What Shoes to Wear with Red Dress?

Shoes to Wear with Red Dress
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Hey there, since you’re here you’re probably thinking about what kind of shoes to wear with a red dress.

Luckily, I know just how to help you.

Anywhere you go, a red dress is sure to draw a lot of attention.

It’s bold, elegant, and can take you to a higher level of style and sophistication.

What Shoes to Wear with Red Dress?

If you want to simply outshine everyone and make all heads turn, wearing a red dress would do the trick.

Since red is bold and elegant, finding the right footwear to complete this look is a must.

I recommend all ladies who are planning to wear a red dress during an event to choose the right shoes to wear with red dress.

After all, a simple shoe can either make or ruin your entire look.

Check out this list I created to see what type of footwear would best fit your red dress.

Red dress with heels

Red dress with heels

For the perfect formal setup, a red dress paired with heels would be the best choice.

Although there are a wide variety of heels, not all of them would look good with your red dress.

That’s why choosing the right type of heels is very important.

If you want to look feminine and super elegant during evening parties, opt for pointed-toe pumps or stilettos.

If you are planning to attend wedding ceremonies or business meetings with a red dress, ankle-strap heels would be a nice choice.

Your ankle-strap heels are chic and classy enough to balance the look of your red dress so it wouldn’t stand out that much.

Wedges would also be the right footwear choice for evening parties or date nights that would go all night.

They are comfortable and easy to wear.

Red dress with boots

Red dress with boots

Matching your red dress with boots is also a nice idea.

But just like your heels, you will have to choose the right type of boots that can go well with your red dress.

A red dress with cowboy boots would be perfect if you want to show off your tough and bold side.

Meanwhile, ankle boots with a red dress will give you a classy and elegant look.

Thigh high boots and a red bodycon dress would be perfect for your girl’s night out where you want to look sexy and fabulous.

Knee high boots and your red dress is also perfect for the colder seasons if you want to feel warm yet look stylish still.

Basically, almost all types of boots would look good with a red dress.

Just make sure that you are wearing your dress with the right style and accessories.

red dress with sandals

red dress with sandals

If you want to look casual and dressy at the same time, wearing your red dress with a pair of sandals would do the trick.

Sandals are the perfect footwear choice for ladies who want to feel comfortable yet still look super stylish and chic.

Flat-styled sandals, T-strap sandals, or even your gladiator sandals would look perfect with your red dress.

Just like your boots, you will have to be careful when styling this wardrobe choice.

For example, if you want to look simple and classy, a pair of T-strap sandals would be the best match for your flowing maxi red dress.

Now, if you want to look hot and chic, go for tall gladiator sandals and a mini-bodycon red dress.

All in all, wearing your red dress with a pair of sandals would depend on the look you want to achieve as well as the occasion you are planning to attend.

red dress with Sneakers

red dress with Sneakers

You might think that all red dresses are made for evening parties only.

But honestly, there are also red dresses which are made to match with a pair of sneakers.

Yes, wearing your red dress with sneakers is also a thing in the fashion world.

Floral flowing red dresses that fall just right above your knees would look perfect with a pair of white canvas sneakers.

Topping this with a denim jacket will give you a stylish and feminine look.

This type of footwear is best used during the fall or the winter seasons.

Now, for the warmer months, a red maxi dress or hi-low dress would be perfect when paired with sneakers.

This will give you a super comfortable and more laid-back look.


Want to keep things classy during your coffee dates or business meetings?

Your red dress and a pair of espadrilles would help you with that.

A lace red dress with short sleeves and a pair of flat-styled espadrilles would look absolutely elegant and smart.

This type of look is perfect for meetings or going to work.

You can accessorize this outfit choice with a simple necklace and bracelet and you’re ready to go to work with style.


Another type of footwear that is work-ready and would give you a professional look is loafers.

When you pair your loafers with a red dress, you will not just look smart but you will definitely turn lots of heads.

This combination is perfect for casual hangouts or going to work with class.

You can simply wear your favorite sunglasses and carry your sling bag with you to complete this look.


Slides and a red dress? A classic combo.

Perfect for the summer weather, especially when going to the beach, your red dress and a pair of slides is the top combo.

This look will definitely give you a super breezy and feminine look that would show off your most aesthetic features.

You can complete this look with your summer hat and your sunglasses to look even more stylish and classy.

Peep-toe mules

If you are planning to attend formal events with a red dress during the warmer seasons, peep-toe mules would be the best footwear to use.

Since peep-toe mules expose most of your feet, it will give your red dress an airy and chic accent.

This can also balance the color of your red dress which will make it not too hot and flashy during the summer season.

Peep-toe mules are also super comfortable and can give you a very elegant and classy look.