What Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dress?

Blonde woman wearing Sequin Dress
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Repeat after me, any woman deserves a sequin dress in their wardrobe.

Women like me love to think that sequin dresses are reserved for special occasions.

And since they barely get out of the closet, once you wear them you will have to do your best in making your sequin dress shine.

And to achieve that goal, you will have to find the right footwear to help your sequin dress steal the spotlight.

What Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dress

Sequin dresses are one of the most glamorous and elegant dresses ever made.

They are bound to make any woman shine and look the best when wearing them.

Most sequin dresses are worn during special events like evenings or holiday parties.

Now that you have finally made up your mind by wearing your sequin dress, it’s time for you to go to the next important step.

Sequin dress with boots

Boots and sequin dresses come a long way together.

They have been partners ever since sequin dresses were made.

And surprisingly, they work pretty well and are a timeless combo.

Believe it or not, every woman has tried matching their sequin dress with a pair of boots.

If you want to make a statement with your dress and your footwear, opt for a pair of boots.

Sequin dress with thigh-high boots

Let’s start with the most amazing footwear you can pair with your sequin dress, the thigh-high boots.

Thigh-high boots can make your sequin dress become the center of attention.

Which makes them perfect for any casual and formal events.

This type of footwear is perfect for holiday parties or when going to the bar with a mini-length sequin dress.

Metallic-colored thigh-high boots can catch anyone’s attention when paired with a sequin dress.

But if you want to look intimidating and gorgeous, opt for black-colored thigh-high boots.

Sequin dress with cowboy boots

Another type of boots that can make a strong and striking contrast with a sequin dress is the combat boots.

You can show off your tougher and more adventurous side when you decide to wear these two outfits together.

The cowboy boots can create a rugged character to your sequin dress that pretty much makes your dress stand out.

You can wear them for family get-togethers or semi-formal events with your colleagues.

Matching this look with light jewelry can also level up your whole attire.

Sequin dress with ankle boots

If thigh-high boots can work well with a sequin dress, then so can your ankle boots.

Ankle boots are known to be very versatile and can make any outfit look more chic and elegant.

You can show off the classiest side of your sequin dress with a pair of ankle boots.

Ankle boots with low heels or stiletto heels can be worn during formal parties and can make your sequin dress look stunning.

Sequin dress with peep-toe boots

Another classic pair of boots that can make any sequin dress look even better is the peep-toe boots.

Peep-toe boots with strappy styles are the best choice when going to the bar or if you want to catch many eyes during a party.

It’s a well-known fact that peep-toe boots can expose some of your feet.

This can create a refreshing and chic look when worn together with a mini-length or midi-length sequin dress.

Sequin dress with heels

If your boots can level up the look of your sequin dress, your heels can do much as well.

In fact, most sequin dresses are paired with heels.

From block heels to stiletto heels, any type of heels can create an amazing look when matched with a sequin dress.

Sequin dress with pointed-toe stilettos

Pointed-toe stilettos plus a sequin dress scream nothing but pure elegance and class.

If you want to attend parties or go on a romantic date with your partner, this combo can be the best choice for you.

Seeing a lady wearing a sequin dress and a pair of pointed-toe stilettos can make anyone’s knees go weak.

There is a reason why pointed-toe stilettos are mostly worn during evening parties.

And it’s because they can catch many eyes that easily.

Sequin dress with pumps

Pumps can also make a sequin dress look sophisticated and gorgeous.

This pair of shoes can also bring out the most feminine look for any sequin dress.

Pumps are mostly paired with sleeveless sequin dresses.

You can complete this look by carrying a small purse that can match the color of your footwear.

Sequin dress with wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are perfect for any evening party.

A pair of wedge sandals would look exceptionally good with a sequin dress.

Moreover, it can make any woman feel comfortable all night long.

Since wedges have block heels, they can give a nice and calm accent to a sequin dress with spaghetti straps and are mini in length.

This combo is best worn when attending parties.

Sequin dress with ankle-strap heels

Of course, any sequin dress would look truly aesthetic and chic when paired with ankle-strap heels.

Ankle-strap heels are made to make every woman show off their feminine side.

If you want to give character to your long-sleeved sequin dress, you can opt for a pair of ankle-strap heels.

Sequin dress with cut-out heels

Cut-out heels can make such a perfect and striking contrast with a sequin dress.

It can give a woman a sexy look that no one can ever resist.

If you want to look cuter and pleasing to the eyes, cut-out heels with thinner straps will do the trick.

And if you want to look bolder and put some edge to your outfit, wider straps will work just as good as well.

Sequin dress with sneakers

“Can you match a sequin dress with a pair of sneakers?”

Sequin dresses can fit with any kind of footwear, even a pair of sneakers.

Although you have to be careful when pairing them with high-cut sneakers or chunky sneakers.

For a safer approach, opt for low-cut sneakers with white or neutral tones.

Now I know I said that sequin dresses are made for formal events only.

But if you really want to wear them like going to work or hanging out, who can stop you from looking stylish and chic, right?

Just make sure not to overdo your entire outfit or you will look overdressed.

When going to work, you can top your sequin dress with a blazer or a coat to give it a more minimalistic vibe.

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