Why Do My Press On Nails Hurt

Press On Nails Hurt
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Women love to look good from head to toe.

And that includes all the other details like our nails and toes.

Giving your hands a nice and pretty manicure can boost your confidence and the way you look.

But sometimes manicures can take up so much time and are very costly.

That’s why some women opt to press on nails.

But even though press on nails are super easy to put on and not to mention cheaper than a manicure, they can still give you minor problems.

Why Do My Press On Nails Hurt?

Even though press on nails can give you nice-looking nails, it can still cause consequences such as your press on nails suddenly hurting.

So to help answer your question, I have narrowed down the different reasons why your press on nails hurt.

And maybe this guide can help you avoid such problems in the future.


press on nail glue

Since press on nails aren’t real nails, you will need some kind of glue or adhesive to make them stick to your nails.

What’s more, is that you will need to apply a good amount of glue to your press on nails so they can last longer than two weeks.

If you feel that your press on nails keeps on hurting, it might be because of your glue.

Yes, your glue can cause pain on your press on nails.

Expired glue can cause aches and pains in your nails.

Another bad effect of expired glue is that it can make your press on nails last for only three days or a week.

Sometimes, the glue you use can cause allergic reactions, especially if your skin isn’t really suited to the adhesive’s brand.

The adhesive has ingredients that cause allergic reactions to some skins.

Allergic reactions can be observed when you can see inflammation, redness or itching on your skin.

There are also times when harsh chemicals mixed with the glue can be the cause of the pain.

Liquid glue to be exact is composed of harsh chemicals that can damage your skin.

This can also cause infection to you, especially if you have a very sensitive type of skin.

Using too much glue can also be the cause of the pain.

Sometimes the glue can also build up, giving your press on nails too much pressure.

This results in your press on nails not being able to handle the pressure which causes the pain.

So before thinking that the pain is because of your press on nails, try observing and investigating if it’s because of your glue.

The best way to fix this is to opt for press on nails with adhesive linings to avoid having negative side effects caused by your glue.


Nail Filing

Improper filing can also be the reason why your press on nails hurt.

Before attaching your press on nails, you will have to make sure that the base is smooth and seamless.

This can help the adhesive stick to your nails more and can last longer.

But, some women tend to forget that filing your nails the right way is very important, especially if you’re using a press on nails.

Aggressively filing your nails can cause your real nails to soften.

And when adding the adhesive and your press on nails together on top of it can cause discomfort and aches.

So it’s better to gently file your nails in one direction to keep them strong.

This can also lead to a durable nail that can take the pressure from your adhesive and press on nails.


Sometimes we are too excited to put on our press on nails that we forget to prepare our real nails.

Not being able to prepare your nails and then immediately adding adhesive and press on nails can cause discomfort and pain.

You should always make sure to clean your nails and file them gently to create a strong and effective base for your press on nails.

Doing this the right way can avoid causing aches to your hands.


Pushing Cuticles back

Overgrown cuticles to be exact can cause pain and discomfort to your hands.

It’s good to remember that cuticle care is also a vital thing you need to do before putting on your fake nails.

If your cuticle is well-taken care of, it will give you a healthy and well-protected nail plate.

Which can also make it easier for you to add the adhesive and the press on nails.

You should also remember to avoid trimming your cuticles.

This may cause cuts that will be crucial when adding the adhesive or liquid glue and can cause allergic reactions.


Some women always put on a base coat to add a protective layer to separate their real nails from the adhesive – which is a really good thing.

Sometimes, if you fail to put on a base coat on top of your real nails before putting on the glue this will lead to negative side effects.

And can be the reason why your press on nails would hurt and give you discomfort.


Fake nail Removal

Improper removal of press on nails can also be the cause of your pain.

After putting on the adhesive on your nails, you will then need to top it with your press on nails.

But that doesn’t mean it will immediately stick to your nails without pressure.

So you will need to put gentle pressure on top of your press on nails to make them stick on your hands strongly.

Adding too much pressure on your press on nails can weaken the base or the barrier you have made between your real and fake nails.

Which ends up giving you a feeling of discomfort and pain.

Another thing is suddenly ripping or removing your press on nails without using the right method.

This is a problem that most women encounter and it’s never a nice experience.

Removing your nails immediately can help rip off the first layer of your real nails.

And trust me, this is a kind of pain that you surely don’t want to feel.

Some women even rip off their press on nails and then add on new fake nails without cleaning their nails.

This will cause irritation and pain.

Removing your press on nails the right way is very crucial to avoid feeling a lot of pain.

First, you will need to soak your press on nails in lukewarm and soapy water to let the adhesive fall apart.

You can also use acetone or nail polish remover before removing your press on nails.


Removing your press on nails without the right technique can cause infection.

Infection can also be the cause of your press on nails suddenly hurting.

Sometimes you won’t even realize that you have a cut on your hands and then suddenly applying adhesive on it may cause infection.

You should always make sure to check your hands first before applying glue on them for your press on nails.

There are also moments where we feel pain on our nails because our body isn’t feeling well.

It’s better to let your body become healthier again before adding on your press on nails.

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