What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes?

High angle of female feet in leopard print shoes
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Some ladies tend to stir away from leopard printed shoes because they think it’s too hard to style their outfits with these shoes on.

But in reality, leopard print shoes are a staple in the fashion world.

If only all these women realize just how awesome these shoes are!

I love wearing leopard print shoes because of so many reasons.

But the main reason is and will always be because they can give my outfit a fun and energetic look.

That’s why I want to share with you my best leopard print shoes outfit ideas.

What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes?

Leopard print shoes and jeans

I understand that almost all women love wearing jeans.

And the reason is not just because they are comfortable but also because they can go with any occasion.

It’s safe to say that jeans are a woman’s best friend.

If you have a pair of leopard print shoes and want to try them on but don’t know what to wear with them, opt for some jeans.

Skinny jeans

Name me a woman who doesn’t own a pair of skinny jeans.


That’s because women love wearing skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans are form-fitting and they can show off the shape of our thighs, creating a very sexy and daring look for us.

This type of jeans is a staple in the world of fashion and they are always super trendy.

What’s more, is that they are very easy to pair with any top.

Your skinny jeans would look good with a pair of leopard print shoes.

It doesn’t matter if you have leopard print heels, loafers, sneakers, or boots because your skinny jeans would look totally amazing with them anyway.

High-waisted jeans

Now, we all know that high-waisted jeans would look awesome with a half-tucked shirt or some crop top.

But do you know that it would also look perfectly good with a pair of leopard print shoes?

That’s right.

Leopard print shoes would look very lovely when worn together with high-waisted jeans with baggier legs.

This pair of jeans is meant to create an illusion of height for any lady who wears them.

So if you want to look like a supermodel with long legs and an amazing form, opt for your high-waisted jeans.

And to complete your supermodel look, you will need leopard print shoes that can give your outfit more character.

Straight-leg jeans

Of course, let’s not forget about the most popular type of jeans, the straight-leg jeans.

I myself have a couple of straight-leg jeans in my wardrobe and I’m sure you do too.

Straight-leg jeans are a classic and will never go out of style.

They are perfect for any casual or formal setup and they can go with any top or shoes.

And if you want to make everyone see how good you look with your straight-leg jeans, turn their heads by wearing your leopard print shoes.

From ballerina pumps to heeled sandals with leopard print, any shoe will do when paired with straight-leg jeans.

Boyfriend jeans

Rising through the ranks are the boyfriend jeans.

This type of jeans is a solid choice for women who want more room so they can move more.

They are also perfect for an occasion where you want to have a laid-back and more casual look.

Your boyfriend jeans would look exceptionally good when paired with chunky shoes or sneakers with leopard prints.

This outfit choice would be amazing to wear during coffee dates or if you want to look fashionable even while grocery shopping.

Leopard print shoes and pants

If jeans are made for casual and formal setups, pants are made to make a woman look more professional and stylish.

Since a lot of women, especially working moms and students love wearing pants, here is a tip to help you make your pants look livelier.

Tailored pants

Do you want to go to work looking stylish and professional?

Why not try wearing your tailored pants with a pair of leopard print shoes?

Tailored pants are made to make any outfit look more put-together and chic.

And to successfully give your outfit the right accent and character, opt for a pair of leopard print shoes.

Mules, loafers, or pumps would look super chic with your tailored pants.


Sweatpants are a woman’s go-to outfit if they don’t have much time to pick some clothes.

They are a timeless piece and they can pretty much be paired with any top or shoe.

Now, if you want to go run for some errands but still want to look super stylish, try wearing your sweatpants together with your leopard print shoes.

By wearing a pair of leopard print shoes, you can easily level up the simple and more laid-back look of your sweatpants.

Leather pants

For the ladies who want to look cool without doing much effort, try wearing leather pants.

Leather pants are always trendy and can be used for any occasion.

And if you ever want to make your leather pants look even cooler, pair them with pointed-toe stilettos with leopard print.

This outfit choice will give you a super chic and bold look that would totally turn some heads!

Leopard print shoes and skirts

Skirts can make any woman show off their sexier and more feminine side.

And to level up any outfit with a skirt, you will need the right pair of shoes.

Perhaps a pair of leopard print shoes would look amazing with your skirt.

So what kind of leopard print shoes would go with your mini, midi, or maxi skirts?

Mini skirts

Mini skirts are super feminine and can give you the time to show off your thighs, creating a daring and sexy look for you.

Mini-length skirts are also super easy to fit with any kind of top.

Sneakers or loafers with leopard prints would look super fashionable and chic with your mini skirt.

Midi skirts

Ladies who want to maintain the balance of their outfits tend to use midi skirts for good.

The most common top that goes well with any midi skirt is crop tops or tees with knots on the end.

Since most midi skirts look plain and simple, you can spice up their look by wearing leopard print shoes.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are always a classic.

They are perfect for any season and they will look super cool when worn together with leopard print shoes.

This outfit choice can give you a feminine look while also giving your whole attire a livelier and more energetic appeal.

Leopard print shoes and jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are also a classic type of wardrobe.

They can easily go from casual brunch to evening dates.

And to make your jumpsuit look bolder and more daring, matching them with a pair of leopard print shoes would do the trick.

Leopard print shoes and dresses

And last but not the least, are the dresses.

This outfit choice is definitely one of my favorites from my list of leopard print shoes outfit ideas.

Leopard print shoes can go with any kind of dress.

Be it a bodycon dress or a flowing maxi dress.

If you easily want to look elegant, sophisticated, and classy, opt for a pair of leopard print shoes.

Pumps, stilettos, ankle boots, or loafers with leopard prints will look absolutely stunning with any dress.