What to Wear with Brown Ugg Boots?

woman wearing Brown Ugg Boots
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Some women might not know what ugg boots are.

And to those who do, I know you never imagined wearing them to style your outfits.

Before, ugg boots were only worn to keep your feet warm during the colder seasons.

But surprisingly today, many ladies, especially celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have proven that this footwear can also be worn with style.

And to help you choose the right outfit to wear with your ugg boots, here is a simple guide I have made just for you.

What to Wear with Brown Ugg Boots

I know you have a pair of ugg boots hiding somewhere inside your closet.

Especially if you’re a woman who’s living in a place with colder temperatures.

Check out the list I have made below to see how you can style your ugg boots.

Uggs and skinny jeans

Call it cliché or common but you can’t deny that wearing your brown uggs with your skinny jeans is a perfect match.

Honestly, these two are one of my favorite combos.

They are the most classic winter pairing and can be worn on any occasion.

If you want to look cozy and comfortable, wear your skinny jeans and brown uggs with an oversized hoodie or sweater.

But of course, wearing your uggs with other types of jeans like straight leg jeans, mom jeans, and even boyfriend jeans would also look lovely.

Basically, brown uggs and jeans would be perfect together.

Leggings and uggs

Another go-to outfit that would fit any weather would be the leggings and brown uggs combo.

There is nothing more comfortable and classy looking than these two worn together.

Since leggings are form-fitting, they can show off your beautiful curves and shape.

Wearing this together with a pair of brown uggs can give your look a striking appearance.

You can also wear this outfit with any kind of top, depending on the event or the style you are planning to achieve.

If you’re just running for some errands, your uggs plus leggings would look chic with a simple T-shirt.

If you’re planning to get some coffee with friends, you can top this outfit with a long coat or a denim jacket.

For the ladies who are planning to wear these two for work, you can wear your lacy top or a blazer to look more professional.

Dress and uggs

If you want to level up the look of your uggs and make them super stylish, wear them together with a dress.

This pair can create a very sophisticated and elegant look for any lady.

Mini-length dresses are the perfect length to complement the look of your brown uggs.

They are comfortable and can keep you looking cozy and feminine too.

skirts and uggs

Yes, if you can wear your uggs with a dress, then wearing them with a skirt would also look lovely.

Your brown uggs and mini skirts would look super chic and delicate together.

You can even create a fun and very fashionable appearance if you wear them with the perfect top.

This outfit idea can also give you a schoolgirl slash mature look that can easily turn lots of heads.

Any length of the skirt would look absolutely perfect with your brown uggs.

Just make sure to carry them with confidence and the proper accessories and top.

Long coat

Long coats and brown uggs have a long history together.

Just like your skinny jeans, they are a classic pair and exceptionally trendy during winter.

You can either let your long coat pool just right on top of your uggs to show off your footwear.

You can also let it hide most of your uggs to create a rather edgy and mysterious look.

Puffer coats

Another ideal winter style would be the puffer coats and the uggs.

You can mostly see them worn by a lot of women during the winter season.

Although you might think it looks common, it’s mostly because they look super good when worn together.

You can close your puffer coats to create a minimalistic and stylish look.

Wear them together with skinny jeans and your uggs and you would look like a supermodel.


Yes, you can wear your brown uggs with your tracksuit.

This look is perfect for ladies who want to achieve a sporty look.

A two-piece tracksuit would look even lovelier when worn with brown uggs.

This will create a rather sexy and stylish look for any lady.

It’s simple but they can definitely look good together.

Oversized shirts

For the ladies who want to appear delicate and soft, wearing your uggs with an oversized shirt would give you that look.

Based on what I have seen, any woman who tries to wear an oversized shirt with their uggs would immediately look ten times cuter.

This outfit is also very comfortable and cozy to look at.

You can accessorize this look with your favorite beanie and your watch and you’re ready to rock.

Fur vest

Another very elegant and classy look would be the fur vest and brown uggs combo.

You can wear them on any occasion.

Be it a formal or a casual event.

You can look super comfortable and fashionable with these on.

Wearing them with jeans or leggings would also be a good choice.

Knitted sweaters

Uggs and knitted sweaters would look super lovely together.

These two are also one of my favorite combos during the winter season.

Your uggs can give a pretty nice accent on your knitted sweaters.

What’s more is that when these two are worn together, they kind of give off cozy and warm vibes.

You can wear your leggings with this pair to complete your outfit.

Accessorizing this look is also easy.

Wearing your light jewelry like a necklace or a sling bag can give you a very classy look.