What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress?

Woman wearing green dress with red shoes
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Do you also agree that green is such an elegant and rich color?

Because if you think so too then now it’s time for you to take out your green dress.

A green dress is very versatile and can be worn on any occasion.

What’s more is that it is perfect during all seasons, especially when attending holiday parties.

Now if you’re wondering what shoes would go well with your green dress, then you found the right guide.

What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress


Your pumps are the most classic pair of shoes to wear with your green dress.

Whether you are attending a formal event or a casual hangout with your friends, pumps are always the answer.

From kitten-heeled pumps to stiletto pumps, all of these can fit well with a green dress.

Although you need to be very careful when pairing the right color of pumps to go with your green dress.

A green dress plus a black or white stiletto-heeled pump would be perfect when going to work.

You can top this outfit with a blazer that would match the color of your footwear to give off a professional and stylish look.

Now if you’re planning to attend a casual hangout with your green dress, I suggest wearing leopard print pumps with heels.

This can give you a fun and fabulous aura.

Don’t wear too many accessories or you will look overdressed.

Just a simple handbag and loop earrings would be enough.

Ankle-strap heels

There’s nothing more elegant and classy when pairing a long flowing gown with a pair of ankle-strap heels.

Ankle-strap heels can give off such a nice and feminine accent to any green dress.

This type of footwear is very versatile and can be worn on almost all occasions.

You can wear it during evening parties, attending wedding ceremonies, or while you’re out with your date.

Rocking your green dress with a pair of ankle-strap heels would look super stylish on you.

You can use silver, gold, or black ankle-strap heels to go with your green dress.

Cut-out heels

If you want to make your outfit look more entertaining and bold, why not try out a pair of cut-out heels?

Cut-out heels have the perfect look that can give a very striking and fun addition to your green dress.

If you have a long-sleeved floral green dress that falls just above your knees, wear it together with cut-out feels.

This look would totally give you a super fabulous look that would make lots of heads turn.

It’s perfect when going for brunch or attending serious events like business meetings or weddings.


A type of footwear that can give such a professional and polished look to your green dress is the loafers.

Loafers are closed in front and open at the back which can give you a laid-back and clean look.

And pairing your green dress with black or brown loafers with almond or round toe would look super elegant on you.

Not to mention that it can also give you a sophisticated look that would look perfect when attending work.

This look would definitely earn a lot of agreeing heads.

Ankle boots

Perfect for all occasions, a green dress and a pair of ankle boots would look super classy together.

This pair has a long history and can be worn in all situations.

Ankle boots are the perfect footwear if you are looking for something that can give your green dress the right spice and style.

You can wear all sizes of the dress together with your ankle boots and they would all look exceptionally good.

For a flowing maxi summer dress with green color, wear it together with your brown ankle boots with block heels.

This can give you a breezy and very aesthetic look.

For your green midi dress, you can wear your leather or black ankle boots with it to look bold and classy.

You can choose to wear this with gold or silver jewelry to add glamor to your whole appearance.

Thigh-high boots

Now if you have a green mini dress that’s waiting for you to wear, wear it together with your thigh-high boots.

This look is super stylish and sexy for me.

It can give you an elegant, sophisticated, and very lovely look that would make every jaw drop.

You can wear this look together with a leather or denim jacket to add more spice to your attire.

Wearing this during a trip to the club would make a statement.

Gladiator sandals

Another great footwear to pair with a green mini or midi dress are gladiator sandals.

This type of footwear is perfect for ladies who want to add a fun and bold accent to their dress.

You can wear tall gladiator sandals with metallic hues together with your mini-length green bodycon dress.

This look would look perfect and fitting when dancing the night away.

Wear it together with gold jewelry to make yourself shine brighter than the others.

Combat boots

Now if you want to achieve a rugged and adventurous look with your green dress, I’d say pick your combat boots.

Your combat boots are bold and rugged enough to match with your green dress to give you a street style look.

Personally, it’s one of my favorite combos during the fall season.

A green dress and combat boots topped with a leather jacket? Love it!

It’s the perfect footwear that can give you a very feminine and soft look.


Green dresses and sneakers will never go out of style.

Although you need to be careful when pairing your green dress with a certain color of sneakers.

If you pick the wrong color then it might clash with your green dress.

For a safer option, I suggest wearing white sneakers instead.

This can give you a very clean and preppy look and can even show off your most delicate features.

It’s the perfect footwear to go with your green summer dress for the warmer months.

Wearing it with light jewelry would definitely complete your cute and feminine look.