13 Surprising Things That Soda Does To Your Body

What Soda Does To Your Body
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Soda is a beverage that everyone is familiar with and it’s no confidential secret that sodas are not healthy beverages. Despite the many articles and health ads saying ‘don’t drink’ or ‘stop drinking’ soda, people seem to be unswayed and still consume this beverage, making soda companies remain as the top business companies in the world.

However, instead of telling you how or why sodas are bad for your health, we’ll go over the things that soda is doing to your body. Maybe this way, we can convince you to lessen or maybe even stop consuming this beverage.

What Soda Does To Your Body


1. Soda makes you fat

Because sodas taste good, it can be easy to forget the number of sugar and calories you take in every time you take a sip, and because sodas are packed with calories, taking in more will most likely cause you to gain weight.

The same goes for diet soda, you can argue “it has zero sugar and calories” and all that, but diet sodas will also have their contributions to your weight gain.

Sodas tend to have an effect on your metabolism as well, making this a factor as to why it can lead you to gain more weight.

2. It’s bad for your teeth

If you’re someone who is very conscious about how your teeth look, and plan to have good and authentic teeth for as long as you can, then we suggest you control your soda intake.

Apparently, soda together with the bacteria inside your mouth work together to form acids which then on attacks your teeth, and this happens every time you take a sip of soda and goes on for 20 minutes.

3. Affects your kidney function

There are many contents of soda which can affect your kidney function, and having too much may result in serious or even long term kidney damage.

The content which is always pointed out is the carbonated water found in sodas, however, there is another content of soda one which poses a far greater threat than carbonation, and this is phosphoric acid, which is commonly present in cola drinks.

4. Increases your risk of diabetes

It is no surprise that sodas are jam-packed with sugar, therefore it may not be a wise choice if you’re trying to prevent worsening your diabetes or prevent it.

Even diet sodas can’t save you from this one, as they cannot help in reducing the risk of diabetes.

5. Heart disease

Although it might not be a major factor in causing heart disease, drinking too much soda can contribute to it.

If you have habits that are already causing you to have problems or heart failure, we suggest that you cut off soda from your diet as well, as it raises the risk of having heart complications.

6. Carcinogen

If you’re not familiar with a carcinogen, it is a substance that can cause cancer, and you did not make a mistake in reading that headline, soda does contribute to having a higher risk of cancer.

This is due to a food coloring substance called caramel coloring which is used in sodas in order to give them that unique color and taste.

7. It’s bad for your bones

There are a number of reasons as to how sodas affect the health of one’s bones.

First off, when the body is trying to neutralize acids that come from sodas, they need to use or take some from the calcium nutrients that are found in our bones. Second, the caffeine that comes from soda affects the production of calcium in bones, and the list goes further.

In short, if you want to have a good posture, then cutting off sodas from your diet may not be a bad idea.

8. Sodas have mold inhibitors

We don’t want to gross you out but it’s true.

Soda contains Benzoate or Potassium Benzoate which are mold inhibitors, that can cause damage to DNA, some examples are asthma and irritation to your eyes and skin.

9. Liver disease

Whether it be diet or regular soda, both have their own way of inflicting damage to the liver.

Regular soda can cause fatty liver disease due to the fructose it contains because it is easily absorbed by the liver and there it is converted to fat.

Diet soda, on the other hand, has aspartame an artificial sweetener, what this substance does is that it causes the chemical formaldehyde to gather in the liver and binds the protein molecules.

10. Asthma

According to an author, the reason why unbalanced intake of soda can worsen asthma lies within the other factors that it causes such as obesity.

Apparently, obesity raises the risk of asthma.

It’s just the overall thought that higher soda intake is equivalent to having poor health, which just raises the bar for all medical complications.

11. Affects your chances of getting pregnant

Whether you are the male or female in the situation, if you’re planning to conceive a baby, you ought to stop drinking soda.

It is found that the intake of soda or intake of sugar-sweetened beverages reduced the fecundability of a couple by at least 20 percent.

Not only that but drinking too much soda during pregnancy could also cause health problems to your baby.

12. Memory lapse

It looks like nothing good is associated with sodas other than they taste good.

Multiple studies have been conducted in linking whether sodas or artificial sweeteners are bad for you, and usually, these studies gave off the same result which is, large or regular consumers of sodas do pose a higher risk in developing memory loss or even dementia.

Although the reason for this is not yet determined. It is better to be safe than sorry.

13. It makes you age faster

If you’re trying to look young or stay young, then you better reconsider your beverage preferences, because sodas make your cells age faster.

As we grow older the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes called telomeres shortens, and soda is associated with this because some of the contents of soda cause our telomeres to shorten faster causing premature aging.


Although drinking too much soda poses a lot of health complications, people seem to have difficulty in controlling their urge to pop open another can or bottle.

Hopefully, this article was able to give you an idea or made you aware of what is happening to your body as you take another sip, and chances are we have managed to sway you to make a healthier choice.

If you know anyone who has a serious uncontrolled habit of drinking soda or headed towards that direction, don’t hesitate to share this article.


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