What to Wear with Black Pencil Skirt

Black Pencil Skirt
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Women like me love to follow the latest fashion trends.

Are you also one of us?

If so then today we are going to talk about what to wear with black pencil skirt.

Pencil skirt outfit ideas

Pencil skirts are form-fitting skirts that show off the shape of our thighs.

Skirts like these, especially the color black, are very versatile and can fit with any event.

Now, the only thing that’s left to do is to know what would go with your black pencil skirt.

Dress shirt

The most common type of apparel that women love to pair with their black pencil skirts is the dress shirt.

Dress shirts and pencil skirts come a long way with each other.

These two have been paired together ever since and they work so well together when going to work.

This outfit choice will give you a business ready kind of look.

What’s more is that when you have a black pencil skirt, topping it with any color of dress shirt would look okay.

Turtleneck shirts

A black pencil skirt and a fitted turtleneck shirt? Yes, please.

As I said, pencil skirts are very versatile.

And this can be proven by how well your pencil skirt would look when paired with a turtleneck shirt.

Long-sleeved turtleneck shirts that hug your figure perfectly would look the best with a black pencil skirt.

This outfit idea can give you a really smart and sophisticated kind of look.

You can definitely wear this outfit anywhere like going out or attending work.


Striped shirts are one of the most versatile patterns of all.

And what’s more amazing about them is that they fit perfectly well with any type of skirt.

Now, if you have a black pencil skirt, pairing this with a stripe-patterned top would look stylish on you.

If you’re trying to achieve a chic and classy look, a mini-length pencil skirt and a striped crop top would do the trick.

And if you want to look sophisticated and elegant, wear your midi-length pencil skirt with a fitted black and white striped tee.

You can complete this outfit by tucking in your fitted shirt inside your skirt.

Sleeveless tops

For the ladies who want to add a dramatic effect to their whole attire, I would recommend sleeveless tops.

If you want something that can give your black pencil skirt a classy and stylish accent, opt for a mock turtleneck sleeveless top.

This wardrobe choice would fit with any occasion.

You can wear this when going to work.

Just add a blazer on top of this and you will look very professional and smart.

You can also wear this when going out with your friends.

Put on some light jewelry and you’re ready to seize the day.

Oversized sweaters

Want to make your black pencil skirt look more cozy and nonchalant?

Why not wear it together with an oversized shirt?

“Is it really possible?”

Why, yes!

A black pencil skirt topped with an oversized sweater would look stylish and cool.

What’s more, is that this outfit choice would also feel very comfortable for you.

Round-neck T-shirt

If you want to look super casual and more laid-back, wear your black pencil skirt with a simple round-neck shirt.

This outfit choice would be perfect for any setting.

Be it when hanging out with your friends, on a simple coffee date, or attending a semi-casual event.

Round-neck shirts can give a cool and outgoing vibe to your black pencil skirt.

Tucking it inside your pencil skirt would level up your whole appearance.

You can also complete this look with white canvas sneakers.

Sheer blouse

Do you want to wear your black pencil skirt with a top that can take you anywhere?

Luckily for you, we have sheer blouses.

A sheer blouse can easily take any woman from office attire to a romantic date night.

This outfit idea can give you both a professional and feminine look.

Here’s a little tip to help you choose what kind of sheer blouse would fit well with your black pencil skirt.

The only thing you need to remember is to pair your black pencil skirt with a sheer blouse that is similar to its color.

Just put on a simple gold necklace and carry your designer handbag with you to complete this outfit.


Are you looking for the best top to wear with your pencil skirt during the warmer days?

Try wearing it with a tank top and you would love the results!

Pairing your black pencil skirt with a tank top would give you a very sexy and feminine appeal.

This outfit idea is perfect for the summer weather and would never go out of style.

You can wear this when going out or even when attending evening events.

All you need to have is the right footwear and accessories to help you achieve the look you want to have.

If you want to wear these two during evening events, tuck your tank top inside and topped it with a blazer.

This will give you a professional and sophisticated look.

If you want to wear them during casual hangouts, just choose a few accessories and you’re good to go.

Crop top

Yes, wearing your crop top with a black pencil skirt is also okay.

In fact, this outfit choice is one of the most trendy combinations this year.

Many women who love to look chic and feminine would pair their black pencil skirts with a simple crop top.

The style of your crop top would highly depend on the look you are trying to achieve.

So if you want to look chic and edgy, a sleeveless crop top would be the better choice.

If you want to look stylish and preppy, fitted crop tops with short sleeves would do the trick.

Accessories like a simple choker necklace and a watch would complete this whole attire.

Peplum top

And not but not the least is the peplum tops.

Peplum tops are one of the most perfect types of tops to wear with a black pencil skirt.

Because of its puff sleeves and its hem, it can give a nice and feminine accent to your pencil skirt.

Peplum tops are mostly worn with a black pencil skirt by working ladies who want to look super stylish and classy.