What Shoes to Wear with Straight Leg Pants?

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There are times when we can’t decide what to wear for the day.

So we grab whatever wardrobe is on top of our drawers and save the styling for later.

But have you tried working on an outfit using straight leg pants?

If you don’t, then it’s the perfect time to do so!

You will surely realize how awesome and versatile straight leg pants are once you wear them.

But now that you have your straight leg pants on, you’re suddenly caught in a dilemma on what shoes to wear with straight leg pants.

Shoes for Straight Leg Pants

Now that you have finally decided to wear your straight leg pants, it’s time for you to complete your look with the right pair of shoes.

Straight leg pants with boots

Your straight leg pants can go with any type of boots if you just know how to style them.

But, nothing beats the fact that straight leg pants and ankle boots would make the best pair.

Uh-huh. You read that right.

Straight leg pants and ankle boots? Definitely a classic.

Ankle boots are the easiest footwear to style with straight leg pants.

Why? Because you won’t have to worry whether you should tuck in the hem of your pants or tuck it out of your boots.

This combo is perfect for the winter and the fall season since it can keep you warm and fuzzy all day and night.

Ankle boots are also perfect to pair with straight leg pants.

They can easily maximize the look of your elongated legs by adding extra height using your boots’ heels.

You can wear these outfit choices for casual or formal setups too.


Another popular wardrobe combo is the straight leg pants and pumps with heels pairing.

These two will always be a classic and will be eternally trendy no matter what era it is.

Aside from that, pumps with heels can give your straight leg pants a rather sophisticated and very stylish look.

You can wear these two when going to work for a more professional look, or during coffee dates to give off real chic vibes.

You also don’t have to worry about which color of pumps you should choose to wear.

Any color would look good with your straight leg pants.


Sneakers are a woman’s best friend.

With a pair of sneakers on, a woman can go wherever she pleases.

If you want to have a completely laid-back and more casual look, opt for a pair of sneakers with straight leg pants.

Straight leg pants and sneakers are the perfect balance between a casual and a preppy look.

What’s more, is that your sneakers are super comfortable.

So you can totally walk around with your straight leg pants all day and night.

You can also take advantage of the versatility of your straight leg pants by wearing them with different styles of sneakers.

If you want to have a cool and edgy look, go for straight leg pants and a high-cut sneakers combo.

And if you want to look a little bold and chic, try wearing straight leg pants with chunky sneakers.

You can also give off a real sporty and cute look by pairing your straight leg pants with trainer sneakers.

Basically, any kind of sneakers would look amazing with your straight leg pants.

Ballet Flats

Do you want to have a really feminine and delicate look with a pair of straight leg pants on?

Why not wear them together with your ballet flats!

Since ballet flats don’t have any heels, they are super comfortable to wear all day and night.

Moreover, they show off most of your feet giving you a slim and very slender look.

You can also wear your straight leg pants and ballet flats during any occasion.

This type of footwear is intended for both casual and formal setups.

Topping this outfit choice with a lacy top and a blazer and you’re ready to attend your meeting or go to work.

You can also pair these two with a simple tee if you want to look super casual as you sip your coffee with friends.

Ballet flats are made to give all women a delicate and soft look.

So if you want to look really cute and aesthetic, try out this combo.


If you want to look really stylish while feeling comfortable all day, you can try wearing your straight leg pants with a pair of mules.

Mules are the perfect footwear for any event.

And when you decide to wear your mules together with straight leg pants, your legs would easily have a more elongated look.

Straight leg pants and mules are also very trendy nowadays and they can be surely worn during any type of weather.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are the ultimate feminine footwear.

I believe all women deserve a pair of kitten heels in their wardrobes.

When you wear your kitten heels with a pair of straight leg pants, you can easily give off a real chic and super sexy appeal.

Although this outfit idea is hard to pull off sometimes since there is a tendency that the edges of your straight leg pants will bunch upwards.

So to avoid wardrobe malfunctions like this one, opt for straight leg pants that reach under the heel of your shoes instead.

Slingback sandals

If you want to look very stylish and feminine, you can try wearing your straight leg pants with a pair of slingback sandals.

Slingback sandals are very comfortable and they can look exceptionally stunning with your straight leg pants.

This type of footwear is always on point no matter what the occasion is.

Moreover, they can be worn during most warm weather to avoid killing yourself with the heat.

These two are a versatile and truly fashionable pairing.

So if you want to look elegant and casual at the same time, slingback sandals together with your straight leg pants would do the trick.

Oxford shoes

Some women may think that oxford shoes are too masculine.

Surprisingly, wearing them together with straight leg pants would let you think otherwise.

Oxford shoes and straight leg pants are a classic pair that can give you a very smart and classy look.

No one can deny the fact that wearing your straight leg pants together with your oxfords can also give your outfit a more put-together look.

Now if you want to look professional and at the same time give off a cute schoolgirl vibe, wear your oxfords and your straight leg pants.

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