What to wear under a sheer dress

Women in black sheer dress
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Choosing to wear a sheer dress is a bold fashion statement, and what to wear under a sheer dress is a big question! 

Everything will be on display, so you must choose undergarments that make you feel pretty and comfortable at the same time. 

Don’t wear things you are uneasy about, and don’t feel you need to go for really skimpy underwear.

I’ve looked at all the best ways to look great wearing a sheer dress, and put together a series of products that I think will help you feel fantastic. 

This is about building up your confidence and making you feel comfortable in your clothes. With the right undergarments, you can definitely do that.

Many people would love to feel confident enough to wear a sheer dress, but it isn’t always easy. 

If you are nervous, it’s okay! However, knowing what to wear underneath should help you to feel safe and secure. 

Don’t fear the sheer! These dresses have wowed people for years, and there is no better way to shout that you are comfortable in your own skin. 

Let’s find out what to choose – and what to avoid.

Try A Sheer Dress With Bodysuit Underneath

A sheer dress looks fantastic with a bodysuit underneath it, and it saves you a lot of hassle. 

You won’t have to think about matching the top undergarment to the bottom one. You won’t have to think about whether one part fits better than the other.

A bodysuit also creates a very “put together” look. 

It flatters the shape without being too revealing. It helps to create a sleek, sophisticated, styled aesthetic. 

It may also smooth your curves and make you look slimmer.

You might want to try a high neckline bodysuit. This accentuates the neck and shoulders, but make sure it does not come above the neck of your dress, or it may look odd.

Alternatively, go for a v-neck bodysuit, which draws the eye to the cleavage. Either of these would look fantastic under a sheer dress.

On the whole, it’s best to avoid fancy patterns under the dress. They run the risk of making your outfit feel too complicated, when what you want to convey is simplicity and stylishness. 

Black is a striking choice, but any of the subdued colors should work.

You may want to avoid wearing a nude colored bodysuit under a sheer dress, but if you decide that’s the look to go for, rock it with confidence! 

Usually, nude underwear goes best with a fitted sheer dress, rather than a loose one. Do your best to match it to your real skin tone, or it may look odd.

Go For A Sheer Dress With Matching Underwear

If a bodysuit does not appeal to you, you can simply choose some nice undergarments. 

Take the time to ensure that they match and balance each other well, whatever style you go for. If your panties are skimpy, don’t wear an oversized bra, or vice versa.

Panty Options

So, what should you wear on your lower half? 

It’s often best to choose high-waisted briefs, as these give you some coverage and prevent the outfit from being too revealing.

They still show off skin, but provide a nice balance. Choose a pair that fits you very well, and then select a matching bra. 

Again, black is a popular option, but nude can work well too in some cases.

Some people prefer to opt for black hipsters instead, feeling more comfortable in these than the “granny underwear.” 

However, the full briefs have the advantage of creating a smooth line with your stomach. They may look better under a sheer dress.

Bra Options

The bra is often less visible under a sheer dress, but you should still pay attention to it, as parts may show. Make sure it is comfortable and supportive. 

You don’t want anything slipping when you are essentially in your underwear!

With a triple strap across your shoulders, it can be a great way to make your outfit a little more interesting and unusual, especially if the rest of your underwear is plain.

Spend Time On The Fitting

When it comes to the undergarments for sheer dresses, the most important thing is that they fit well and flatter your shape. 

You want smooth, elegant lines, not bunching fabric or looseness. It is worth taking the time to measure yourself and buy underwear that fits perfectly. 

Anything else will spoil the look.

The fewer fasteners on a piece of clothing, the fewer lines you should end up with and the less bunching you will see. 

Fasteners and different kinds of fabric (e.g. elastic waistbands) all cause the fabric to change how it behaves, and this will affect its flow.

It’s really important that you focus on the lines created by your underwear. When you are going for the seamless, flowing look, a visible panty line (VPL) is the last thing you want. 

Try to make sure you’re wearing no VPL underwear by choosing seamless options. If you can’t get seamless, at least make sure that it fits well.

Be aware that something as simple as a seam in the wrong place can ruin the look you’re going for and spoil the fluidity of your silhouette. 

Remember, this applies to the bra as well as to the panties.

However, panties do tend to be more noticeably seamed, because the body is so much smoother down there. On your torso, you have different curves from your breasts, rib cage, and shoulders. 

You also have your arms coming down. All of these things can better conceal a seam. A seam low down, however, is much more likely to be noticeable.

Look specifically for seamless bras and panties in whatever style attracts you. Not only will you get rid of bulky edges that spoil your aesthetic, but they are likely to fit better as you move around too. 

Because the fabric is all the same, it should pull in the same way, making you look great all evening. 

The better your underwear fits you, the better you will look.

What Not To Wear With Sheer Dress Choices

So, those are all the “do” sections. What about the “don’t” ones?

A big one is not wearing brightly colored underwear beneath your sheer dress. This is currently considered a very tacky and unattractive approach. 

It is much better to choose a neutral shade. Your underwear should be subtle, like an accidental wink of something. 

It should not be a statement.

Don’t overdo the skimpiness of your underwear. A sheer dress is already like saying “I’m underdressed.” You want to pair that with something more modest, or your outfit will feel excessive. 

That is why it is much better to select full coverage in terms of your bra and panties, or your bodysuit.

Don’t wear a thong and tiny bra if your sheer dress is already very revealing. 

If your dress is only semi-sheer and covers up most of your body anyway, you can get away with skimpy underwear, but if your dress isn’t hiding your privates, you don’t want to also be putting them on display with tiny underwear.