Why Do Women Wear Thongs?

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When I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to be seen as a woman, and a sensual woman at that, and that meant wearing thong underwear. 

As an adult, I have a different perspective on thongs. Instead of simply being a symbol for seduction, thongs are often my choice based solely on comfort and their lack of visibility while wearing clothing. 

While I am not every woman, I think my experience almost completely answers the question: why do women wear thongs?

Women choose to wear thongs for a variety of reasons including their reduction of visible underwear lines, their inherent sex appeal, and arguably most importantly, they are comfortable for most women.

When it comes to women’s underwear, there are certainly plenty of style options, but thongs have remained an extremely popular option for the past thirty years. 

If you want to find out a little more about why women consistently choose thongs, keep reading! I have all the information you need. 

Why Do Women Wear Thongs?

Every woman is different, and of course, so are their personal reasons for their underwear and clothing of choice. However, research shows that most women choose thongs for a few specific reasons. 

As we now know, thongs can provide comfort, make a woman feel sexy, and also avoid those pesky panty lines, but let’s dig a little deeper into why we as women like wearing thongs. 

Thongs Are Comfortable

Now before going forward, it’s important to note that comfortability is subjective, and of course, there are some women who do not find thong underwear to be comfortable at all! 

But for those of us who do wear thongs, one of the primary reasons is because we find them enjoyable to wear! Most women who appreciate thongs typically wear them under their tight pants such as athletic gear or underneath shorts, dresses, and skirts. 

The comfort factor also depends immensely on the fabric and sizing of the underwear itself. 

If you have ever worn a thong made completely of lace that was a size too small, comfortability would have been the last thing that comes to your mind. 

Luckily, these days, there are so many wonderful fabrics to choose from that ensure you don’t notice your thong is even there! 

If you want to enjoy wearing a thong, make sure to buy the correct size and style for your body and for material, I recommend breathable cotton, and so do most gynecologists

The Sexiness Factor

In the early 90s, thongs became a national symbol for sexiness and seduction. 

We saw it in movies, music videos, and pop culture magazines, and it quickly infiltrated the minds of men and women alike: thongs are sexier than other underwear. 

The obvious rationale is that you can see more of the body in a thong and that they often were shown over the tops of low-rise jeans, making the mind immediately go to what is underneath them. 

But is that really why women wear thongs? Studies have shown that yes, the sensual appeal of the underwear is one of the reasons why women choose to wear them. 

While for some women this simply means feeling sexy themselves, others enjoy looking desirable for a partner or lover. 

Life Without Panty Lines

There is not much worse than being able to feel your underwear bunch up under your clothes or even a horrible wedgie that you can’t pull out in public. 

A thong in the right size and fabric will ensure you never have this frustration, and you can also be sure no one can see your panties, bunched up or not, under your clothes!

So whether you’re putting on your favorite leggings for yoga, or slipping into a summer dress, if you don’t want anyone to be able to know what kind of underwear you are wearing, a thong is a great choice. 

Now that we understand why women choose to wear thongs, let’s learn a little more about these little, and quite controversial, articles of clothing. 

When To Wear a Thong

The truth is, you can wear a thong whenever you please! Making breakfast, watching a movie, at your wedding, on a hot date, or while hiking a mountain: it is up to each individual woman to choose what is right for her.

However, I can tell you the times when women are most likely to wear a thong, and when they may best suit your wardrobe and your life! 

Here are some times you might want to wear a thong: 

  • Whenever you do not want your panty lines to show.
  • When you want to move freely without getting a wedgie!
  • On a date, if you want to show off your assets. 
  • When you want to be comfortable!

You have to decide for yourself when a thong is the right option for you, and once you find the right one, it might be more than you think. 

While some women might tell you that wearing a thong everyday is bad for your vaginal health, doctors have reported that as long as the underwear is made of a breathable material, it is just as healthy as any other underwear.

It’s important to note that if you have been struggling with yeast infections or UTIs, it may benefit you to stay away from thongs for a few days until your symptoms subside. 

Do Thongs Make Your Butt Look Bigger?

If you have a healthy vagina and you like the way thongs feel, they may even have the added benefit of making your butt look bigger. 

The physical engineering of thongs that sit higher on the waist and have less material that covers your cheeks are proven to make the butt look bigger than it is. 

Although of course, not all of us want our bums to appear any more voluptuous than they already are, but in today’s society it seems that large rears are making a comeback. 

What Percentage of Women Wear Thongs?

You may be curious about how many women are actually wearing thongs, if so, I have everything you need to know!

A study from 2017 surveyed women across the United States and divided their findings from age demographics, and here are the statistics of women who wear thongs almost every day:

  • 16-25: 17%
  • 26-35: 15%
  • 36-50: 6%
  • 51+: 3%

It’s quite clear that as women get older, they tend to stop wearing thongs on a regular basis, however, this statistic may change in the near future.

 The current generation of 50 plus women did not wear thongs in their early years and therefore are not as accustomed to them. 

As the current female population eases its way into the older demographic, we may see more consistent percentages throughout every age group. 

The slow decrease in thong use as women get older could also be due to the fact that typically young clothes are tighter, younger women are more athletic and more concerned with their sexuality. 

This is of course, not a blanket statement as women of all ages can enjoy all of the benefits of thongs, but simply an observation to attempt to understand the decline. 

What Are the Benefits of Thongs?

As we now understand, there are many reasons why women choose to wear thongs either on a daily basis, on a special occasion, or with a certain outfit. 

But the truth is, each and every one of the reasons women have listed for enjoying wearing thongs is based on their numerous benefits! 

Let’s have a little recap of the benefits of thongs:

  • They are comfortable (if you find the right material and size.)
  • Thongs help you avoid embarrassing panty lines.
  • Many women feel sexier in a thong. 
  • They will make your butt look bigger!
  • They are no more detrimental to your vaginal health than any other underwear. 
  • You are free to move without fear of bunching or an annoying wedgie. 

Women have reported some negative aspects to thongs that you may have noticed as well, these include uncomfortably, health concerns, and their inability to protect during your period. 

Once again, it is every woman’s choice if and when thongs are the right choice, and the good news is you now know each of the benefits, possible detriments, and the answer to the real question: why do women wear thongs?