What Nail Color Goes With Green Dress?

What Nail Color With Green Dress
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I don’t understand why some women tend to steer away from green dresses.

But for me, green is such a rich and elegant color, especially when it’s in the form of a dress.

What’s more, is that green dresses would never go out of style.

Even now, you might notice that green dresses are everywhere.

A green dress is such a versatile and lovely wardrobe choice that it fits with any season or occasion.

There’s also this one thing that can make your green dress even more beautiful.

And that is through having your nails painted with nail polish.

What Nail Color Goes With Green Dress

If you want to wear something that would help you glam up your green dress, here is a list of the best nail colors you can try.


Let’s start with something that can easily make a statement.

Black is a bold color choice.

And if you decide to paint your nails black and wear your green dress together, you would look stylish and vibrant just like your color choice.

Both black and green are rich colors so you can easily stand out from the crowd with these two on.

What’s more, is that pairing these two with any kind of jewelry would be okay since it’s a versatile wardrobe choice.

Black nails can also create a very dramatic effect on your green dress.


White can give your green dress a sophisticated and polished look.

It’s perfect for wearing a green dress during business meetings or evening parties.

You can even paint your nails with white nail polish if you like wearing green dresses when going to work.

This nail color can easily give your green dress a feminine and professional look.

Which is super perfect for ladies who want to always look mature and clean.

But, pairing white nails and green dresses can also give you a chic and minimal look that is perfect for all seasons.


A bold color choice that would look fantastic on your nails is the color red.

And matching it together with your green dress would look perfect together.

Green dresses and red nail polish can also give you a very vibrant and dramatic combination.

These two would look lovely and perfect during holiday events, especially during Christmas parties or evening parties in the colder months.

When painting your nails red, make sure to choose dark on dark.

If your dress has a dark green color, match it with dark red nails.

And if you have a light green dress, you can paint your nails light red too.

Together, red nails and a green dress can create a very sophisticated and elegant look for you.


If someone says nude nail colors, you might immediately think it’s boring.

But in fact, nude nails can create such a lovely blend with your green dress.

If you’re one of the ladies who wants to make their green dress stand out even without putting on that many accessories, opt for nude nails.

Since nude is a neutral color, it can easily complement your green dress.

Nude nails with almost the same shade as your skin tone would be the best choice if you want everyone to notice your green dress.

This color shade can give your green dress all the spotlight that it deserves.

But you can also match your green dress with nude nails with darker shades like tan if you want to keep it minimal and classy.


Ladies, if you want a bold color choice aside from black or red, opt for purple nails.

Even if purple and green are the exact opposite of each other, together they can create such a lovely mix.

Matching your green dress with purple nails is super classy and elegant.

It’s perfect for all seasons.

But you need to be careful with the shade of your nails and dress.

If you have a pastel green dress or any green with lighter shades, you can paint your nails with light purple nail polish.

Dark purple and dark green dresses would give you a much more sophisticated and bolder look.


Now if you want to create your most delicate and feminine version, you can give light pink nails a try.

If you have a light green or mint green dress, pastel or blush pink would be the best nail color for you.

This pair is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

They are super lovely together since they complement each other well.

If you’re planning to attend a summer or spring wedding, I suggest wearing a soft green dress with pink nails.

Make sure to avoid painting your nails with hot or flashy pink or it might clash with the green, ruining your soft and aesthetic vibe.


Green nail polish can also create a bold and edgy look with your green dress.

You can match your dress and nails with the same shade of green to create your boldest and richest look.

Dark green nails can make your green dress look more pronounced.

It can also give a very striking accent to your green dress to make it stand out more.

Both these colors are perfect for holiday and evening parties.


Gold is such a luxurious color, don’t you think?

And when you pair it together with your green dress, you can easily create your most elegant and glamorous look.

Gold with glitters can even give your green dress fun and classy vibe that can easily make heads turn.

This would be perfect for the ladies who want to attend parties and balls.

You can also choose gold nails to spice up your green dress if you are heading out with your girlfriends to the club.

Basically, a green dress and gold nails combo would give you a super stylish and always trendy look.