Which Ankle to Wear Anklet On?

woman's foot with turquoise anklet
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While wearing an anklet on a specific side held specific significance before, it’s not the same today. 

There are no specific or universal rules that dictate which ankle to wear anklet on in modern times. 

Yet, like in older times, several current subcultures and niches place meaning on specific anklet positioning.

We know that making a single fashion faux pas can mean your downfall in today’s online society. We also understand that not every modern woman knows that.

Below, we’ll learn all about anklet etiquette and answer other common questions you may have. 

Which Ankle Should You Wear an Anklet On?

The decision on which foot you wear your anklet will depend on you. Choose a side that you’re most comfortable with or want to highlight. 

You can also wear an anklet on a specific side to balance your other accessories and jewelry.

For example, you’ve already got a chain bracelet on your right leg. If you wear an anklet and plan to highlight it, wear it on your left ankle. 

Doing this creates balance in your outfit.

Is your goal to wear a look that feels unbalanced and heavier on one side? You can also wear an anklet to create unevenness or asymmetry in your appearance. 

It’s a great choice if you feel like hiding certain imperfections.

Of course, that isn’t to say you shouldn’t be proud of your unique features. You can even highlight certain features in your legs or feet with an anklet. 

It’s an excellent way to come to terms with or lessen the struggle of accepting your body more thoroughly.

For example, you have vitiligo, which creates discolored patches on the skin of your right ankle. You can choose to highlight this unique trait by wearing an anklet around your right ankle.

Can You Wear Anklets on Both Ankles?

Do you want twice the bling by wearing anklets on both feet? 

Don’t be afraid to place anklets on both your ankles. The more jewelry you have, the better it looks, especially for some outfits. 

You can even stack and mix your anklets if you have an extensive collection of them.

But wait! Keep in mind that wearing too many accessories can be too much for some outfits or occasions. Also, not all anklet combinations will match or look good.

Try to figure out what outfit you’re going for and where you’re going. If you’re going to a formal party, overloading on anklets can look tacky and weird. 

Instead of stacking anklets, look for a chain anklet already designed to look like a stack of graceful chains.

If you’re wearing anklets on both ankles, make sure you’re comfortable. If you don’t like walking with weights around your ankles, remove some anklets. 

Remember, you don’t need to stack your anklets if you don’t want to.

Meaning of Anklet on Right Leg

Now, let’s talk about people’s beliefs about wearing anklets on the right ankle.

The popular belief in modern culture about anklets on the right leg often indicates commitment. 

An anklet on your right ankle implies that you’re already in an exclusive romantic relationship. In a way, it also means that:

·         The wearer is not available

·         The wearer is happy in her relationship

·         The wearer isn’t keen on getting approached for intimate affairs

You can use this popular anklet meaning to stave off those who want to court you into a relationship or a bed. 

However, it would be best never to assume that everyone knows the meaning of wearing an anklet on the right foot.

Meaning of Anklet on Left Leg

Now, let’s get to the anklet left ankle meaning (anklet left or right also referring to wearing an anklet on the left or right ankle). As you can guess, an anklet on the left foot contrasts using an anklet on the right leg.

Wearing an anklet on the left leg tells people that you’re single and ready to mingle. Other meanings of having an anklet on the left anklet are:

·         The wearer is open to romantic relationships or flings

·         The wearer is ready to date other people but not necessarily ready for an intimate relationship

·         The female wearer is interested in a relationship with other women

·         The wearer has a spouse but is also open to casual sex

The last meaning is popular in the “hotwife” community. 

A hotwife is a married woman who wants to have intimate relations with other people outside of their marriage. 

Hotwives often have gotten permission from their significant other to meet other men or women.

In some circles in the bisexual and lesbian community, an anklet on the left ankle is a sign of sexual orientation. Some women use it to let other women know that they want a lesbian relationship or fling. 

Does It Matter Which Ankle You Wear an Anklet On?

The short answer is no, the ankle on which you wear your anklet doesn’t matter. It’s your choice, so you do you.

As we mentioned, no law or rule dictates that you should wear an anklet only on your right or left ankle. 

Wearing an anklet on your right or left ankle also doesn’t have universal underlying meanings. The meaning will depend on what you give it, your culture, or a particular event.

Let’s use the example of hotwives. However, the population of people who know this meaning is likely very small. Wearing anklets among the hotwives community is like a code exclusive only to its members.

Don’t worry if someone approaches you and assumes your anklet has an underlying meaning. Let the person know that you’re only wearing it because you want to.

If there’s anything about wearing anklets that matters most, it’s your comfort. Never let your anklets hinder your comfort or outfit. 

It’s not worth it to spend the whole day holding your dress or pant leg up, so it doesn’t catch on your anklet.