What Shoes to Wear with White Jeans?

woman legs in high heel shoes and white pants
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Almost all women across the globe have a pair of white jeans.

However, some of them never had the chance to wear it because of the fear that it might get dirty easily.

As a woman who has experienced the same fear, my view of white jeans immediately changed the moment I wore mine.

I realized that they are indeed versatile and can go with any style.

Just make sure to always watch where you sit.

So are you determined to wear your white jeans today?

If so, the next thing you have to do is look for the perfect shoes that go with white jeans.

What Shoes to Wear with White Jeans?

White jeans may be hard to pull off sometimes.

But with the right help and with the perfect shoes, you will surely steal the spotlight.

Below is the list of the best shoes you can wear with your white jeans.


For the ladies who want to mix sophistication and style, your white jeans would look good with a pair of stiletto heels.

Pointed-toe stilettos and white jeans can be worn on any occasion.

Be it a business meeting, formal setups, or even getting coffee with your friends.

Stilettos can give you extra height and can help define your legs through your white jeans.

You can top this outfit with a blazer or wear some light jewelry to complete your look.

Ballet Flats

This is for the ladies who want to look presentable and feel comfortable all day even without using high-heeled shoes.

Flats come in many styles but nothing can beat the ballet flats and white jeans combo.

If you want to attend a formal event or go to work, a pair of ballet flats and white jeans would give you a very professional look.

Not to mention that your ballet flats can make your outfit more put together.

Black or navy blue ballet flats would look essentially perfect with white jeans.

Top it with a blazer or coat and you’re ready to face your work.


Another type of footwear that is perfect for your white jeans and formal setups or going to work is your loafers.

Like your ballet flats, your loafers are super comfortable and can give you a smart and professional appearance.

Brown and black loafers always go well with a pair of white jeans.

It can also make your jeans look cleaner and more balanced.

Ankle-strap Heels

Ankle-strap heels are the perfect footwear that can give off real chic vibes while also adding character to your white jeans.

Your ankle-strap heels can give you more height, making your legs look elongated.

This type of footwear when worn together with a pair of white jeans can be perfect for coffee dates, or formal setups like attending a birthday party.

This outfit is mostly worn with a lacy top or a button-down shirt tucked in your jeans.

Add accessories like your favorite handbag and some light jewelry to complete this attire.

white jeans with wedges

What’s more comfortable and fashionable than a pair of wedges and white jeans?

That’s right.

Wearing your wedges together with your white jeans can give you an upright and stylish combo.

This kind of footwear and outfit is perfect for attending business meetings or going out with your friends.

Since your wedges have block heels, you can flaunt them all day long without complaining of an aching feet.

White jeans are mostly worn with neutral-colored wedges or black wedges.

This color combo can make your white jeans stand out.


Pumps and white jeans are also perfect for any kind of event.

This footwear is very versatile and they can look amazing with any kind of style.

Want to look sharp and professional?

Top your pumps and white jeans with a blazer or a long-sleeved button-down shirt.

Want to look like a real fashionista?

Try wearing a pair of pumps and white jeans plus a turtleneck shirt.

Tucked it inside your jeans and you’re ready to walk the runway.

Ankle Boots

The ankle boots and white jeans combo is really popular in any kind of season.

Ankle boots, especially the ones with a pointed tip, can give the right accent to your white jeans.

It can make a striking contrast with your white jeans while also balancing your outfit, making it stand out but not steal the spotlight from your jeans.

This outfit is mostly worn with a tank top and a denim jacket.

For the accessories, sunglasses and a watch would be enough to balance your whole attire.

white jeans with cowboy boots

If you want to make a statement with your white jeans and your footwear, make sure to use your cowboy boots.

This look is perfect for the fall or the winter season.

Although most of the lower part of your white jeans would be hidden, the cowboy boots can still make a pretty contrast with the rest of your jeans.

It’s perfect for the ladies who want to look super chic while also feeling comfortable all day.

You can complete this look with your favorite sweater or an off-shoulder top.

white jeans with sneakers

Sneakers are eternally trendy and they can never go out of style.

Whatever you pair with your sneakers will always look good on you, especially your white jeans!

The white jeans and sneakers combo is always a classic.

You can wear it for hangouts, going to the movies, attending school, traveling to other places, or even as your everyday wear.

What’s more amazing with sneakers is that you will never have to suffer any foot aches when you wear them.

For the people who want to feel comfortable and still look super stylish, try wearing your sneakers and your white jeans together.

Cut-out Heels

If your goal is to make everyone notice your footwear along with your white jeans, now is the time to grab your cut-out heels.

Your cut-out heels have enough design to make your jeans and shoes stand out.

It can also give a pretty bold and striking contrast to your white jeans.

Black cut-out heels with little ribbons on the back will look perfect with a pair of skinny white jeans.

Top it with a blouse or a fitted shirt and you’re ready to turn lots of heads.

Chunky Shoes

For the women who are feeling bold and daring, a pair of chunky shoes would look good with your white jeans.

Chunky shoes are big, giving your white jeans a bold character, especially if they fit perfectly with your legs and thighs.

This combo is mostly worn with a crop top or an oversized T-shirt tucked in front of your jeans.

The chunky shoes and white jeans combo can give off a rugged street style look.