What Shoes to Wear with Bodycon Dress?

woman in casual Bodycon Dress
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As a woman myself, I know how hard it is to choose what kind of shoes would go well with my bodycon dress.

That’s why I made a list of the top-most perfect footwear you can use to match your bodycon dress.

You can use a bodycon dress on any occasion.

Whether it’s for a formal event or if you’re just going to stroll around the mall and take pictures with your best friend.

That’s why you will need this article to learn which footwear would complete your look. 

After all, your shoes can either make or ruin your outfit.

What Shoes to Wear with Bodycon Dress

It’s no doubt that bodycon dresses are becoming a huge trend nowadays.

They hug all our curves perfectly, showing your body shape. What’s more is that they can be worn anytime depending on your style.

Below is a list of footwear choices you can try to rock with your bodycon dress.

White Sneakers

There is no better pair than white sneakers and a bodycon dress.

White sneakers are the most popular footwear nowadays for the reason that it just goes well with any type of outfit, including a bodycon dress.

Also, white sneakers are very comfortable to wear so you can have as much fun as you can all day long without suffering from any foot ache.

You can match your bodycon dress with a pair of white sneakers to give yourself a casual and sophisticated look.

Ankle-strap Heels

Ankle-strap heels match well with a sleeveless, mid-length bodycon dress.

If you’re planning to attend a fancy or formal event with a bodycon dress, you can try completing your outfit by pairing it with ankle-strap heels.

These pairs would give you an elegant and classy look that would make heads turn.

Ankle Boots

Any woman deserves a pair of ankle boots for their wardrobe.

Ankle boots are the best choice if you’re wearing a midi or a long bodycon dress with long sleeves to give your outfit character.

You can also add a coat or a jacket to complete this killer look.

Besides, to completely pull off this look, you won’t need that many accessories if you decide to try on a bodycon and ankle boots together.

Pointed-toe Stilettos

The highest level of sophistication and elegance comes when you decide to pair your bodycon dress with a pair of pointed-toe stiletto heels.

This pair would be perfect when attending parties, formal events, and even romantic dates.

Pointed-toe stiletto heels can give you a feminine and stylish aura. Not to add that they fit well with all sorts of body types.

Add a necklace or other light jewelry, and you would kill this look.

Wedge Sandals

I know how uncomfortable high heels can be so if you want to mix fashion and comfort, why not try out a pair of wedge sandals?

You can combine your favorite bodycon dress with your wedge sandals if you want to look real chic yet feel comfortable at the same time.

Wedge sandals and a bodycon dress are the perfect match when attending a formal event that would take a few hours.

With your wedge sandals, you won’t ever suffer any foot ache while flaunting your sexy curves all night long.

Thigh-high Boots

To add spice and accent to your stylish look, you can try pairing a bodycon dress and thigh-high boots.

They hug your thighs well, creating an intimidating and sophisticated look for you.

Thigh-high boots are best paired with mini bodycon dresses and topped with a denim or leather jacket.

They are very fashionable and super comfortable to wear as well.

Cut-out Heels

If you envision wearing shoes that can be a beautiful complement to your short-length bodycon dress, a pair of cut-out heels would look great on you.

Cut-out heels are a great alternative if you’re bored of wearing regular high heels.

This type of footwear can go well with any slim-fit mini bodycon dress that would add just the right accent to your look.

Add a little accessory like your favorite sunglasses and voila! A match made in heaven kind of outfit has been unlocked.

Lace-up High Heels

Feeling a little adventurous and bold?

Try wearing your sexiest mini bodycon dress paired with metallic or bright-colored lace-up high heels to give your outfit the best look.

Lace-up high heels may not be for everyone but as long as you know how to tie them with the right style, you will look good with them.

These two can be worn when attending a girl’s night out or when going out on a romantic date with your partner.

Flat Sandals

There is no better alternative than a pair of flat sandals and a midi or mini-sized bodycon dress.

If you’re just going for a stroll or heading to the beach with friends, flat sandals are the best choice to match your outfit.

I know how tiring high heels can be, so if you opt for a much simpler and more comfortable look, you can always try wearing flat sandals.

And yes, bodycon dresses can be paired with flat sandals as long as you know how to style them up.

Don’t add too many accessories or you will ruin your look.

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers might not look very feminine to others.

But when you pair it with a form-fitting bodycon dress, it will strangely give you a sexy and sporty type of look.

Chunky sneakers are big but they can give your bodycon dress a flashy contrast that would give you the best vibes.

You can also pair them with your favorite sports cap to complete your feminine and sporty aura.

Ballerina Pumps

High heels can make you feel uncomfortable after a few hours but with some ballerina pumps, you can go on all day long without an aching foot.

A bodycon dress matched with a pair of ballerina pumps can still look pretty elegant.

If you decide to pair your bodycon dress with ballerina pumps, make sure to style it with minimal accessories so you won’t overdo your look.

Combat Boots

We are never getting tired of matching our bodycon dress with a pair of boots.

But this time, we’re going for a much bolder look.

I know it may sound surreal but a mini bodycon dress paired with combat boots will look perfect together.

The striking contrast between the two can give you a bold and sexy look.

You can also try completing your outfit by topping it with a denim jacket.