What Shoes to Wear with Leather Skirt?

Shoes to Wear with Leather Skirt
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Every woman knows how hard it is to style a leather skirt.

Although this piece of wardrobe is a clothing staple, without proper outfit ideas you may end up looking hopeless.

But on the brighter side, as long as you know how to match your wardrobe, wearing leather skirts is easy.

For one, leather skirts can be used for both casual gatherings and dressy events.

And if you want to achieve a certain look with this skirt, matching it with the right footwear is a must.

What Shoes to Wear with Leather Skirt?

Leather skirts can give you an edgy look.

But with the appropriate top and right footwear, you can get rid of this aura and look super stylish instead.

If you want to know what is the best footwear to match your leather skirt, feel free to read the list I created below.

Leather skirt with boots

Now, leather skirts and boots have a long history together.

In the fashion world, they are a classic pair that would never go out of style.

Here are some of the best types of boots you can pair with your leather skirts.

Leather skirt and thigh high boots

This combo is perfect during the fall and the winter season.

During the colder months, wearing a leather skirt can be chilly.

So to help yourself warm up a bit, opt for a pair of thigh high boots.

Your thigh high boots are high enough to cover most of your legs and thighs.

Now, you can stay warm with class and style!

What’s more, is that thigh high boots can give the edgy look of your leather skirts a sexier accent.

Leather skirt and ankle boots

For the ladies who want to look super chic and elegant, wearing your leather skirt with ankle boots would be perfect.

If your leather skirt and thigh high boots would look daring and sexy, ankle boots and leather skirts are more of a conservative pair.

These two when worn together would give you an absolutely feminine and classy look.

You can pair it with a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt and top it with a leather or denim jacket.

Now, accessorizing this outfit with a silver or gold necklace would look super stylish.

Leather skirt and combat boots

Matching your leather skirt with a pair of combat boots would be a bold and stylish choice.

The rugged look of your combat boots would simply complement the edgy look of your leather skirts.

This outfit would create a perfect combination of a girly and rough look.

These two can be worn during casual setups like hanging out with friends.

Or you can also top this with a blazer or coat to look more professional and ready for work.

Leather skirt with sneakers

Now, if you want to look simply comfortable and fashionable, opt for a pair of sneakers.

Any type of sneakers would look awesome with leather skirts.

What’s more, these two can be worn on any occasion.

You can wear a pencil type of leather skirt and a pair of sneakers for work.

Topping this with a long-sleeved button-down shirt or a lacy top would give you a very professional and classy look.

Now, leather skirts with sneakers would also look beautiful with a tank top and a leather jacket.

You can simply carry your handbag with you to complete this outfit.

Leather skirt and heels

If you want to look sophisticated and stylish with your leather skirt, you better pair it with heels.

Any heeled footwear from wedges to stilettos would definitely look good with your leather skirt.

But be mindful when it comes to the top you are choosing.

Sometimes, your top wouldn’t match well with your leather skirt and footwear choice, totally ruining your whole attire.

For example, basic stiletto-heeled pumps with pointed-toes and a leather skirt would give you a prim and professional look.

Topping it with a lacy top or a button-down shirt would be perfect for formal setups like meetings.

Wearing your leather skirt with cut-out heels would also give you an edgy and bold look.

If you decide to top it with a crop top or a spaghetti strap tank, then you’re super ready for some girl’s night out.

All in all, leather skirts and heels can give you different styles depending on the look you want to achieve.


Wearing sandals with a leather skirt can be quite tricky.

This time, you will need to make sure to wear the proper type of sandals that can make your look, and not ruin it.

If you want to look laid-back and comfortable, opt for sandals with thin ankle straps.

This will give a delicate accent to your leather skirt.

Now if you want to look bold and adventurous, pairing your leather skirt with gladiator sandals would give you that appeal.

Accessorizing this would only need you some light jewelry like a necklace or bracelets.


The leather skirt and oxford shoe combo are some of my favorite go-to outfits.

For me, oxfords are not masculine.

Instead, they can give your outfit a very chic and stylish look.

As long as you know what top to pair with it and the right accessories that can complete your look.

Oxfords and leather skirts can also be worn during work or going to school.

This would give you a very feminine and ladylike feature that would surely turn some heads.

Ballet flats

Now, for the type of footwear that can give you a super delicate and soft vibe, go for a pair of ballet flats.

Wearing your midi-length leather skirt with a pair of ballet flats would definitely show off your most feminine side.

Moreover, this wardrobe choice is perfect for both casual and formal setups.

You can wear it at work.

Topping this with a cardigan or blazer or just a simple polo shirt would give you a professional and smart look.

Now, if you prefer wearing ballet flats while strolling the mall, you can simply top it with a tee or a lacy top.

Tuck in your tee inside your leather skirt and you’re ready to rock.