What Shoes to Wear with Denim Dress?

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“When in doubt, wear denim.”

As a woman, I always took that phrase by heart.

That’s why I have a few denim dresses always at the ready in my wardrobe.

Denim dresses are not just classy and trendy.

A denim dress is also perfect for any casual or formal event.

But even with your denim dress on, you still can’t go out without the right pair of shoes.

After all, good shoes can take you to places.

What Shoes to Wear with Denim Dress

Yes, a denim dress outfit is perfect for any occasion.

But choosing the right shoes that can go with it is quite a challenge without the right guidance.

Below are the top shoes to wear with denim dress.

Denim dress with boots

Looking for a solid choice that can go with your denim dress?

Opt for a pair of boots!

Boots and denim dresses just go perfectly well with each other no matter what occasion or season it is.

You can even wear a denim dress and boots combo all year round and no one would ever complain.

From ankle boots to knee-high boots, all kinds of boots!

Denim dress with ankle boots

Of course, one of the most classic pairs of boots that matches well with a denim dress is the ankle boots.

These boots would look gorgeous with a mini or midi-length denim dress.

If you have ankle boots with an almond tip and a block heel, the better.

This type of boots can never go wrong with a denim dress – or any dress actually.

Ankle boots like the leather ones with a nude or black color are the most perfect colors that can go with a denim dress.

Denim dress with combat boots

Now if your ankle boots and denim dress combo can give you a chic and classy vibe, combat boots and denim dresses can give you a much bolder look.

Brown or dark brown combat boots are the best choices since they can give a striking contrast with your denim dress.

This attire is typically accompanied by a cowboy hat or a plaid jacket with contrasting colors.

Denim dress with knee-high boots

Another favorite type of shoe that goes well with a denim dress is knee-high boots.

These boots are mostly worn together with a mini-length denim dress.

Although it can also look good with midi or maxi-length dresses.

Knee-high boots and denim dress combo will definitely give you the perfect cowboy-meets-country-girl kind of look.

They work exceptionally well together.

Denim dress with heels

For the ladies who want to bring out their most feminine and chic look, try matching your denim dress with a pair of heels.

However, make sure that you’re choosing the right pairs of heels.

Because sometimes, denim dresses and heels are quite hard to pull off.

But don’t worry, with my help, you will look good with your heels and your denim dress.

Denim dress with ankle-strap heels

Ankle-strap heels can make a really good combination with your denim dress.

The straps of these heels can give a very chic character to your denim dress, making them look livelier and more fun.

Ever since the ’90s, ankle-strap heels have always been there to make any denim dress look good.

If you want to look casual, a pair of black ankle-strap heels would look great with a sleeveless denim dress.

Complete this outfit with some light jewelry and you’re ready to go.

Denim dress with wedges

Another all-time favorite pair is the wedges and a denim dress combo.

Wedges are made to complement any dress – especially denim dresses.

They are perfect for any season.

But they are most exceptionally trendy during the summer.

Open-toe wedges with ribbons to tie around your ankles plus your denim dress will make you the epitome of class and glamor.

Denim dress with pumps

Yes, denim dresses are too casual for formal setups

But with a pair of pumps on, you can easily change this casual look to a business-ready and formal appeal.

Pumps are perfect for any occasion, especially during formal occasions.

So if you want to attend your business meeting with your denim dress, better pair them with your heeled pumps.

This will give you a super classy and elegant look.

Denim dress with sneakers

If you want to complete your casual attire with a denim dress on, then better choose the most perfect footwear that can complete this casual setup.

And yes, I’m talking about the most casual footwear ever made, the sneakers.

Although some sneakers, when matched with the right outfit, can be worn for formal events, nothing beats the fact that it’s made for more casual situations.

And by pairing them with a denim dress, you can easily achieve this look.

Denim dress with low-cut sneakers

One of the most popular choices of all is the denim dress and low-cut sneakers combo.

These two, when worn together, can give you a laid-back and real feminine look.

What’s more, is that your sneakers can make your denim dress stand out by giving it a nice accent.

So if you want to walk all day or travel with a denim dress, opt for a pair of low-cut sneakers.

Denim dress with high-cut sneakers

Another type of sneaker that works exceptionally well with a denim dress is the high-cute sneakers.

You can wear your high-cut sneakers with a denim dress of any length.

Your mini-length denim dress plus your high-cut sneakers would totally give you a very flirty and feminine look.

Meanwhile, your maxi denim dress and your high-cut sneakers would look very elegant and sophisticated.

Midi-length denim dresses would also look clean and proper with a pair of high-cut sneakers.

Denim dress with chunky sneakers

To be honest, a denim dress and chunky sneakers match is my all-time favorite.

The size of your chunky sneakers can give a very striking and phenomenal contrast to your denim dress.

It can also give off a bold and adventurous look that can definitely catch some eyes.

This look is perfect for casual hangouts or coffee dates.

Denim dress with mules

Now, if you want to look professional with a denim dress on, opt for a pair of mules.

Mules can give any outfit a proper and neater result.

So if you are planning to go to work with a denim dress, the best footwear that can give you a professional look would be the mules.

Denim dress with oxfords

If you’re looking for the most professional looking shoes that can go well with your denim dress, the oxfords are your best choice.

Oxfords can make a denim dress look really good and professional without outshining them.

They are perfect for casual or formal setups.

Oxford shoes are mostly paired with a long-sleeved denim dress when going to school or work.

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