What Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans?

Lady in mom jeans and pink sweater
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Paying homage to the popular early 90’s look, mom jeans are now becoming a huge trend again.

As a woman, I own plenty of different types of jeans.

Jeans are very flexible and can fit any occasion.

They are also easy to style and can go with any situation.

But none of them are as stylish as when I wore my mom jeans.

Mom jeans are a classic and are very stylish when worn with the right pair of shoes.

What Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Like almost all types of jeans, mom jeans can be worn with any top.

Still, finding the right shoes to wear with mom jeans is vital.

That’s why I have prepared a list of the best shoes to wear with mom jeans.

Mom jeans with boots

For the ladies who want to know what kind of boots can go with their mom jeans, this one’s for you.

Mom jeans can go with any kind of boots.

From ankle boots to knee-high boots, any boots will do.

Combat boots with mom jeans

To start with our bold choice, combat boots can go really well with your mom jeans.

The chunky look of your combat boots can give a striking contrast with your jeans.

Dark brown combat boots with faded blue mom jeans are the most popular wardrobe choice of all.

This look is eternally trendy and very comfortable as well.

With your mom jeans on and your pair of combat boots, you can easily be a super mom.

Mom jeans with ankle boots

Another classic go-to type of shoe when wearing your mom jeans is the ankle boots.

This type of outfit is timeless and can go with any occasion.

You can wear this when fetching your child from school or going out for a coffee with your friends.

Ankle boots are best worn with mom jeans that have a longer helm.

They are super stylish, especially the leather ones, and they can never go out of style.

Knee-high boots with mom jeans

Now, for the ladies out there that want to give off a super fabulous look, here’s the best footwear you can use to go with your mom jeans.

The knee-high boots and mom jeans combo is always a head-turner.

Although most of your jeans are hidden because of the length of your boots.

Nevertheless, it can still give a pretty bold and sophisticated accent to your overall appearance.

Most women tend to top this outfit with a long-sleeved turtleneck.

Mom jeans with heels

Who says moms can’t rock those heels?

Wearing your mom jeans and your heeled shoes together would bring back your youthful days.

Actually, any heeled shoes would look great with your mom jeans, if you ask me.


A pair of pumps would look lovely with your mom jeans.

Not to mention that they can go with any event.

Whether you’re going for a date, to the movies, or any kind of “after dark” occasion.

Pumps can give you a very chic look.

You can either choose pumps with ankle-straps or a cut-out style.

Actually, any type would look great with your mom jeans.

Personally, I highly recommend wearing those pointed-toe pumps to give your look more elegance and class.


Who would not love the elegant and classy vibe stilettos can give to your mom jeans?

Matching your mom jeans with a pair of stilettos can totally make a statement as you walk along the streets.

Stilettos and mom jeans are a perfect combo when attending semi-formal events such as birthdays and school meetings.

Kitten heels

If you want to bring out the most feminine vibes with your mom jeans, pair them with your kitten heels.

Kitten heels when worn with mom jeans look super stylish and edgy.

They can give your mom jeans a very youthful and smart look.

Kitten-heeled sling-backs would look great with your mom jeans plus a plain white shirt.

Light accessories like a necklace or a bracelet would be enough to complete this look.

Mom jeans with sandals

Let’s not forget that sandals can also go well with your mom jeans.

Sandals and mom jeans are perfect for a summer getaway with your family.

Strappy Sandals

For a minimal and warmer look, go for the mom jeans and strappy sandals combo.

This outfit is perfect for any kind of season but most especially during summer.

If you plan on going to the park with your family, opt for a pair of strappy sandals with thinner bands.

They are very comfortable – perfect for running after your kids.

For the top, a pair of lacy blouses is enough to give you a refreshing and youthful look.

Wedge Sandals

Another type of sandals that’s perfect for your mom jeans is wedge sandals.

You can count on these shoes to bring you comfort as you do some grocery shopping or stroll the mall.

Neutral-toned or brown-colored wedge sandals are the most popular color choice that can go with your mom jeans.

For warmer seasons, you can rock your mom jeans with those open-toe wedge sandals too.


Slides would also be perfect if you want to look more laid-back with your mom jeans.

Slides and mom jeans are mostly worn if you’re just going to visit your local store to at least look more presentable and casual.

They are also super comfortable and expose most of your feet – which is perfect for the hot temperature.

Mom jeans with sneakers

Mom jeans paired with sneakers are perfect for running errands, going out with friends, or traveling with your family.

They are very casual and comfortable and can easily turn you from being a regular mom to a “super cool” mom.

White sneakers

White sneakers are always one of the top shoes that can go well with any jeans – even your mom jeans.

Your white sneakers can give you a lot of choices for your top since white can go with any color.

Wearing a pair of white sneakers can give a solid outline of your legs, making them look elongated through your mom jeans.

This can give you a very feminine and youthful look.

Mom jeans with vans

From summer dresses to your mom jeans, a pair of vans can easily work well with any clothing.

They are a classic and they come in many colors.

They can also complete the 90’s look of your mom jeans – which is still very trendy even today.

A simple crop top or a white tee can go well with your mom jeans and vans.

Chunky sneakers

If you’re feeling quite adventurous and bold, a pair of chunky sneakers can easily make you achieve that look.

It’s also a great contrast to your high-waist mom jeans giving you a very refreshing kind of look.

Adding a piece of simple jewelry or a handbag will make this outfit look complete.

High-cut sneakers

Of course, we can never end this post without the most classic pairing.

High-cut sneakers and mom jeans are a total crowd favorite.

Personally, these two are also my go-to outfit whenever or wherever I go.

The high-cut of your sneakers gives a very stylish character to the ends of your mom jeans.

You can style your mom jeans by cuffing the ends upwards to make everyone see your footwear.

Or you can also let your jeans pool on top of your high-cut shoes for an edgier look.