What Shoes to Wear with Long Skirt?

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As a woman, I live by the saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

That’s why I always make sure to pair my long skirt with the right kind of shoes.

Sure, long skirts can set up really romantic and relaxing vibes for any woman.

But we also don’t want to look monotonous by wearing the same shoes again and again.

So to help the ladies out there, I made a list of the best footwear you can style with your long skirt.

What Shoes to Wear with Long Skirt

Not knowing what pair of shoes to match your long skirt can be challenging without the right help.

Do you want to look casual or semi-formal?

Are you going for a preppy or mysterious vibe?

Long skirts can be used for any kind of event.

But to complete your look, you will need the right footwear.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals can effortlessly match with any kind of skirt, especially long ones.

Aside from that, wearing your flat sandals and your long skirt can give you a natural bohemian vibe.

If you have a soft flowing kind of long skirt, you can pair it up with thin-strapped sandals.

On the other hand, long skirts that are form-fitting can do well with sandals with wider bands.

Always make sure to choose flat sandals that don’t have too flashy designs or you will ruin your soft vibes.

Also, these two sandals would be perfect when strolling the beach or having a picnic date.

Open-toe Heels

Ready for a summer getup?

Open-toe heels and long skirts are the best summer outfit.

The open-toe design of this kind of footwear can give a really stylish and relaxed look with your long skirt.

Not to mention that open-toe heels are very ideal for the warm season.

Your open-toe heels and your long skirt are a great combination for some Instagram-ready pictures.

Wedge Sandals

When it comes to being the favorite footwear during summer, nothing can beat wedge sandals.

Sometimes, wedge sandals and long skirts can be hard to pull off.

But with the right style and accessories, you will surely set a new trend.

You can try wearing your wedges with a flowing or a long skirt that has a slight slit at one end to give off a real feminine vibe.

Neutral-colored wedges or those that have darker hues can match with any long skirt.

As for the accessories, your favorite summer sunglasses will totally complement this look.

Long Skirt With Sneakers

The classic sneaker plus long skirt idea is one of my go-to outfits.

There’s just something perfect when seeing someone wearing a long skirt with sneakers on.

Long skirts and sneakers just match each other so well.

You can definitely wear them when going to the movies or traveling since they are very comfortable.

If you have a soft-colored long skirt, pair them with sneakers that have brighter colors and vice versa.

But if you aren’t too sure about the color of your skirt, white sneakers will always do the trick.


Another summer weather favorite is the espadrilles.

Whether you have flat-styled or high-heeled espadrilles, these shoes can never go wrong with a long skirt.

They are ‘The’ shoes for long skirts.

Wearing them together will immediately turn lots of heads.

If you have flat-styled espadrilles, make sure to show off just a little bit of your legs.

This is to make everyone see that you’re not wearing slippers.

But if your skirt is too long, opt for high-heeled espadrilles.

You can match the color of your espadrilles with either your skirt or your top.

Just make sure not to wear those flashy colored ones.

maxi skirt with boots

Boots are super stylish when paired with a long skirt.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing ankle boots or high-thigh boots as long as it has heels to show off your footwear.

Boots and long skirts are great for welcoming and exiting the winter season.

You can give character to this outfit by pairing it with a tank top and a denim or leather jacket to give off a bold look.

And if you plan to wear this outfit during the warmer season, a long skirt and an off-shoulder top will look totally good with your heeled boots.

Pointed-toe Stilettos

Set up a sophisticated and stylish look by pairing your long flowing skirt with a pair of pointed-toe stilettos.

Others may think that pointed-toe stilettos and a long skirt just don’t blend well with each other.

But if you make sure to choose the right top and accessories then you will surely look perfect.

Long skirts that have a soft and flowing style plus pointed-toe stilettos can match well with a floral long-sleeved top.

A form-fitting long skirt can also be paired with a plain long-sleeved blouse if you want to look smart.

When it comes to jewelry, a simple necklace can make it just right.

Maxi skirt and pumps

When you are planning to go for a date or a meeting, you can never go wrong with a pair of pumps and long skirts.

You can style your long skirt by wearing neutral-colored pumps.

This outfit is best paired with a plain long-sleeved turtleneck that hugs your figure really well.

Put on some light jewelry and you’re ready to make your date’s jaw drop.

Ankle-strap heels

Join the trend with a pair of bright-colored ankle-strap heels and a long skirt.

This combo is super chic and can add a very feminine and aesthetic vibe for you.

If you’re planning to go to an evening party, try wearing a darker shade of ankle-strap heels.

You can also improve your look by adding some light jewelry to give you elegance.

long skirt with combat boots

You can try rocking your long skirt with a pair of dark combat boots.

These two when worn together really give off a sophisticated and strong aura.

If your goal is to make every head turn, this outfit would totally do the trick.

You can also match it with your favorite black crop top and your favorite choker to complete your outfit.

Mary Janes

Mary Janes and long skirts are a match made in heaven kind of outfit.

Usually, this outfit is completed with a pair of lacy socks that can match well with your round-toe Mary Janes.

Pair these with a long-sleeved top and add some accessories like a ribbon and you will become the center of attraction.

White, black, and red Mary Janes always sets off a trend.

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