Why Do My Bra Straps Fall Down?

Woman's bra strap falling
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If your bra straps keep falling off, something about your bra–straps, cups, or band–is likely too loose.

Other factors that result in stubborn bra straps that refuse to remain in place are the age of the bra, bra style, and your shoulders. 

As a woman, there are few things more annoying than constantly needing to re-adjust your bra straps. 

This article will explore the possible reasons why your bra straps won’t stay up and some suggestions on how to get your bra straps to stay on your shoulders. 

Why do my bra straps fall down constantly? 

In most cases, the major culprit for annoying straps that keep slipping off is the bra itself.

However, there are some rare instances where the natural slope or size of your shoulders might be causing your straps to fall down. 

Here are the most common reasons why your bra straps may act like they have a mind of their own and slip off several times throughout the day: 

  • The bra straps are too loose and need to be adjusted. 
  • There’s space near the top of the bra cups. 
  • The band of your bra is too large for your underbust. 
  • The bra is old and no longer provides the proper support. 
  • The bra has a design flaw. 
  • You have narrow shoulders. 
  • Your shoulders are uneven or have a downward slope.  

Is my bra sliding off because of loose straps? 

When was the last time you readjusted your bra straps? If you can’t recall ever adjusting your straps, it’s a good idea to play around with the rings the next time you put on your bra. 

A simple strap adjustment might just fix your irksome bra problem. 

In order to ensure the most comfortable fit, it’s important to try multiple length adjustments and move your body to see if the straps fall off. 

A general rule when adjusting your bra straps is that one finger should be able to comfortably squeeze under each strap. 

This ensures that the pressure from your straps won’t hurt your shoulders or back and leave painful imprints on your skin. 

Some experts recommend adjusting your bra straps after every wash and every three to four wears in between. 

If you adjusted to the tightest possible setting and your bra straps won’t stay up, this could be a sign to invest in a new bra. 

Is my bra falling off because of the cup or band size? 

Another possible reason why your bra straps keep sliding off is incorrect sizing.

A study found that as much as 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. 

A clear indication of ill-fitting cups is gaping at the top. It’s possible that the space at the top of your cups is causing your bra straps to continuously slip off. 

In this case, you could try to tighten your bra brand and straps. However, if the gap remains, you might need to go down a cup size. 

Similarly, a band size that is too large for your underbust could be the reason for your slipping straps.

If the tightest setting on your band is still too loose, it’s probably time for a new bra with a smaller band size. 

Is my bra too old?

Over time, bras tend to lose their elasticity and shape. After countless washes, the straps of your bras will typically stretch.

This is likely the reason why the straps of older bras continue to fall off even on the tightest setting. 

In addition to straps that keep sliding off, here are some signs that your old bra needs to be replaced soon:

  • You feel little to no support from the band. 
  • The cups have lost their shape. 
  • The fabric is so faded that you can’t even tell what color it used to be. 
  • The bra is so uncomfortable that taking it off feels like a huge relief. 
  • You experienced pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and other changes to your body since you first bought the bra. 

It can be difficult for some women to say goodbye to a favorite bra that has served them well over the years.

However, if you want bra straps that actually stay on your shoulders throughout the day, leaving your old bra behind might be the best solution. 

Is there something wrong with my bra’s design?

In some instances, your bra straps won’t stay up because of a flaw in the bra’s design. 

According to Laura Tempesta, who has a master’s degree in lingerie design, many clothing manufacturers simply replicate their bra designs.

This lack of innovation in bra design explains why so many women find their bras uncomfortable.  

Poor design could also explain why your bra straps refuse to stay in place.

When purchasing a new bra, it’s wise to read reviews first before following through with the purchase. 

How can I prevent bra straps from falling off narrow or downward sloping shoulders? 

Women with small frames tend to struggle with sliding bra straps more frequently due to their narrow shoulders.

Similarly, women with sloping shoulders might experience bra straps that keep falling down with almost every bra they own.

If you have narrow or downward-sloping shoulders, the good news is there are plenty of solutions available to prevent those pesky bra straps from slipping off you. 

Bra Clips 

Bra clips join your bra straps together in the back. These handy clips secure your bra straps in place and ensure they don’t keep falling off your shoulders. 

Bra Strap Holders 

In the event that you’re not a fan of clips, another good option for women with narrow and sloping shoulders are bra strap holders. 

Since these holders effectively function like a shoulder cushion, they relieve strap pressure from your shoulders as well as keep your straps from falling off. 

Fashion Tape 

Another great and more subtle solution to the frustrating issue of falling bra straps is fashion tape.

These double-sided tapes are designed to keep any piece of clothing in place, including your bra straps. 

Which bra styles are less likely to have straps that slip off? 

Certain bra styles are less prone to bra straps that won’t stay up. 

Racerback bras guarantee that your straps will stay on your shoulders because the straps are joined together in the back. 

On the other hand, strapless bras literally eliminate the problem of falling straps by removing straps entirely. 

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