What Shoes to Wear with Rompers?

Shoes to Wear with Rompers
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Rompers are super chic and stylish.

I have a few of them in my wardrobe reserved for casual hangouts and formal gatherings.

There are different kinds of rompers.

From long-sleeves to sleeveless, lacy or stripes!

And since rompers come in many styles, finding the right shoes to wear with rompers is quite a challenge.

What Shoes to Wear with Rompers

Choosing the perfect shoes to wear with romper depends on the occasion you are attending.

Getting coffee with friends with rompers on will need a different footwear choice then if you are going to attend a wedding.

That’s why I’m here to help you choose the right footwear to match your rompers.

Romper with booties

Ankle boots with rompers (being very similar to booties) are also a classic pair you can try.

This footwear choice is perfect for both casual and formal setups.

You can wear your rompers with a pair of ankle boots/booties when strolling the mall with your friends.

Or you can also wear your booties and your rompers when attending birthday parties.

An off-shoulder romper would look perfect with stiletto-heeled ankle boots/booties.

Moreover, accessorizing this pair is super easy.

You can add some light jewelry and you would give off such a stylish and classy look.

Romper with thigh high boots

Personally, romper and a pair of thigh high boots is one of my favorite combos!

This combo is super stylish and sexy, and can make a woman look more elegant.

Thigh high boots with rompers can easily bring you from a coffee date to a girl’s night out with just a snap.

And if you decide to pair your rompers with thigh high boots that have stiletto heels, you would look more sophisticated.

Thigh high boots would look perfect with long-sleeved rompers with a V-neck style to add give off more sex appeal.

Rompers with cowboy boots

Now, if you want to show off some of your tougher and bolder sides, you can wear your rompers with cowboy boots.

The rugged look of your cowboy boots can give a perfect contrast with your rompers.

This can balance the style of any romper, giving it a simpler and more laid-back look, if your goal isn’t to stand out.

Spaghetti-strap rompers would look absolutely dashing with a pair of cowboy boots.

You can complete this look with some bracelets and loop earrings to show off some feminine sides.

Romper with sneakers

If you want to look more casual and relaxed, wear your rompers with a pair of sneakers.

White sneakers are the best footwear choice since they can fit with any style of rompers.

Sneakers can make your romper look more cool and simple.

It can also be worn during most casual events like going to the mall or watching movies.

With your rompers and your white sneakers on, you will look presentable and fashionable anywhere you go.

Romper with sandals

For the ultimate casual and dressy look, go for a pair of sandals.

Rompers and sandals go all the way and can fit with any occasion.

Be it formal events like wedding ceremonies or casual setups like having brunch with your friends.

Any type of sandals can go well with your rompers.

If you have spaghetti-strap rompers, you can pair them with tall gladiator sandals to give your outfit character.

If you have short-sleeved rompers, matching them with a pair of T-strap sandals would totally give you a sexy and chic look.

Basically, any type of sandals can fit with different varieties of rompers.

It all depends on the occasion or the style you want to achieve.

Romper with wedges

Of all the heels with romper ideas, wedges are the most comfortable footwear choice.

Since wedges have block heels, you can flaunt your romper all day and night without an aching foot.

You can wear these two during evening gatherings.

Or perhaps going on a date with your partner.

Wedges and rompers can also give you a super elegant and classy look.

You can also attend birthday parties with a pair of wedges on and your floral rompers.

This outfit would be super perfect for the warmer seasons, especially during summer!

You can complete this outfit with round sunglasses and light jewelry like a silver necklace perhaps.

Romper with flats

Do you want to achieve your most ladylike and feminine version?

Why not try wearing your rompers with a pair of flats.

Ballerina flats, for example, is the best kind of footwear to wear with your rompers if you want to look delicate and soft.

Since ballerina flats have no heels, you can go anywhere you want with this footwear on.

They are super comfortable and they can complete the dressy and chic look of your rompers.


Now, if you want to wear rompers for work, loafers can also be in handy.

A pair of loafers can make your rompers look more smart and professional.

You can top this outfit with a blazer to make your outfit look cleaner and more put-together.

Add some light jewelry like a gold necklace or your watch and you’re ready to face work with style!


Another work-ready or business meetings-ready kind of outfit is the romper with mules.

Just like your loafers, mules can give your outfit a relaxed and very work-appropriate appeal.

Pointed-toe mules and square-toe mules are the perfect choices if you want to go to work with a pair of rompers on.

Of course, rompers that aren’t too short would look best when going to work.

And topping this outfit with a coat or a blazer would add to your professional and stylish aura.


Another super stylish wardrobe choice would be the rompers with oxfords combo.

Yes, you can wear your rompers with a pair of oxford shoes.

I know that some of you might think that oxfords are too masculine to look at.

But trust me, pairing them with rompers would give off a very feminine and stylish look.

Want to attend business meetings with your rompers?

Matching it with your oxfords would give your outfit more character and professionalism.

Wearing these two wardrobe choices together will give you an elegant and schoolgirl type of look.