What to do when you hate wearing a bra?

Woman cutting off bra
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Fortunately, you have quite a few different options to give yourself support. 

There are some kinds of bras that are more likely to feel comfortable, and some great bra alternatives you can try out. 

Bras are uncomfortable, expensive, and annoying to fit, but most women don’t feel right when they opt not to wear one. 

If you have large breasts, you will probably find that not wearing one is worse than wearing one. 

Even if you have a small bust, you may not feel at ease without a bra. So, we’re going to look at what to do when you hate wearing a bra.

There are a lot of reasons to hate bras. 

Many people claim that they are only for the sake of fashion, and do nothing to offer support or comfort. 

Some people find that they cannot stand having their ribs hugged by tight fabric all the time.

Others encounter issues with sweat, problems with getting a bra to fit, sore shoulders from the straps, or rubbing from the wire.

so today, we are going to explore:

  • Bra alternatives for small bust ladies
  • Bra alternatives for large bust ladies
  • What the closest thing to not wearing a bra is
  • Some DIY options

Bra Alternatives For Small Bust Ladies

If you are on the smaller side, you may have an easier time in trying to avoid a bra. You will find that you don’t need so much support, so it’s just about making yourself feel comfortable and covered up.


Many women find that a camisole works well. This provides some support and a fitted feel, but it is essentially like wearing a t-shirt, rather than wearing a bra. 

You should find it as comfortable as a shirt, and it does not need to be fitted the way that a bra does, so it’s an excellent alternative.

However, it won’t do for large busted ladies, because it won’t offer enough support.


A bodysuit is another good option if you have one on hand. These will offer a little more support than a camisole. 

This is because they cover more of the chest and arms, so they should work for slightly larger chests. 

Many women will find that these provide enough support, but they are not as supportive or containing as a bra is.

You don’t have to worry about any slips, however, so these are worth a try. You don’t even need to wear a shirt on top! 

Do be aware that these will not give you any lift; they are just to keep your chest contained, rather than to boost it up.


It’s also possible to get away with no bra at all, especially if you wear thicker tops, a light scarf, or a hoodie. 

Nobody will know you’re skipping out, and this may help you to feel more comfortable throughout the day, so give it a try.

Fitted dress

As another choice, choose a fitted dress with cups in the bodice. 

This is great for evening wear if you don’t want to find a bra to match your outfit. It is often more comfortable because the dress has been designed to offer plenty of support. 

Just make sure that it is firmly fitted before you head out, so you don’t end up with any embarrassing slips!

If none of those options appeal, keep reading. These next alternatives should all work for small breasted women too!

Bra Alternatives For Large Bust Ladies


If you feel that the above options aren’t going to offer enough support to you, try a bandeau. 

These are probably the closest thing to not wearing a bra while getting the same support that they offer, and they are often a lot more comfortable.

A bandeau is also great for wearing with strapless shirts or dresses, because it has no shoulder straps. 

However, it is quite a tight fit. 

This is good in some ways, because it means it will support you well, but it can also be a little too similar to the discomfort of a bra. You may feel suffocated or compressed.

On the other hand, if you have a large bust, you might feel better supported by this than by any other option.

Corset top

A corset top is another good option for a large-chested lady. 

It can be worn under another top if you don’t want to show that much skin. Because there is more fabric in a corset top, it should spread the pressure and make you feel more comfortable. 

Just make sure you don’t lace it up too tightly, or you might end up fainting at a critical cinematic moment!


A bralette is another very good choice for support. Again, the fabric helps to spread the stress, making this much more comfortable to wear, regardless of your chest size. 

It is very similar to a bra, but distinctly softer and more supportive. Many people feel comfortable wearing these on display, rather than under their main top.

This can be a great way to stay cooler in the summer, too, because you don’t have two layers. 

If you are a person who suffers as a result of boob sweat and you find a bra sticky and clinging, a bralette is an ideal alternative.

Tank top with a built in bra

Last but not least, a tank top with a built in bra is a final alternative that many people find more comfortable than a standard bra. 

Again, the fabric of the tank top helps to spread the weight of the breasts, and avoids the bra part bunching around your chest or shoulders.

Bra Alternatives DIY Options

For those who aren’t keen on any of the above, what are the DIY options you can try?


are a great alternative DIY way to cover your nipples if you are worried about something slipping and showing, especially through a thin shirt. 

These are easy to apply, and do not glue to the breast, so you don’t need to worry about having to painfully peel them off later.

They are suitable regardless of your chest size. 

These little circular pads should help to keep everything that you want invisible totally hidden, without you having to wear any fabric at all. 

If you would rather go without a bra, but you haven’t quite got the confidence, give these a try.

Note, however, that they are disposable, and you will have to keep buying them. They are not reusable.

Fashion Tape

is another option for keeping yourself covered up without a bra. 

This double-sided tape is designed to stick to both your clothes and your skin, and it will hold everything exactly where you want it. 

Stick your top to your chest in the perfect position, and go about your day feeling secure and safe, because nothing is going to shift around.

However, none of the options so far have offered a way to lift as well as to secure your breasts. 

That’s where Boob Tape steps in. 

If you want a bit of a boost, boob tape is designed to lift and accentuate the breasts, giving you bra freedom without sacrificing your shape.