What Sneakers to Wear with Skinny Jeans?

blue skinny jeans and sneakers
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Skinny jeans and sneakers are a very classic pair of wardrobes.

They seem to fit each other really well and they are a woman’s best friend.

Personally, these two are my go-to combo whenever I am running out of time or I don’t know what to wear when going out.

Aside from the fact that they are both super comfortable, these two can also be styled with any top.

But even though this pair is already a classic, many women still struggle with how to wear sneakers with skinny jeans.

And to help you with that little dilemma, I’m going to teach you the best sneakers to wear with skinny jeans.

What Sneakers to Wear with Skinny Jeans

There are many types of shoes that go with skinny jeans.

But nothing beats the skinny jeans and sneakers duo.

There’s just something about these two that keeps a woman looking very chic and super stylish all the time.

Sneakers to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Low-top sneakers

Low-top or low-cut sneakers are the trendiest types of footwear today that goes pretty well with skinny jeans.

Your skinny jeans are form-fitting and hug your legs tightly.

That’s why your low-tops would look absolutely stylish with them.

Skinny jeans that fall just right above your low-tops would give your outfit an edgy look.

But if you have skinny jeans that stop just right above your ankle, it will give your low-tops a very cool look.

You can simply pair this combo with a simple tee and a cap to balance your whole attire.

Chunky sneakers

Don’t you just love the contrast between your skinny jeans and your chunky sneakers?

Since chunky sneakers are big, they can give a very striking contrast with your skinny jeans.

This pair of sneakers can also give a very sexy appeal to your legs and thighs.

What’s more, is that it can also give your outfit a very cool and bold outcome.

Chunky sneakers can be paired with a loose cardigan and skinny jeans.

But the most popular look today is the high-waisted skinny jeans plus chunky sneakers topped with a long-sleeved turtleneck.

Tucking your top inside your jeans would give you a more stylish look.

Trainer sneakers

Now this is for the ladies who want to look athletic or just want more room to move around.

Do you know that a pair of trainers would look amazing with your skinny jeans?

Moreover, trainer sneakers are soft and very comfortable to use.

So you can run around for errands all day without an aching foot if you have these on.

Your trainers would look effortlessly stylish when paired with skinny jeans.

You can complete this look by topping it with a coat and a beanie to give a bit of fun to your whole attire.


If you want to reach the highest level of comfort, try a pair of converse.

Skinny jeans and converse shoes are always a great combo.

These two are perfect for any casual occasion.

Be it hanging out with friends, going to the movies, or strolling the park!

Converse shoes are also a timeless piece in the world of fashion.

So no matter when and where you wear them, they are always trendy and “in”.

Slip-on sneakers

Are you always running out of time?

Then better grab those slip-on sneakers hiding in your closet to save up much more time!

Personally, every time I am late for something, I always opt for my best go-to combo, the slip-on sneakers and skinny jeans.

Aside from the fact that I have a lot of skinny jeans, these jeans are also on top of my drawers.

Thus, they are the first clothing that I can grab whenever I am late.

Slip-on on the other hand is always ready to back me up in case I don’t have enough time to pick my wardrobe.

After all, slip-on is always on point and can go with any outfit.

Timberland sneakers

Are you one of the ladies out there who are feeling much bolder and more adventurous?

Why don’t you try wearing a pair of Timberland sneakers?

Yes, timberland sneakers and skinny jeans would look absolutely perfect when worn together.

Just like your chunky sneakers, timberlands are big and they can create a bold contrast with your skinny jeans.

They are also perfect for the ladies who want to show off their tougher sides and want to give off a pretty cool look.

You can top this with an oversized shirt and your favorite watch to reach the highest peak of “coolness”.

Leather sneakers

Now, if you want to attend semi-casual events with your skinny jeans on, the best footwear choice would be leather sneakers.

Leather sneakers can give off a very elegant and smart look.

Which also means that they can give your whole outfit a more put-together effect.

The leather sneakers and skinny jeans combo can also be worn when going to work.

This will give you a look between professional and comfortable.

You can top this outfit with a lacy top or a blazer to add more elegance to your whole appearance.

Velcro sneakers

Although Velcro sneakers are not the type of sneakers that can go with any outfit, it surprisingly goes well with a pair of skinny jeans.

Velcro sneakers with skinny jeans can give any woman a very chic and a schoolgirl vibe.

So if you want to look charming and look aesthetic, opt for a pair of Velcro sneakers.

High-cut sneakers

High-cut sneakers can look exceptionally good with your skinny jeans.

Whether you want your skinny jeans to pool over on top of it or if you want to cuff up your skinny jeans a little to show off your high-cut sneakers.

Any style would look amazing with your skinny jeans and your high-cut sneakers.

These two are also one of the most popular combos of all time and they will always be trendy no matter what season it is.

High-cut sneakers and skinny jeans can also be styled with any top.