra

Not everyone is a fan of underwires. 

As someone who has tried out various types of bras, I can understand why women wouldn’t want something poking or restricting them for hours on end.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the restriction of underwires but loves the support they give, then this bra might be a good match for you.

This wireless brassiere has a wide cup range, starting from 32C to 48DDD; making it easier for women with larger breasts to find a suitable bra for themselves

They have a Magic Ring design in the cups responsible for creating a natural lift without the poking sensations of underwire bras. 

They also have a TruSupport design that provides additional support on your back and sides.

Playtex’s wide strap bras are adjustable and cushioned, keeping them from sliding off your shoulders or digging into your skin. 

The brassiere itself is made from nylon and spandex, responsible for its comfortable features loved by many. 

Each bra also has full cups that reduce spillage in front. They look visually appealing, too, thanks to their floral jacquard with lace trim.

Glamorise’s Plus-Size MagicLift Original Support Wirefree Bra

If you want your wardrobe to be filled with wire-free bras that offer a lot of support to your bust, then Glamorise might have what you need. 

This brand is known for its plus-size bras with foam-cushioned bands that cross over and under the cup. This unique design allows the bra to lift, separate, and support your bosom.

This bra has wide shoulder straps that do not dig into your skin or slide off your shoulders. The bottom band is wide, too, ensuring that it won’t ride up. 

Plus-size ladies are likely to find a bra that fits them since the cup sizes range from 36B to 56J. You can see their various colors, sizes, and more online.

Safina Wide Strap Bra

The beauty of wearing non-wired soft cup bras is that you can wear them all day, every day. 

If you’re searching for a wireless brassiere that has a pair of wide straps, then you should consider the Safina Wide Strap Bra. 

Even though they don’t have any wires, this pair has an underbust band that can be a suitable fit for you and adds an excellent shape to your breasts.

This bra has a unique cup design with three sections that helps provide the necessary support to any wearer. The wide padded straps are also adjustable to ensure a custom fit. 

You can also expect more support and less pain on your back and shoulders because of the double-layered design of the wide straps. 

The cup sizes for this product range from A to G, letting women of various sizes enjoy its perks.

Anita Rosa Faia Twin Wired Bra

A good seamless bra works wonders when you’re wearing tight-fitting clothes. That’s why this type of underwear is undoubtedly a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. 

The Anita Rosa Bra is popular among women online because it is comfortable and supportive. 

The wires provide a good shape for your bust, and its double-layered, seam-free cups offer a smooth silhouette and heavenly comfort.

Aside from having comfortable and supportive features, this bra’s adjustable wide straps also help relieve pressure on your shoulders and back, lessening the pain you’d likely get from other bras. 

The cup sizes for this model range from B to H.

Comexim’s Emotion Buistonosz

If you’re searching for a wide strap bra that looks very sexy and sensual, then you can’t go wrong with Comexim’s Emotion Buistonosz. 

This brassiere is very sturdy but is better known for its sexy thick straps and lace panel. The lace lining runs from the underbust of each cup and goes past your shoulders, providing a very appealing sight once worn.

Goddess Women’s Hannah Underwire Bra

If it’s not your first rodeo when it comes to searching for the perfect bra, then you have probably come across the brand Goddess, which is known for its excellent side support. 

They have produced a high-quality wide strap bra with a single panel cup and lower gore this time around.

This bra takes the genius of the brand’s previous creations up to the next level. The shoulder straps are now padded, while the back strap has become adjustable too. 

These new features make this bra by Goddess a good find if you’re looking for new supportive and comfortable underwear.

Bali Women’s Satin Tracings

Sometimes, having a bigger bust can be a problem. 

If you’re finding it difficult to deal with your bosom, then this minimizer bra might be the answer you’re looking for. Bali Women’s Satin Tracings reduces your bust down 1¾ inches or around two cup sizes.

So, how does this bra work? This brassiere pushes your bust together towards your chest. Its wide straps are cushioned and will not induce any pain or discomfort to the shoulders. 

However, keep in mind that there’s not much room for adjustment since its straps are shorter than others.

Elila Jacquard Soft Cup

When it comes to variety in colors, the Elila Jacquard Soft Cup might be what you need. 

This brassiere has three-sectioned cups designed to support and provide enough coverage on your back and sides.The wide straps and shoulder pads of this bra provide additional support to the user.

 For a comfortable fit, you can easily adjust the straps and move the pad where it’s needed.

Freya Women’s Hero Underwire Bra

Some ladies find breathability as one of the best characteristics that a bra can have. 

If you also prefer breathable underwear, then Freya Women’s Hero Underwire Bra could be a good option for you. 

In addition to being made from breathable and sturdy material, it is also known for providing exceptional side support. 

The designs are also elegant and charming, making them suitable for feminine ladies.

Ashley Stewart’s Soft Cup Butterfly Bra

If you have gorgeous curves that you’d like to accentuate, then this bra could be the one you need. 

This bra is known for addressing issues that most plus-size and full-figured women have with regular bras.

The Soft Cup Butterfly Bra has comfortable wide straps that are easily adjustable to ensure a good fit. 

It also has a double back band that offers superior back support and adjustability, and a thick front strap with gel inside to promote comfort whenever it is worn.