5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Sugar Now +How To Detox

Reasons You Should Stop Eating Sugar Now
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How could something so good be so bad?  Every weight loss junkie knows for a fact that there is one thing that is almost always a major concern in most diets – that is the amount of sugar you take in every time you put that food in your mouth.

There is just something about sugar that makes us feel so good. The struggle to resist or even moderate this addictive commodity is so real.  For some reason, sugar makes us happy. This is due to the presence of a hormone called Dopamine that regulates our moods, in effect making us feel good.

So how could something that makes us feel pleasure be so bad for us, not unlike the effects of prohibited drugs?  Sugar gives us a surge of dopamine levels and steers our brains into overdrive.

That’s precisely why consuming a slice of that delectable and fudgy chocolate lava cake,  that tub of ice cream or that creamy and oh so yummy vanilla milkshake somehow makes us feel so much better.  

Don’t wait to be slapped with the truth.  Your sugar “fix” leaves you dependent on the addictive toxin and always results in packing in those extra pounds you’re trying so hard to lose.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stop eating sugar right now.

1. It makes you eat more… and more

Sugar blocks Leptin, the “satiety hormone” or “starvation hormone” that regulates body weight.  When Leptin levels fall, it stimulates our appetites and make us eat so much more than we intend to.

Leptin tells our brain when we have had enough and that we should stop eating.  Too much sugar in our bodies stops leptin from doing its job and we end up being helpless from the effects of that temporary “fix”.

2. It contributes to memory loss

The American Academy of Neurology conducted a study on the effects of high sugar levels on memory loss.  141 people with an average age of 63 were involved in the study that came to the conclusion that people with lower sugar levels had better scores in their memory tests.  

High blood sugar levels over a number of years could increase the risk of dementia.  It impairs brain function and cognitive ability.

3. It makes you look ugly

Too much sugar boosts your insulin levels that could increase the growth of pore-clogging cells.  Acne breakouts are a bane to most people’s skin care regimens. High insulin levels not only clog your pores. It also stimulates your oil glands making it very conducive to the rise in skin breakouts.

Apart from acne breakouts, too much sugar in your diet also results in inflammation that breaks down collagen and elastin, thereby resulting in the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin.  You might notice the formation of dark patches on your neck and body creases as well. You don’t really want to look older than you actually are, do you?

4. It gives you bad breath

Tooth decay is largely due to harmful bacteria that grows in the saliva.  Too much sugar aids in the growth of these harmful bacteria. When they combine with food, they form plaque – that soft, sticky film that attacks your tooth enamel and causes decay and cavities.

High blood sugar levels also result in dry mouths and promotes gum disease that leads to tooth loss.  It gives you bad breath which makes you think twice about cuddling up while whispering sweet nothings to your partner.  Sugar may make you smile and feel good but you certainly won’t be smiling if you’ve lost your teeth and reek of bad breath.

5. It makes you sick

There is no doubt that sugar gives our body energy.  Whole foods that contain natural sugar is good but most of the time, our diets include foods that have that “added sugar” in them.  This is the main culprit as to why our immune system has gone haywire and we get sick. It is present in most ordinary foods we consume day in and day out.  

Added sugar can be found in soft drinks, flavored yogurt, cookies, and most processed foods.  It may also be found in foods that you might never even think had them such as bread, ketchup, and cured meats.

High intake of food with that added sugar results in diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, and obesity.  They are all linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

Take control and get your gorgeous self back. But how do you flush sugar out of your system?

Drink water and more water.  Hydrate.

Let water wash away the toxins.  Take note that it shouldn’t be just any liquid such as coffee, tea or juices.  These drinks can be very dehydrating. Just drink plain old water. 6 to 8 glasses a day is ideal.  

By keeping your body properly hydrated, you allow oxygen to flow freely through your body.  Add a slice of lemon if you feel you need flavor. It also helps make the water more alkaline which should reduce the acidity of your body.

Eat meals that contain lots of protein and fats.

Yes, fats.  There is such a thing as good fats for the body.  Plant-based foods and oils are the primary source of polyunsaturated fat which is good for your body.  They can decrease your risk for heart disease by lowering your blood cholesterol levels.

Omega-3 fatty acids rich food such as salmon, mackerel, walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds are good sources of fats that can help you achieve better heart health.

Make your meals colorful.

Going through a sugar detox need not be boring.  Make your meals colorful by adding in a myriad of fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients.  You can be sure that it will result in a healthy body and beautiful skin.

A detox doesn’t necessarily mean you deprive yourself of the good stuff.  Eat when you’re hungry. Just make sure that you eat the right kind of good stuff by focusing on eating fruits and vegetables.

Make your own meals ahead of time.

You know how mothers prepare their children’s lunch boxes, right?  Well, be your own mother. Don’t be tempted by the food you find in the restaurants and fast foods. Don’t go into justifying your food choices from outside and ultimately settling for what they might have.

Making and preparing your own lunch the night before helps you steer away from unhealthy food which are readily accessible once you step outside of your home.  Give careful thought about what it is you can and can’t eat and update your grocery lists. You are your best mother.

Finally,  don’t try to find happiness in a sugar-rich, calorie-ridden, literally heart-stopping “fix” for those times when you get the blues.  It’s all a matter of mindset. Set your mind straight to wean you off of that sugary fix.

If you feel this article has helped you, please let us know by leaving us a comment below.  We would love to know what you think.

The struggle to resist or even moderate this addictive commodity is so real. Here are 5 reasons you should stop eating sugar right now + How To Detox

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