what to use to stuff a bra?

Woman holding stuff bra
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Most people think about teenagers when talking about bra-stuffing. But grown-ass women can definitely do this too and benefit from it. 

However, there is a right way of stuffing your bra, which we’ll discuss in this article.

Flat chests and small breasts have been increasingly appreciated over the past few years. And more and more women of these physiques flaunt what was once considered a disadvantage as a woman, inspiring and giving confidence to other women.

But there is no shame in wanting to look a little fuller in that division at times, and the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do this is by stuffing your bra.

I read many articles and compiled them into this list to give you the most definitive guide on what to use to stuff a bra and how to properly do it.

 I included all the tips and tricks given by “not-so-blessed” women with firsthand experiences so you can start this journey with confidence.

what to use to stuff a bra?

The Cheapest Method: Tissues

Women pulling tissue

Using tissues to enhance the voluptuousness of your breast is the cheapest and most readily available option. 

However, I don’t recommend this material because tissues can absorb moisture from your skin and collapse easily. These can cause you discomfort rather than confidence. 

Nevertheless, if you really really have no choice, using a bra with padding or molded cups when going with this method can help.

To make tissues work as good as possible:

  1. Ensure that the pieces you use are about twice the cup size of the bra you’re wearing.
  1. Fold the tissue in half, making sure it is just a tad smaller than the cup, so the edges don’t peek out of your bra.
  1. Place the folded tissue between your bra and your skin, repeating the steps on the other side.
  1. Take note that you should only use a piece of tissue for each breast; using more can make them clump up, ruining your silhouette. You can use thicker tissues for more boost.
  1. Again, be extra careful when you use tissues for stuffing.

Cheap and a Bit More Structured: Socks

Woman with folded socks

Socks, compared to tissues, have more room for customization compared to tissues. It can also give a more realistic look and feel than paper. 

To stuff your bra with socks, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain your most comfortable socks. You can use a thin or thick one depending on how much bigger you want your breasts to appear.
  1. Fold the socks in half. You can do this in any way you want, but make sure that the resulting piece is half the size of your hand. You can also fold the socks to match the horizontal length of your breast.
  1. Insert the socks into the bottom side of your bra’s cup. Do this while standing in front of a mirror. This is helpful in adjusting the position of the socks and getting your desired breast appearance.

You still have to be precautious with socks-stuffed-bras as the socks can move out of place, a worst-case scenario would be you having breasts that are way too unidentical to be natural.

Use your Stash: Bra on Bra

Bra on bra

You really like that sexy dress and would love to wear it–leave men and women at awe. But the only place the dress has been to is your closet.

 I say get that out of your wardrobe along with two bras: double-bra your way into that sexiness!

Putting on two bras at once is another quick boob enhancement technique. 

You can either put on a bra with straps on top of a no-strap one or wear two that have straps. 

What’s important is you go with molded cups. Padded bras are the most ideal to use.

Because bras are made of high-tensile materials, double-bra-ing can make it difficult for you to breathe. 

If you want a more dramatic look (with a little more discomfort), use a safety pin or paper clip to create “X”-back straps. 

This will pull together your titties, giving a more impressive cleavage.

The Ready-Made: Padded Bras

woman hold bra pads

Most smaller-size bras often come with padded cups. 

Since they are already stuffed, you need not put more stuffing in them, especially if they already make you look more endowed in that department.

Recent innovations in women’s undergarments have made it possible for these padded bras to feature memory foams or gel. 

This provides a more natural look and feel to the breasts. Tons of shops sell them so finding these isn’t a problem. The downside is they can cost a hefty sum.

Outside Not Inside: Silicone Inserts

Using silicone implants for breast augmentation has been around since 1962

Although medical advancement has made the procedure safer and considerably cheaper, most women are not up for it. 

Luckily, you can still use silicone to enhance your boobs even without getting under the blade.

Silicone bra inserts are placed at the bottom of the bra, pushing your breasts up and making your cleavage deeper in a matter of seconds. 

For extra security, you can use double-sided tape to attach the insert to your bra to keep the silicone from moving around. 

Once you are satisfied with its position, adjust your straps and back closure for more comfort.

These inserts are barely noticeable because they follow the shape of your breasts for a natural-looking bosom. Some silicone bra inserts boast of increasing your size by 2 cups.

And because of the material, silicone inserts can be used under your bikini or swimming suit–quite an advantage against the prior stuffing materials. 

Just for You: DIY Padding

When it comes to stuffing a bra, I mentioned above that padded bras can give you a much-needed boost. But you don’t actually need to buy new ones to get the same effect.

You can DIY or revamp your padded bra!

Find an old padded bra that, for whatever reason, you don’t wear anymore. And follow these steps:

  1. Using a scissor or blade (be careful!), rip off the stitching on the seams of the cups of the bra. This will expose the padding–most likely foam– which you need for this DIY.
  1.  Obtain the bra you want to use your extra padding on.
  1. Position and line up the padding you removed from the old bra into the cup of the bra you’ll be using. Pin it in place and cut off any extra padding.
  1. Sew the padding onto the bra to secure it in place. You can also use a scrap cotton cloth on top of the padding for a more comfortable cup.
  1. Some bras, especially bikinis and swimsuits, have a hole in the breast area. This is made for this purpose–to hold whichever padding you desire. If your bra has this feature, you can just slip a pad or two into position, and you’re good to go. 

I recommend, however, sewing together the paddings if you decide to use two pieces in one breasticle.