why do my polygel nails pop off

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Ever tried Polygel nails? 

It’s a formula that elevates your nail experience. 

You get the best of both worlds with their flexibility and durability. 

You can even customize it!   

The magic of Polygel nails is that they’re a hybrid between acrylic and gel nails. 

They offer the longevity of acrylic nails and the elasticity of gel nails. 

They can last longer than your standard nail application and still look good.

However, many women experience a common problem when getting a Polygel manicure. 

You likely also have the same question nagging you if you’re here. Why do my Polygel nails pop off?

Our goal is to help you find a solution to address the problem of your gel nails popping off. 

We will also introduce a few solutions to help you maintain your Polygel nails longer and keep them in good condition.

Why Do My Polygel Nails Keep Popping Off?

Polygel nails shouldn’t fall off without filing or nail polish removal wraps. But if they are, there are several reasons why your Polygel nails pop off.

Incorrect Preparation

Polygel nails pop off prematurely with incorrect preparation. 

An experienced nail technician will clean, file, and dehydrate your nails well before applying Polygel. 

They should also push back your cuticles and cut off the excess. 

Of course, nail cleaning and preparation include removing dead skin around your nails, as well.

Another step in proper preparation is to ensure that the nail surface is free of water, dust, or oil. 

It’s the step that involves the application of a nail dehydrator and pH Balance solution. 

Otherwise, the Polygel manicure won’t stick securely to your nail. 

It creates small gaps between the nail and Polygel, which can cause the manicure to pop off.

Your nail technician should also remove the shiny surface of your nail bed by filing it down. 

However, the filing step should be gentle and quick. 

You don’t want to file through most of the layers of your keratin!

Bad Application

The other reason your Polygel nails pop off lies in the application. 

A Polygel nail polish kit comes with the following:

  • Slip solution
  • Basecoat
  • Topcoat
  • Prep dehydrator
  • LED lamp
  • Polygel art tools

Your nail technician should use the materials that arrive with the kit to ensure proper application. 

It will also help if you have researched beforehand to know what to expect. 

Especially if it’s your first time. 

Even watching a quick video on credible YouTube channels as research.

Improper Use of Slip Solution

Slip solution consists of a type of alcohol. 

It is what you use to attach the Polygel onto the dual form and mold it into your preferred shape. 

It keeps the Polygel nail polish from sticking to the brush during application.

Using minimal slip solution causes the Polygel manicure to stick to the brush. 

Pressing too lightly on the dual form with the Polygel applied on your nail also keeps the Polygel from adhering correctly to the nail.

Rushing the process or continuing to the next step without drying the Polygel nails properly can cause issues. 

Polygel nails need to cure under a UV or LED light like other nail polish types. 

So make sure you let it cure within the appropriate time limit. 

Don’t rush through your nail application! 

Just sit back and enjoy the process.

Poor Maintenance

Finally, if every step of the application went smoothly, the most likely reason for your Polygel nails popping off is improper maintenance. 

Care for your Polygel nails as you would care for acrylic nails

It includes doing the following:

Fill them in after a few weeks. 

Like what you’ll do for acrylic nails, you should also fill in your Polygel. 

Your manicured fingers will be filed down and be filled with a pea-sized Polygel near the cuticle area. 

It can be after 3 to 4 weeks after the application. 

If you’re unsure if you only need a refill or a fresh Polygel manicure, don’t worry, your nail technician will keep you posted.

Keep them at a short to moderate length.

Keeping your Polygel nails at a manageable length will help you keep them longer. 

You will also have no problem maintaining them better.

Avoid manual labor with your hands. 

Especially those that can damage your Polygel nails. 

This includes gardening, cooking, handling harsh chemicals, and more.

How to Keep Polygel Nails from Popping Off

Now, you know why your Polygel nails are popping or sliding off. But what can you do to prevent this in the first place? 

The simple answer is to ensure you don’t do what we elaborated on earlier in this article.

In short, if you want to know how to make Polygel nails last longer, make sure you prepare, apply, and maintain them properly.

Are you doing your own Polygel nails? 

Going to a professional is always the better option. But we understand that’s not always an option. 

So here are what you need to do when DIY-ing your Polygel nails:

  • Research the process thoroughly by watching reliable online videos or observing professionals.
  • Follow the instructions on the kit to the T.
  • Ensure your clean, file, and dehydrate your nails, especially if you have an oily nail type.
  • Don’t use anything else for your Polygel application except what’s in the kit.
  • Don’t rush the curing or drying process.

If you plan to keep doing DIY Polygel nails, always be updated with the latest processes and tips. 

You can do this by simply following nail channels or accounts online.


Do you have more questions regarding your Polygel nails? 

Check out our FAQs below to see if your question has already been answered.

How Long Does Polygel Last?

With proper care and maintenance, Polygel nails can last two to three weeks. How long this type of manicure lasts heavily depends on the quality of the application, too. Your Polygel manicure can even last up to four weeks with correct application and maintenance.

How Do I Ensure My Polygel Nails Last Longer?

If you want your Polygel nails to make it to three weeks, take good care of them. This type of nail will likely pop off the more actively you work with your hands. 

For example, if you’re an active woman who mostly uses her hand while working, your Polygel nails are more likely to be damaged. Even if you’re only at home, if you have any direct contact with harsh chemicals, your nails will still be affected.

Do the opposite if you want your nails to last longer. Wear thick and sturdy rubber gloves to protect your nails when working with your hands.

Should I Go to the Professionals For a Polygel Application?

If you can, go to a trustworthy nail technician. Make sure you go to a professional who can apply Polygel nails as they will be well-versed with the application. They can also give you tips on how to maintain your Polygel nails. 

Remember that maintenance is only half the reason your Polygel nails last. The other half is the correct application, so go to a Polygel expert.

How Do I Make Sure My Polygel Nails Last Longer During DIY Application?

Proper Polygel application is vital to ensuring your Polygel nails don’t pop off. To be more specific, the preparation phase of the application is the most vital one.

How do you prepare your nails so that Polygel nails don’t pop off prematurely? 

File your nail bed lightly until you remove the shine.

Don’t worry because you’re only removing a thin layer of your nail bed. 

Also, make sure you push back the cuticles at much as possible. Remove excess cuticles and dead tissue.

Is Polygel Bad for Your Nails?

Compared to other types of polish, Polygel manicure is safe for your nails. Polygel doesn’t release chemicals into the air during an application.

Another significant difference between Polygel nails and other applications is the removal process. 

You can simply file off your Polygel nails to remove them, which is excellent for sensitized nails.