What to Wear with Thigh High Boots?

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If you’re a fashion addict like me, I’m sure you have a pair of thigh high boots hiding somewhere in your closet.

Thigh high boots are one of the most stylish types of footwear.

But, even though they are super versatile and chic, finding the right outfit that can go with them is quite a challenge.

What to Wear with Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are perfect for all types of weather.

But they are mostly trendy during the winter season.

This type of footwear is super stylish and can be worn on almost all occasions.

I’m here to give you the best thigh high boots outfit ideas you surely don’t want to miss.

Thigh high boots with jeans

The thigh high boots and jeans combo is one of my favorite go-to outfits.

They are perfect for both casual and formal setups and can fit any kind of weather.

Jeans are super versatile and they are super easy to style as well.

If you want to look classy and stylish when going out with your friends, you can wear thigh high boots and skinny jeans.

Topping this with a turtleneck shirt tucked inside your jeans would look super cool on you.

Now, if you want to look a little bit formal when going to work, thigh high boots and high waisted jeans would be lovely.

You can top this with a button-down shirt, a lacy top, or even a blazer to complete your smart look.

Thigh high boots with dress

Another great wardrobe that can go well with thigh high boots is the dress.

But even though thigh high boots and dresses go all the way with each other, you still need to be careful when styling them together.

For example, do you want to look dashing and turn lots of heads when going to the bar with friends?

Thigh high boots with fur would look amazing with your mini-length strapless bodycon dress.

The fur in your thigh high boots would give your plain bodycon dress enough accent to make it stand out.

Add some light jewelry like a gold necklace and you’re ready to seize the night.

You can also try wearing thigh high boots with a midi-length or mini-length flowing dress during the fall season.

This outfit idea is super trendy and can totally bring out your most feminine side.

Thigh high boots with leggings

If your jeans would look lovely with your thigh high boots, then your leggings would make every jaw drop.

This combo is perfect for both casual and formal setups.

If you’re just running for some errands but still want to look your best, pair your leggings with thigh high boots.

Topping this with a simple tee or a statement shirt would look super comfortable and cute.

Now for the best formal outfit with your leggings, all you need to wear is any top and a long coat or blazer.

This would definitely give you a smart and professional look.

You can carry your designer handbag with you and you’re ready to work with style!

Oversized sweaters with thigh high boots

Out of all the outfits that go with thigh high boots, this combo is my favorite.

There’s nothing more chic, stylish and classy than a woman wearing thigh high boots and oversized sweaters.

For me, this is the ultimate winter getup.

It’s super cozy and comfortable and will surely keep you warm during the colder days.

Knitted sweaters are the best kind of oversized sweaters to wear with your thigh high boots.

You can flaunt your outfit the whole day with this pair and you will never regret it.

It’s also aesthetic and perfect for Instagram shots!

Skirt with thigh high boots

Now, if you want to show off your most delicate and feminine side, try wearing your skirt and thigh high boots together.

Any type of skirt would look good with a pair of thigh high boots.

If you want to look bold and sexier, thigh high boots with stiletto heels would be the perfect match for your mini skirt.

You can top this with any top that isn’t too loose on you.

For the warmer months like the summer season, a midi skirt or maxi-length skirt would give you a chic and breezy look.

This kind of outfit is very comfortable to look at and is pleasing to the eyes.

Thigh high boots with block heels would look amazing with these kinds of skirts.

Long dress with thigh high boots

Thigh high boots would also look lovely and stylish when worn together with maxi dresses.

Just like your skirt, this pair can give you a feminine and classy look.

Although, picking the right maxi dress that goes well with your thigh high boots can be tricky.

So make sure to style it very well and use it on the right occasions.

For example, if you want to look airy and chic when going out with friends, you can try a long sleeveless dress with thigh high boots.

Your thigh high boots can maximize the look of your dress, giving you a more breezy and natural look.

Shirt dresses

Thigh high boots with shirt dresses is a very popular fashion outfit today.

They are perfect for the ladies who want to look super fashionable and classy when going out for coffee or brunch.

Accessorizing this with a black or silver belt would look very daring and stylish.

Oversized flannel shirts

Your thigh high boots would look super chic and comfortable when you wear them together with an oversized flannel shirt.

Flannel shirts will never go out of style and can fit any trend.

Now, oversized flannel shirts are also becoming a thing, especially when worn together with thigh high boots.

This outfit choice can give you a super sexy and chic look that would totally give you a fashion icon look.

You can top this with a leather jacket and accessorize it with your favorite sunglasses.