What to Wear with Cowgirl Boots?

What to Wear with Cowgirl Boots
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Even though I am a woman who loves fashion, I never associated myself with cowgirl boots.

For me, wearing cowgirl boots would be a risky thing.

After all, this type of shoe is made for riding and farming.

But, as the years go by, I realize how super stylish cowgirl boots are.

Given the fact that you wear them with the right and proper outfit and style.

What to Wear with Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots are “in” with the fashion trend as long as you know how to style them.

So, I listed the best wardrobe choices you can wear together with your cowgirl boots.

Dress with cowgirl boots

Dress with cowgirl boots

If you want to appear chic and super stylish with your cowgirl boots, opt for your dress.

Whatever kind of dress you have would fit well with cowgirl boots.

Be it a mini-length bodycon dress or a flowing maxi dress.

No matter what kind of dress you have, your cowgirl boots would level up their look.

Cowgirl boots and dresses can also be worn during any formal or casual events.

This wardrobe combination can also easily make you go from brunch dates to a night in the bar with friends.

A dress worn with cowboy boots will always be a classic pair.

If you have a mini-length bodycon dress, a pair of ankle short cowgirl boots would look super chic and sexy with it.

You can top this outfit with a denim or leather jacket and you’re ready to make heads turn.

Cowgirl boots with jeans

Cowgirl boots with jeans

Another classic combo that will never go out of style is the cowgirl boots and jeans.

If you want to appear more laid-back and casual, you can wear your cowgirl boots with straight leg jeans.

This will keep you looking relaxed and super chic as hell.

Now, if you want to look sexy and make your legs look more elongated, opt for your cowgirl boots with skinny jeans.

These two wardrobe choices will give each other a very striking contrast.

For one, your skinny jeans are tight and will hug your thighs and legs perfectly.

And since cowgirl boots are quite loose, this will give your skinny jeans a more comfortable look.

Basically, your cowgirl boots can make your skinny jeans stand out without making them look too tight on you.

Cowgirl boots with leggings

Leggings and cowgirl boots are also a pretty nice combo that is perfect for both casual and formal events.

I know most women have a few leggings hanging around their closets.

And so to make use of it, you can pair them with cowgirl boots for many different occasions.

Are you going for a stroll or just want to run for some errands?

A simple statement shirt with leggings and a pair of ankle short cowgirl boots would do the trick.

Now, this is for the ladies who want to look more professional and formal.

A nice button-down shirt would look great for business meetings.

Wearing this together with your black leggings and a pair of thigh high cowgirl boots would look perfect.

Skirts with cowgirl boots

Skirts with cowgirl boots

This next outfit idea is for all the ladies who want to look super feminine and breezy, especially during the warmer seasons.

Skirts with a pair of cowgirl boots would look absolutely perfect together.

These two can fit any event, especially if you want to look super stylish during summer.

A flowing maxi skirt paired with ankle high cowgirl boots would give you bohemian and romantic vibes.

This wardrobe choice would be perfect during picnic dates and such.

Now, thigh boots and mini-skirts would totally give you a super sexy and feminine appeal.

This will also look perfect during movie dates or a hop in the club with your girlfriends.

Shift dress

If you want to look super delicate and flattering, wear a shift dress together with your cowgirl boots.

Shift dresses are comfortable to wear and they most likely hide some parts of your body that you want to hide like your belly.

They are also easy to style and can be worn during casual brunch or formal meetings.

Instead of wearing shift dresses with sneakers or stilettos, why not mix fashion and fun together by pairing this outfit with cowgirl boots.

You can add little accessories with this look like a fedora hat or your favorite sunglasses.


Another look that is perfect for any setup and weather is the shirt dress with cowgirl boots.

A shirt dress can make any woman look super chic and elegant.

You can even wear this together with your cowgirl boots to give off a fashionable and classy look.

Now, if you want to go to work with these two together, opt for cowgirl boots with heels.


Rompers are super chic and stylish.

And matching them with a pair of cowgirl boots would definitely level up your look.

You can wear these two together during casual hangouts, or go to rave parties or the mall.

They are a classic pair that will always be trendy.

For a more presentable and bold look, knee high cowgirl boots and long-sleeved V-neck styled rompers would do the trick.

Want to attend Coachella and want to look your best?

Spaghetti strap rompers with laces on the hem and your classic thigh high cowgirl boots would seriously look good together.

You can complete this stylish look by wearing necklaces or bands as accessories.

Denim shorts

Denim shorts with cowgirl boots

Do you want to look super casual and comfortable?

Try wearing a pair of cowgirl boots with your denim shorts.

This outfit is perfect for super casual activities like going grocery shopping or strolling the park.

You can just put on a simple oversized tee or your favorite sweatshirt with your denim shorts and cowgirl boots.

And you would still look super chic and classy.