What Shoes to Wear with a Leather Dress?

Shoes to Wear with a Leather Dress
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I am a huge fan of leather dresses.

They are super versatile and they can keep you looking classy and fabulous all day.

Many women think that leather dresses are hard to pull off.

But personally, leather dresses are easy to style with as long as you know what footwear to match them.

What Shoes to Wear with a Leather Dress

When I wear a leather dress, I always make sure to keep it looking elegant and stylish.

That’s why I think those women who never tried wearing a leather dress are missing out on a lot of fun.

Actually, leather dresses are super easy to wear and they can fit with almost any event.

So if you’re looking for a way to style your leather dress with the right shoes, here’s a list for you.

Leather dress with boots

Leather dresses and boots go all the way with each other.

This wardrobe combination will always be a classic for me.

They are a match made in heaven and they can fit with any occasion.

Here is the best type of boots to pair with your leather dress.

Ankle boots

To start our list is the most classic type of boots, the ankle boots.

Ankle boots with a flat style, block heels, or stiletto heels would look beautiful with a leather dress.

If you have a midi-length leather dress, I recommend wearing ankle boots to go with it.

Ankle boots can maximize the length of your dress, giving you the perfect balance between formal and dressy.

You can wear a leather dress with stiletto-heeled ankle boots if you are attending formal events.

Or you can also wear low-heeled ankle boots with your leather dress if you want to get coffee with your friends.

Completing this outfit with gold jewelry would level up your whole attire.

Thigh high boots

For the ladies with mini-length leather dresses, thigh high boots would be the perfect boots to go with it.

You can wear them at parties or when you’re out for a date with your lover.

Mini-length leather dresses paired with thigh high boots would easily make you the center of attention.

So if you want to stand out and make every head turn, this outfit combination would do the trick.

Combat boots

Nothing beats the combat coots and leather dress combo for me.

They are super stylish and they can go with any style.

It doesn’t matter what length your leather dress is because your combat boots would totally complement its look.

You can wear this outfit choice during casual events or more serious setups like meetings or going to work.

If you have a maxi length leather dress, you can let it pool just right on top of your combat boots to give yourself an edgy look.

Midi-length dresses and combat boots would also give you a bold and adventurous kind of appeal.

Meanwhile, a pair of combat boots would give you a very sexy and chic vibe when worn together with your midi-length leather dress.

Basically, any style of leather dress would go well with a pair of combat boots.

Black-colored combat boots would be the most fitting color for a leather dress.


Now, if you want to appear super cute and feminine, wearing your leather dress with heels would do the trick.

Heels are one of the most go-to types of footwear of any woman.

Personally, I prefer wearing heels for more formal setups since they can give me an intimidating and elegant look.

Now, if you want to give off a sophisticated and professional appearance with your leather dress, opt for stiletto heels.

Stiletto heels are sexy and very elegant.

But if you want to look more relaxed and casual, kitten heels or pumps would also look good with your leather dress.

Styling this outfit with light jewelry would complete your wholesome attire.


If you want to feel comfortable all day while still looking super chic and classy, sandals would be the best choice.

Yes, you can definitely wear your sandals with a leather dress.

Actually, wearing sandals with a leather dress would give you a very delicate and feminine look.

For laid-back setups, T-strap sandals and plain leather dresses would look super classy.

If you have a strapless leather dress, you can pair it with tall gladiator sandals.

This would give you a bold and fabulous look.

This outfit choice is also perfect when going for a night out with your friends.

Ankle strap sandals can also be worn together with a leather dress to look more professional and more put-together.

You can wear this with some silver-colored jewelry to balance your whole look.


A pair of mules would also look exceptionally good with your leather dress.

Flat-styled or with heels, your mules would give a very delightful character to your outfit.

Mules are also perfect for both casual and formal setups.

You can wear them when hanging out with your friends at your favorite coffee shop.

You can also wear them when going to work.

And you can wear them when attending parties and business meetings as well.

Basically, your mules and your leather dress can take you anywhere if that’s what you’re asking.


Are you wondering if your leather dress would look good with a pair of loafers?

My answer is a solid and big yes.

Loafers are very versatile and they can go with any style, especially if you pair them with a leather dress.

Leather dresses and loafers are most commonly worn together for formal and professional events.

I have a few friends that wear loafers together with their leather dresses when going to work.

This is mostly because your loafers can level up the professional and smart look of your leather dress.

But you can also wear your loafers and your leather dress for other events like going to a funeral or meetings.

Oxford shoes

Another type of shoe that goes super well with leather dresses are the oxford shoes.

Oxford shoes can give a striking contrast with any leather dress.

They are also made of leather that’s why they both complement well with each other.

Any woman who tries to wear their leather dress and oxford shoes together would look ten times more chic and stylish.

What’s more, is that this outfit choice can give you a very professional and schoolgirl vibe.