What Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans?

Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans
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Paying homage to the 70s, flare jeans are back!

And they have come to steal the spotlight from other types of jeans.

Some women might have second thoughts about buying themselves a pair of flare jeans.

But actually, they are super stylish and easy to style as long as you own the right footwear to go with it.

What Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans

Personally, I think flare jeans are far easier to go with all sorts of footwear than your skinny jeans or mom jeans.

They have been a fashion staple since the 70s and they can fit with any occasion.

Whether you have smaller or wider hemlines for your flare jeans, I got your back.

If you think finding the right shoes to wear with flare jeans is hard, then think again.

Because today, I will give you a list of the best shoes to wear with flare jeans.

Flare Jeans with boots

This one right here is a classic wardrobe choice.

If you think about flare jeans, the first thing that comes to your mind is the boots, right?

Because for me it is!

Boots are one of the best types of shoes to wear with flare jeans.

They go all the way with each other and they fit any season.

All you need to do is choose the right boots to go with your flare jeans.

Ankle Boots with Flare Jeans

If you want to achieve the perfect fall and winter getup, I’d say to wear your flare jeans with a pair of ankle boots.

Ankle boots, specifically those with square or almond toes, would look super stylish and classy with your flare jeans.

With this type of footwear, you can easily achieve the ultimate 70s look but with a touch of a modern accent.

Ankle boots with block heels are the perfect type to pair with flare jeans.

I suggest avoiding ankle boots with stiletto heels as they can overshadow your flare jeans.

While block-heeled ankle boots will give your flare jeans the right balance and style.

Chunky Boots with Flare Jeans

Now if you want to have a rugged street style when wearing your flare jeans, your chunky boots would give you this look.

It’s the perfect type of footwear for ladies who want something that can stop their flare jeans from looking too big.

High-waisted flared jeans would look exceptionally great when paired with a crop top sweater and chunky boots.

This type of footwear would give you the perfect look between the 70s and the present time.

It can also easily make lots of heads turn in your direction.

And it’s perfect for both casual and format settings.

Clogs with Flare Jeans

If you want to go all retro, why not try wearing your flare jeans with your clogs?

Like your ankle boots, chunky clogs to be exact are the best shoes to wear with flare jeans when you’re trying to achieve a retro look.

They can effortlessly make your flare jeans look more elegant and classy.

You can also pair them with any type of top because of how well they look good together.

Basically, your clogs can give your flare jeans a fun and fabulous look no matter what accessory or top you match with it.


There’s a reason why platforms are considered as one of the top shoes to wear with flare jeans.

They are not only stylish and versatile.

But they can also provide the lift that your flare jeans need to make them stand out.

What’s more, is that your platforms can also balance the whole look of your flare jeans.

They can make your flare jeans look classier and more sophisticated.

They are perfect for the warmer months and they provide great comfort for you.

So you can definitely walk around and flaunt your flare jeans without suffering from any foot ache at all.

Flare Jeans with Sneakers

Another classic type of footwear that can rock your flare jeans is sneakers.

Your sneakers are definitely not the shoes you want to wear with your flare jeans if you’re looking for a 70s look.

Sneakers can give your flare jeans a very modern and casual look.

It’s the perfect footwear for the ladies who want to look laid-back and relaxed with their flare jeans.

Although you need to be very careful when styling your flare jeans with your sneakers since not all types would fit well with them.

Opt for a simpler type of sneakers like canvas sneakers, slip-on sneakers, or chunky sneakers.

I would definitely stir away from high-cut sneakers since they can give your flare jeans a very awkward look.

What’s more, is that your sneakers can provide enough comfort to go with your flare jeans.

Opt for flared jeans that have smaller leg openings if you want to look chic and feminine.

Flare jeans with wider openings would look exceptionally good with chunky sneakers.

They can give you a classy and very sporty look.


Another type of shoes to wear with flare jeans is stiletto heels.

Stiletto heels are the perfect footwear to go with flare jeans if you want to look sophisticated, bold, and rich.

They can give you a very professional and polished look.

You can wear them anywhere whether you want to go out for coffee, go to work, or attend business meetings.

But, you should only wear your stiletto heels with flare jeans with smaller openings.

Wearing them with flare jeans wider openings will make your jeans devour your stiletto heels.

Spaghetti strap blouses would look super lovely with this outfit idea.

Flat sandals

If you want to keep it casual and feel more relaxed, you can wear your flare jeans and flat sandals together.

This look is a real steal for me.

Sandals are the perfect footwear that can still make you look super stylish while feeling more comfortable than your heels.

You can never suffer from any foot ache as long as you have your flat sandals on.

You can either let your flare jeans pool on top of your sandals or hide most of your flat sandals to give an edgy yet cool appearance.

Or you can wear flare jeans with a raised hemline to let everyone see your footwear.

Wearing this outfit choice with a sleeveless mock turtleneck would give you a super sexy and chic look.


If you want to look stylish and practical, go for your mules.

Mules can give your flare jeans the upgrade that it deserves.

It can be worn during casual and formal setups.

Your mules and your flare jeans can easily bring you from a formal meeting to a romantic date with your partner by the beach.

That’s how versatile they are when worn together.

Just make sure to wear the right kind of top to make sure that you fit with the look you are trying to achieve.

Also, don’t wear too many accessories or you might just ruin your romantic and classy vibes.