What Shoes to Wear with Pantsuit?

What Shoes to Wear with Pantsuit
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If I want to look sophisticated, intimidating, and strong, I always go for my favorite pantsuit.

Before, pantsuits were only worn for formal events.

But as time passes by, a lot of women have become bolder and want to venture more into the world of fashion.

And one of the results of this bravery is being able to use pantsuits even for casual events.

Even celebs like Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and more love wearing pantsuits when hanging out.

This time, we will talk about the footwear choices you can rock with your pantsuit.

What Shoes to Wear with Pantsuit

Pantsuits are a fashion staple that can give any lady a stylish and strong appeal.

Now, if you’re planning to get your pantsuit out from your closet, it is the best time to choose the perfect shoes to wear with it.

If you don’t know how to, well you’re in luck.

Because I have made a list of the best shoes to wear with your pantsuit.


This one is my favorite pair.

Pantsuits and pumps? Yes, please.

If you’re planning to attend a party with your pantsuits on, pumps would be the best footwear choice.

Pointed-toe pumps with stiletto heels can give your pantsuit a ladylike and sophisticated accent.

This footwear can also easily make your pantsuit stand out among the crowd.

What’s more, is that accessorizing this with light jewelry is super easy.

You can just put on your gold necklace and bracelet and you’re ready to turn lots of heads.

Kitten heels

Now, for the ladies who want to appeal casual yet elegant, here’s an outfit idea for you.

Wearing your pantsuit with a pair of kitten heels would give you that kind of look.

I think every woman should have a pair of kitten heels in their closet.

I believe that this type of footwear can level up the look of any outfit, especially a pantsuit.

You can also wear these two during both casual and formal events.

If you’re aiming for a casual look while sipping coffee with friends, strappy sandals with kitten heels would do the trick.

Now if you’re planning to go to work with style and class, make sure to wear pointed-toe kitten heels with your pantsuit.

Add your favorite handbag and put on your sunglasses and you’re ready to turn up the heat wherever you go.


I have seen lots of women, especially celebrities, wear this type of footwear with their pantsuits.

At first, it’s quite absurd pairing your pantsuit with simple sneakers.

But when I tried it out myself, I realized how lovely and fashionable they look together.

What’s more is that both of them complement each other well, giving you the perfect comfortable and laid-back look.

You can also wear them anytime and anywhere you like without suffering from an aching foot.

It doesn’t matter what type of sneakers you wear with a pantsuit because they all look lovely together.

Chunky sneakers would look best with your pantsuit if you want to look bold and adventurous.

On the contrary, a canvas sneaker would look best with your pantsuit if you want to look cozy and stylish.


Another type of footwear that can give your pantsuit a very professional and smart look would be the loafers.

Loafers are elegant and classy.

What’s more, is that they are super versatile which means they can fit with any outfit and style.

Now, if you want to give your pantsuit the smartest and most sophisticated look, pair it with loafers.

This outfit idea is perfect when going to work with style to look more professional and put together.

You can also wear your pants and loafers if you want to stroll around town with your friends to feel more comfortable.

Platform shoes

To maximize the look of your pantsuit, opt for a pair of platform shoes.

Platform shoes of any style would totally give your pantsuit a dashing and striking appearance.

Since your platform shoes have high heels, they can add more height to your frame and easily give the spotlight to your pantsuit.

They are perfect if you want to make a statement with your whole attire.

If you’re feeling a little extra and bold, wear your pantsuit with platform shoes with flashy colors.

Heeled boots

Like your platform shoes, heeled boots would make a statement with any pantsuit.

This type of footwear would look best when paired with pants suits that fall just between your knee and your feet.

You can wear this wardrobe choice anytime as long as you are confident and you know how to carry your outfit.

Accessorizing this with bold accessories like choker necklaces and wristbands would give you a cool but edgy look.


Of course, this post will never end without me mentioning your mules and your pantsuit.

Like the loafers, mules are perfect for ladies who are planning to achieve a professional and stylish look.

Mules are versatile and they can look good with any outfit, especially with a pantsuit.

You can level up the look of your whole outfit when you wear your mules with kitten heels.

You can wear them for work, hangouts, or even going out for a romantic date with someone you love!

That’s how good looking these two would look together.


Now, this type of footwear is kind of tricky to wear with a pantsuit.

But with the right guide, you will soon be rocking your pantsuit with the right type of sandals.

If you want to look chic and feminine, wear your pantsuit with a pair of ankle-strap sandals.

This can give your outfit a very nice and soft accent.

Cut out sandals with little heels can also look good with your pantsuit.

They are perfect when going to work or attending weddings and meetings.

This will give you a bold yet very classy look that will surely turn lots of heads.

You can level up your whole appearance by completing this outfit idea with pearl earrings and your designer handbag.