What Shoes to Wear with Mini Skirt?

Woman in mini skirt with no shoes
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Mini skirts will never go out of style.

Although most women associate them with sexy party getups, there are many ways to style your mini skirt.

For me, mini skirts are most especially trendy during the summer and the spring season.

Why? Simply because they are perfect for the hot weather and they can bring out your most feminine look.

But even though mini skirts are easy to style, deciding what shoes to wear with mini skirt can be quite tricky.

Shoes to Wear with Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are hard to pull off, mostly because they are intended to make a woman look younger and carefree.

That’s why adult women tend to steer away from them.

But really, if you know how to pull these off with the right top and footwear, you would look lovely in these.

So here I am going to help you decide what type of shoes to wear with mini skirts.

Mini skirt with sneakers

Mini skirt with sneakers

If we’re talking about mini skirts, what’s the first footwear that comes into your mind?

Yup. You guessed that right.

It’s no other than the most classic pair of shoes that goes pretty well with mini skirts, the sneakers.

Sneakers and mini skirts have a long history together.

They are the most go-to outfit of any lady and they fit perfectly well with each other.

These two can easily bring you from casual brunch to picnic dates with just a few adjustments to your top.

They are super comfortable to wear and can take a woman anywhere she wants.

If you want to look comfortable and super chic, go for a pair of sneakers and a mini skirt.

You can also complete this wardrobe choice with any top depending on the style you want to achieve.

If you want to look laid-back and casual, opt for a statement shirt.

Crop tops and hanging shirts would also be perfect for a completely chic and stylish appeal.

Mini skirts and high heels

Mini skirts and high heels

Of course, mini skirts and high heels are also a classic combo.

Women who like to associate mini skirts with parties would always pair their outfits with high heels.

If you plan on attending formal events and want to turn lots of heads, opt for a pair of heels.

Pointed-toe pumps

If you want to look super sexy and elegant with your mini skirt, pointed-toe pumps would be the best choice.

Pumps with stiletto heels are even better since they can give you a sophisticated look as well.

You can wear your mini skirt and pumps for work or business meetings.

Topping this with a blazer would give you a really smart and professional appearance.


Mini skirts with Wedges

For the ladies who want to achieve a feminine and stylish appearance, wearing your mini skirt with wedges would look amazing.

Mini skirts and wedges are perfect for the ladies who want to show off their most ladylike features.

This outfit is also very easy to accessorize.

You can just put on some light jewelry and a simple handbag and you’re good to go.

Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels when worn together with a mini skirt would give you a very elegant and classy look.

Although it’s simple and minimal, it can complement your mini skirt well.

You can wear ankle strap heels with mini skirts for work or attending formal events like weddings and birthdays.

You can never go wrong with these two.

Mini skirts and boots

Another stylish duo that you all don’t want to miss would be the mini skirts and boots combination.

These two are perfect for the ladies who want to show off their most elegant side.

You can also wear this combo for both casual and formal setups.

Mini skirt with ankle boots

Mini skirt with ankle boots

Now, if you want to appear super classy and stylish, wear your mini skirt with a pair of ankle boots.

Any style of ankle boots would look super amazing with your mini skirt, especially if you have a leather mini skirt.

They are also perfect during both casual and formal events.

You can wear a mini skirt and flat-style ankle boots when going out with your friends.

You can also match your mini pencil skirt with stiletto-heeled ankle boots if you want to appear professional during work.

Basically, a pair of ankle boots can complement any style of mini skirt well.

You just have to make sure to match it with the right top so your outfit will be on point with the event.

Combat boots

Your combat boots can give a rugged and tough look to your outfit, creating a very striking contrast with your mini skirt.

Leather combat boots would look exceptionally amazing with leather mini skirts.

This will give you a very chic and edgy appearance that would turn heads.

You can top this outfit with a turtleneck shirt or a fitted crop top to look sexier.

Accessorizing this with choker necklaces and bracelets would look totally cool.

Thigh-high boots

mini skirt with Thigh-high boots

This duo is definitely on the top of my favorite list.

Mini skirts and thigh-high boots look super lovely when worn together.

They are the perfect combination if you want to look elegant, classy, and super hot.

Since thigh-high boots are long, they can easily maximize the length of your mini skirt.

You can top this with any type of top depending on the event you want to attend.

A mini skirt and a pair of thigh-high boots topped with a leather jacket would look super stylish on you.

It’s also the perfect outfit choice if you want to look fashionable during the winter and fall season.


You might think that this idea is quite absurd.

But believe it or not, mini skirts would look super feminine when worn with a pair of oxfords.

Yes, some ladies may think that oxfords look too masculine.

But wearing it together with a mini skirt would let you say otherwise.

If you want to achieve a schoolgirl type of look, wear your mini skirt with a pair of oxfords.

They are super chic and very trendy as well.


mini skirt with sandals

If you want to achieve a look that is in between stylish and dressy, your mini skirt and sandals would help you with that.

Any type of sandals would complement your mini skirt well.

It doesn’t matter if you have flat-styled sandals, T-strap sandals, or even tall gladiator sandals.

All of which would give a very delicate and feminine look when worn together with your mini skirt.

You can wear it for casual hangouts, going to work, romantic date nights, and even going to the club with your friends.

Just make sure to put on a top that can match your theme well.