why does my concealer look cakey?

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Don’t you just love the way concealers help make your skin look smooth, clean, and blemish-free? 

This lovely product often helps you achieve flawless makeup finishes. Unfortunately, there are moments when it does the exact opposite. 

This happens when you end up with a cakey concealer. 

When your skin gets too dry or too oily, it may lead to your concealer looking cakey. 

Sometimes, it’s also caused by using the wrong type of concealer or improper makeup application.

To prevent this issue, let’s dive into some expert-recommended tricks about using and applying concealer.

why does my concealer look cakey?

Lots of women struggle with a cakey concealer, but this doesn’t mean you have to experience it too. 

This issue may have something to do with your skin type. It may also be a result of the way you go through your makeup routine. 

The following are some of the most common reasons your concealer looks cakey:

You don’t prep your skin before applying makeup

If you put concealer without prepping your skin, it will potentially lead to cakey concealer. 

This especially happens if you don’t get rid of dirt and oil before application.

You use too much concealer

Most women are guilty of committing this mistake. 

If you are also using too much product, your concealer will definitely look cakey. 

Applying more than necessary will lead to rough and uneven makeup finishes. 

Your concealer’s formula is not suitable for your skin type

Using the wrong type of concealer may also result in caking. 

Remember that some concealer types tend to make your skin dry or oily. 

If you choose one that doesn’t suit your skin type, it will also lead to flaws in your makeup look.

You forget to set your concealer

Some women also forget to use a setting spray or setting powder. This also leads to a splotchy makeup look, especially if you plan to wear makeup for several hours.

You are not using the right shade of concealer

If you are using a concealer that is too light or too dark, it will look awkward when applied to your face. You might end up highlighting blemishes or fine lines as well.

how to prevent cakey concealer

Learning how to stop your concealer from caking will definitely help you achieve smooth, flawless, and gorgeous makeup finishes. 

Here are some of the most effective tricks recommended by skin experts and makeup artists: 

Apply eye cream to prep your skin properly

Before you proceed to apply concealer, prep your skin with a trusted eye cream. 

Choose one that is easily absorbed by the skin, so it doesn’t mix with your concealer.

Applying an eye cream also helps moisturize your skin. 

This prevents your skin from looking dry or patchy, especially after applying concealer. 

Find a concealer that has airy and lightweight formula

Choosing the right type of concealer can also avoid issues of uneven makeup finishes. 

To ensure your concealer doesn’t cake, use one with a lightweight formula. 

Avoid ones that are too dry as these tend to highlight flaws like fine lines and blemishes. 

To be safe, find creamy and textured concealers. This way, you can easily blend the product on your skin.

Don’t apply too much product

Make sure that you are applying concealer on necessary areas only. 

Try to focus on using it on your inner eye’s triangle area. 

This is where dark areas look more visible. 

Apply more concealer on this part and blend it towards the rest of your under-eye area. 

This helps ensure you don’t apply too much product, which often leads to caking.

Seal your concealer with a setting powder

Makeup artists agree that applying a setting powder on top of your concealer helps avoid creasing and caking. 

It helps ensure your concealer stays in place without sliding off from your skin even after several hours. 

The trick is to apply a little amount of setting powder so you don’t mess up the formula. 

At the same time, you get to prevent oil and sweat from ruining your concealer. 

Avoid applying your concealer too close to your lash line

Make sure to apply the concealer under your eyes, but avoid your lash line. 

Keep in mind that applying concealer too close to your lash line will only lead to creasing.

So, it would be best to apply concealer a bit far from your lashes. 

This way, your concealer won’t look cakey even if you blink too much for the rest of the day.

Use the right tools to achieve seamless makeup finishes

For seamless concealer application, use a small concealer brush. 

Dab a small amount of concealer and brush it on the dark areas of your eyes. 

Blend it using your fingertips for a smooth and flawless finish.

Use a blotting paper to get rid of oil and excess product

When you’re done applying the concealer, grab a blotting paper and use it around your eye area. 

Blot it carefully so you can get rid of oil and residue without ruining your makeup.

how to fix cakey concealer

Dealing with a cakey concealer can be a nightmare. 

This is especially true if you are attending a special event. 

You definitely want your makeup to look fantastic. 

Follow these simple makeup fixes:

Use a beauty blender to smoothen rough surfaces

If you see any creasing or caking under your eyes, you can smoothen it using a beauty blender. 

Grab a clean and dry beauty blender and gently dab it to your under-eye area. 

This helps get rid of awkward lines by blending your concealer.

Dab some moisturizer under your eyes

If the cakey concealer is caused by dryness, you can dab some moisturizer under your eyes. 

Grab a sponge or beauty blender and apply a tiny amount of moisturizer. 

This helps get rid of dryness and also even out the product under your eyes. 

Use a setting spray to hydrate your skin

You can also try spritzing some setting spray to bring moisture back to your skin. 

Spritz your face once and use your concealer brush or beauty blender to ensure the setting spray gets into your under-eye area. 

Find an ideal skincare routine

Consult a dermatologist or any skin expert so you can say goodbye to cakey concealer. 

If you learn how to address issues about your skin, it can help you achieve smoother, cleaner makeup finishes.

This is probably the most useful tip that can help you avoid a cakey concealer. 

For instance, if you start using the right products, you can achieve flawless skin. With this, you no longer have to worry about splotchy makeup finishes.


Cakey concealer will always be one of the top makeup blunders that women experience. 

It will often get you frustrated, especially if you simply want to achieve smooth and clean makeup finishes. 

To ensure you don’t experience this again, try correcting your skincare and makeup routine. 

Follow the tricks mentioned here so you can say goodbye to rough, splotchy, and uneven makeup looks. 

Instead, you can enjoy having smooth, and flawless makeup finishes.

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