what to wear with white leggings

Legs of girl in white leggings
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Did you get a new pair of white leggings and want to know how to style or wear them?

Leggings are versatile and can enhance your legs well if you use them for the right outfit. 

You can wear one pair of leggings for work, working out, casual daywear, and casual evening wear. 

Most women have black leggings because they’re easier to match. 

Plus, black is slimming. 

Like black, white leggings are also flattering. 

You only need to find the right style and closet match for them.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to wear with white leggings. 

Below, we put together a list of white leggings outfit ideas to help you out.

What to Wear with White Leggings

White leggings are incredibly versatile, but it helps to know which outfit items look great with them. 

Of course, a plain shirt can still work well with white leggings. 

But if you must dress up for something, you’ll at least know how to level up your everyday wear.

Flowy Tops

A standard outfit combination is white leggings and any flowy top. 

This style follows the idea of wearing something loose on top to contrast a tight-fitting bottom. 

It may seem niche, but it’s still an easy, quick, and failure-free option. 

Your flowy top could reach your hips or have its bottom fit snugly around your waist.

Tunic Top and Flats

A type of loose-fitting top is the tunic. 

It may not be as flowy as the other options, but it’ll look great with the leggings anyway. 

Plus, it provides coverage for your crotch or backside if you want a more conservative look.

Beanie Hats

Who says we’re only giving you outfit tips for tops? 

If you like wearing hats, you found the right post. The beanie is a type of hat that’ll look wonderful with white leggings.

After all, leggings and beanie hats are staples during the cold season. 

Pair them with a puffer jacket, a relaxed knit sweater, or even a leather jacket. 

As a tip, look for another accessory with a color that matches your beanie.

Denim Jacket

Whether your denim jacket is light or dark-colored, you’ll enjoy pairing it with white leggings. 

The best part about the color combination is that you can wear anything else for the top. 

It can be a crop top, bra top, tube top, or office top.

V-Neck Shirt and Flat Boots

If you want a look that says casual street style, pull on a V-neck shirt and a pair of flat boots to match your white leggings. 

You can even ramp up the look by tying the bottom ends of the shirt to turn it into a crop top. 

If you’re doing this, make sure you’re wearing high-waist leggings.

Graphic Sweatshirt

Do you have a white pair of running leggings that you want to wear outside of the gym? 

Create a sporty outfit by wearing a grey or white graphic sweatshirt as your top. 

Don’t forget to don a pair of white running shoes and a baseball cap to complete the look.

Long Coats

As the weather starts getting cold, you’ll be more likely to lean towards thicker clothes and layers. 

You can add a clean layer to your everyday look by pulling a coat out of your closet. 

The best part about wearing white leggings with coats is that a pair of plain white leggings can match any coat.

Gray Cardigan

Laid-back and cool is what we’d describe the gray cardigan-white leggings pair. 

Add a pair of black ankle boots or white sneakers to accentuate the look.

Colors to Pair with White Leggings

On top of knowing what outfit pieces work well with white leggings, you also need to know what color matches them. 

The good news is that white works with almost any color. 

Like black, a white pair of leggings can complement any color.

However, some colors look better on white leggings. 

If you want to be more fashion-forward with how you wear white leggings, here are some colors to wear:

Neutral and Light Neutral Colors

Like white, neutral colors look good with almost any other color combination. 

The versatility of the two colors makes it even easier for you to pair them together. 

It’s your chance to wear an ivory cardigan, nude crop top, or taupe sweatshirt. 

The same applies to neutral-colored footwear.

Light Blue or Baby Blue

A white and light blue combination creates a soft and clean look. 

It can also give you a youthful and stylish look. 

Look and feel good whether you have a sky blue top, jacket, or footwear.


Another excellent color to pair with a white pair of leggings is gray. 

It creates a monochromatic effect, especially when paired with gray, dark gray, and black. 

The color palette adds relaxed, cozy, and casual to your look.

Navy Blue

Navy and white are nautical, oceanic colors. 

Depending on what you’re wearing, you can pull off a sailor-inspired outfit with white leggings and a blue top. 

Don’t forget to play around with your shoe choices, too.

Blush or Light Pink

Are you tired of wearing neutral and cool colors? 

Grab a light pink top and wear it over your leggings. Pairing white and light pink adds youth and innocence to your look. 

You’ll never go wrong with it, whether you have a casual date with friends or a semi-formal evening night out with your partner.


When in doubt, consider wearing white on white. 

It is the ultimate color to create a clean, crisp, and sophisticated look. 

It’ll look good whether you go to the gym, outside, or to the office. 

It’s how you stand out from the crowd, which is helpful if you need to deliver a big presentation at work.

Tips to Remember When Buying White Leggings

The tricky part about white is that it can be see-through. 

Wearing a white, slightly see-through top is fine for summer wear, but white, see-through leggings are a big no-no. 

Even workout leggings need to be thick enough. 

There just isn’t any place where wearing white see-through leggings is appropriate.

So, when shopping for white leggings, always buy ones of good quality. 

High-quality leggings have thick fabric that doesn’t become transparent even when they stretch.

A tip is to try the leggings on before you buy them. 

It’s the best way to tell if the leggings are the right fit for you.