What Shoes To Wear With Leather Jacket?

Shoes To Wear With Leather Jacket
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Leather jackets are a fashion staple that women love to wear.

This type of wardrobe can fit with anything as long as you know how to style it.

But, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right footwear with your leather jacket.

After all, wearing the wrong kind of shoes would still ruin its look.

What Shoes To Wear With Leather Jacket

As a woman, I love wearing leather jackets.

They are not just perfect for any situation but they can also go well with all seasons.

It’s the perfect outerwear for women who love to look super stylish and cool.

Let’s check out the list of the best footwear you can rock with your leather jacket.

Leather jacket and boots

Leather jacket and boots

Starting our list is the most fantastic type of footwear that can go with your leather jacket.

There are many types of boots to choose from.

But you don’t have to worry about that because all of them would look super good with a leather jacket.

Boots and leather jackets would definitely make you rock.

As long as you know what style you are trying to achieve. 

If you want to have the best outerwear during the fall season, wear your midi dress and leather jacket together.

Completing this look with ankle boots that have block heels would look super stylish and chic.

You can also rock your leather jacket with thigh-high boots.

This is the perfect winter getup to give yourself a very cool and sophisticated look.

leather jacket with sneakers

leather jacket with sneakers

Another go-to type of footwear that would look super good with your leather jacket is sneakers.

But, you need to be extra careful when matching your leather jacket with a pair of sneakers.

Sneakers that have too many designs may clash with your leather jacket’s edgy and cool look.

So I suggest wearing sneakers with minimal to no designs.

I would opt for white canvas sneakers when wearing my leather jacket.

This can give me a clean and very preppy look.

Chunky sneakers with a leather jacket and a maxi-length bodycon dress would also give you a very sexy and sporty look.

Completing this outfit with a sports cap and your watch would definitely look super stylish on you.


Yes, flats and leather jackets can still rock well together.

As long as you know what type of flats you would choose to go with your leather jacket.

Believe it or not, I have tried wearing ballet flats with a leather jacket before.

And surprisingly, the two of them can complement each other well.

You can wear your ballet flats with a mini-length dress topped with a leather jacket as I did.

This look can create a look that is between dressy and chic – which is a total head turner!

Complete this look with light jewelry so you won’t overdo your whole outfit.

leather jacket with heels

leather jacket with heels

Heels and leather jacket? A complete package.

Pairing your leather jacket with a pair of heels would give you the ultimate look of sophistication and elegance.

Any type of heels would give such a striking contrast with your leather jacket.

While your leather jacket can give you a bold and tough look, your heels would help tone down this character a bit by giving it a sexy and chic accent.

Your leather jacket and your heels would look best during work or business meetings to give you a very professional and dominant aura.

But you can also wear your leather jacket and your heels during casual dates when the night is chilly and the air is cold.

The trendiest combo today is the spaghetti strap tank paired with a leather pencil skirts top with a leather jacket and ankle strap heels.

This look would give you both an elegant and very chic look that would easily make you the center of attention wherever you go.

But other types of heels would look super classy and fabulous with a leather jacket.

If you want to look chic and smart, go for your kitten heels.

Cut-out heels with stiletto heels would give you the most elegant and classy look as well.

Basically any type of heels would go well with leather jackets.

leather jacket with Sandals

Sandals and leather jackets can also complement each other well.

Just like your ballet flats, the right type of sandals can help tone down the loud and edgy vibe of your leather jacket.

Most women pair their mini bodycon dresses and their leather jacket with tall gladiator sandals when going out with their friends.

This look would give you a classy and bold aura that can easily attract eyes.

Gold jewelry would best fit this type of look.

Now if you want to look completely breezy and cool during the warmer months, you can always tope your maxi dresses with a leather jacket.

Flatform sandals or T-strap sandals would look best with this kind of outfit.


Now if you want to wear something that would give your leather jacket a casual and classy look, opt for your mules.

Mules are perfect for both casual and formal setups.

It is a type of footwear that can give you a look between casual and dressy which is perfect for all events.

You can wear mules and a dress topped with a leather jacket when going to work to give yourself a professional aura.

You can also wear your leather jacket with your jeans when hanging out with friends to give yourself a cool and stylish look.

Mules are the perfect type of footwear to match your leather jacket if you are in doubt about anything else.


For me, the oxford and leather jacket combo is the most perfect pair.

These two, when worn together, can give any lady a very stylish and professional look.

But this look can change depending on what wardrobe you mix with them.

If you are aiming for a schoolgirl and chic look, a dress or mini skirt would look good with your leather jacket and oxfords.

This type of wardrobe would look best when going to school or work.

Your oxfords and your jeans would also look lovely with your leather jacket when you’re out with your friends.

It’s comfortable and very casual.


Loafers and leather jackets are the perfect pair that would look so good in jeans.

This wardrobe choice is perfect for ladies who want to look casual and laid-back.

Loafers and leather jackets can easily take you from a casual brunch to a night with your girlfriends with how versatile they look together.

So if you are in doubt, go for your loafers and your leather jacket.