What Necklace for V Neck Dress?

Woman with white v neck dress and necklace
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All necklaces are treated in some way to change their raw look into shapes, whether it is mechanically or physically to satisfy certain aesthetic concepts.

Regardless of what you wear, it is incredible how a single necklace can transform your look. It can make you extra elegant, and it adds shine. 

However, sometimes, you can find it quite challenging to choose the perfect neckline for your outfit, especially if you are wearing a v neck dress. 

You can’t put on any kind of necklace to match it. 

It is more like a combination of art and fashion, with a little bit of science mixed in.

You should follow some guidelines to make sure your necklace complements the shape of your neckline. 

It’s the primary rule. Because if you pick a randomly rounded necklace while your neckline is plugged, your complete look might be untidy. 

Necklace for v neck dress

1. Short pendant necklace 

The most compatible with V neck dresses is a pendant necklace. This necklace has the same V or triangle shape but with a pendant. 

To create perfect proportions – the more comprehensive the V neck, the bigger the pendant. 

Ideally, a pendant necklace should end approximately an inch above the neckline to ensure that the pendant will sit just above the necklace and not too short.  

2. Long pendant necklace

Suppose the rule for short pendants is – the wider the v neck, the bigger the pendant. In long pendants, it should be the deeper the V neck, the longer the pendant necklace. 

You are free to add longer pendant necklaces until you reach your desired length. 

However, you have to take note that if you want to wear a long pendant, you can pair it with a choker or round necklace to emphasize the V shape of your necklace and your dress. 

3. Choker necklace

A choker is the shortest necklace you will find. Its size is around 14 inches long. This necklace should fit high towards the middle of your neck without any hang. 

Therefore, if you are wearing a V neck, the highlight will focus on your collar bone, which makes it a great necklace for your V neck dress. 

A V neck will elongate your neck; that’s why you need a choker. It will serve as your counterproductive and balance your look as it makes your neck look shorter. 

4. Chunky pieces necklace

This necklace is the most sought-after jewelry trend this 2021. But little do they know, chunky pieces are also matched with v-neck dresses. 

It is normally a thicker and bigger necklace compared to other necklaces. Plus, it is either made of gold, silver, or stainless. 

The length of the chunky piece is as short as a choker. If your V-neck dress has thin straps, short sleeves, and black, this necklace is for you. 

5. Lariat chain necklace

My favorite necklace for v neck, a lariat necklace. This jewelry has long, thin necklace pieces with a concave shape at one end. 

The other end of this chain is adjustable and has a different shape in the middle. 

With a lariat chain necklace, you will appear taller because of the way it accentuates your v-neck, giving you a leaner look. 

Other popular lariat chain: 

  • Box chain
  • Cable chain
  • Heart chain
  • Singapore chain
  • Snake chain

6. Princess necklace

One of the tips for picking a necklace for your v neck dress is to pick a longer necklace. All long necklaces are a match for your v neck dress, especially if it has a deep triangle shape. 

An average princess necklace is 18 to 20 inches long. You will find that this necklace will rest nicely on your collarbone, slightly below your neck.

7. Multilayered necklace

Sometimes, it is good to be a little extra when you’re experimenting with a necklace that will complement your V neck dress.  

The best way to find the necklace for you is through multilayered necklaces. 

The standard combination for this is first, a choker, then you put a cute short pendant, and lastly, a long pendant or lariat necklace. 

Please take note that you should not put more than three layers; otherwise, you might overdo it, which we don’t want to happen. 

As long as your multilayer necklace doesn’t encroach onto your collarbone and occupy the space at your neckline, it should suffice. 

8. Rope necklace 

The other necklace that would only be suitable for a deep v neck dress is the rope necklace. 

It is the longest necklace in the fashion line. Therefore, it can be worn multiple ways and with various types of dresses. 

The rope necklace is the most versatile, but it is not for you if you are wearing a typical v neck dress. 

You can only wear a rope necklace if you wear a deep v neck dress or round neck dress. 

Why is a necklace important for your v neck dress?

Some necklaces indeed work better with certain necklines, while other necklaces can completely transform your appearance. 

Therefore, to avoid overshadowing your look, you need to carefully pick the necklaces you want to wear and consider the type of dress. 

If you’re deciding on what to wear, the length of your necklace is also an important consideration. 

Avoid wearing a necklace that falls straight against your neckline, as both will compete for attention. 

The necklace should have a bit of space between it and the neckline so that they can stand out independently and complement each other. 

How to choose a necklace for v neck dress?

Balance is the key to choosing a necklace for your v neck dress. If you’re wearing a colorful, flashy outfit, definitely keep your necklace subtle. 

There is no doubt that a dress with a v neck looks elegant when there’s a simple necklace to bring attention to the v neckline.

Here are some more tips on choosing the right necklace:

  1. Necklaces that are not V-shape-friendly should be avoided, such as bib necklaces, asymmetric necklaces, and round shapes. It will throw off the look and appear out of place for your v neck dress. 
  1. Take the outfit into account rather than just the neckline. You have to consider the color of your v neck dress and its design. 
  1. If your v neck dress is bold, plain, and simple, go with a pearl type of necklace. Otherwise, choose a simple necklace if your v neck dress is extravagant. 
  1. During the day, wear simple styles while wearing more elaborate, fancier styles at night. 
  1. Find an adjustable necklace that will make you choose the exact length you want for your v neck dress.