What should you wear under yoga pants?

Woman in teal yoga pants
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Wearing yoga pants for your everyday errands could instantly make it comfortable and sporty. 

It could flatten the shapes of your waist, legs, and thighs. That’s why all ladies love yoga pants. 

Despite its convenience to whoever wears it, sometimes it is challenging to be comfortable in it. 

You have to pick the perfect partner for clothes before wearing yoga pants. 

It emphasized all your angles and edges. Thus, if you’re not comfortable in your body, some people might wear a jacket to cover their feminine part – so that VPL (visible panty lines) won’t be noticeable.

Yoga pants can be worn without worrying about VPL and move flexibly. 

what should you wear under yoga pants?

1. Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are the short alternative to yoga pants. It has a leggings feature that adheres closely to your body. 

These body shorts can hide your bum, and they can provide support to your accentuated parts while using yoga pants. 

It can hide your VPL or more. 

One of the best purposes of wearing boy shorts under your yoga pants – it can eliminate all the unevenness in your body with ease. 

They sit comfortably on the legs while going upside down while performing complicated activities using yoga pants. 

2. Built-in Underwear

When we are talking about yoga pants, there are only two categories of styles—the one with cheap materials and the other with thick materials. 

Although all yoga pants have the same function, the overall look makes the difference. 

For cheap materials, yoga pants are not fit enough for your body. Some of it can end up showing your tummy, crotch, and even your butt. 

It will just make you feel like wearing flexible leggings

Otherwise, some expensive yoga pants have a thick fabric that fits every inch of your body. 

While some of them have built-in underwear attached to their yoga pants. If you have this type of yoga pants, you will never have a problem with the clothes you wear under them. 

With the built-in yoga pants underwear, you have a fabric that can wick away your sweat, fit all the time, and does away with panty lines. 

It’s a one-step dress process that suits your flexible activities. 

However, if you find it hard to get built-in yoga pants, having a thick fabric is enough. You only need to look for appropriate underwear for yoga pants which we will talk about later on. 

3. Thin Underwear Selection

Thongs and commando underwear are the most popular underwear support for wearing yoga pants. But compared to both of them, the thong is the most popular

In fact, there are only 17% of women that wear commandos in yoga pants, while the rest go with a thong. 

The 17% rate of women who wear commando is still uncertain. Because in reality, no matter where we are or what activities we want to engage in, it is essential to have either of the two underwear with yoga pants.  

Because regular underwear with yoga pants should be restrictive, it can cause VPL and affect your confidence. But with a thong and commandos, it takes care of the lines and helps you move effortlessly.

How to avoid VPL in yoga pants?

Visible panty line is the major trouble with wearing yoga pants. 

I’ve been there. It’s hard to focus on hiking, yoga, or exercise if you’ll always worry about VPL that might show all the time. 

They can ruin your outfit as well as your confidence. 

To avoid VPL in yoga pants, I would suggest you invest in having seamless underwear, thong, and possibly going commando. It will give you a neater look regardless of how fitted your yoga pants are. 

  • You have to pick the right underwear and the right color of underwear to use. If your yoga pants are in a dark shade, wear dark underwear as well. 
  • You have to be mindful of the texture of your yoga pants and adjust them correspondingly. 
  • If there’s no seamless underwear or boy shorts available, wear a long t-shirt to hide VPL.

Underwear options for yoga pants

1. Hipster underwear

Hipster underwear is the kind of panty that have a combination of boy shorts and a bikini. This panty is designed for all body types and can fit perfectly in your figure. 

Thus, if you want to wear yoga pants and are tired of wearing boy shorts, you can wear hipster underwear instead. 

It usually falls below your waistline and sits between your hips. 

2. Seamless underwear

When your yoga pants seem to adhere to your body, you need seamless underwear. It can be a breath of fresh air to your body because it is made of spandex or cotton yarn. 

This kind of underwear has no visible stitching area or thicker garter – making it perfect for your yoga pants. 

Although some seamless underwear can show VPL depending on the design you pick, you’ll only find a few. 

Most of the seamless are skin type, light, and stretchy underwear. 

3. Bikini Underwear

The most versatile underwear – bikini. This underwear is not suitable for the beach only, instead, it can be a great partner for your yoga pants. 

It is made of cotton, microfiber, or nylon, depending on which one you like. Bikini underwear is likely similar to briefs besides its coverage. 

Bikinis are thin underwear with different delicate styles and types of lace. Just be cautious in picking the design. 

4. Sports Underwear

When we talk about the most comfortable underwear for yoga pants, sports underwear will always be on the list. 

This combination is great for your gym, yoga, hiking OOTD (outfit of the day).

Sports underwear is odor-resistant, sweat-free, and made of eco-friendly cotton. Plus, if you wear it under your yoga pants, you don’t have to worry about its lace getting out, because it’s cool. 

Certainly, sports underwear is the most suitable underwear for yoga pants regardless of how fitted it is. 

5. Commandos

If you want to wear underwear without making it look like you are wearing one, commando underwear is the best choice. 

It has an invisible lace, the smoothest underwear of them all, and is ready for all occasions, not just yoga pants. 

Wearing Commando will make you feel like a model like Kendall Jenner and GIgi Hadid. You will notice that they always go with commando no matter what kind of outfit they wear. 

Therefore, going commando in yoga pants is also a wise choice. It’s relaxing. Soft and silky. 

6. Yoga Pants Thong

According to Dr. Stephanie Long, MD, women’s health expert, what you wear before a workout is important and what you do after a workout. Therefore, if you wear your yoga pants for a workout, wear thongs. 

Thongs in yoga pants can help you in your everyday activities and are good for your health too. 

It may be similar to a bikini, but the back of this underwear stands out more. You can expect to have 100% VPL free with thongs.