What Kind Of Panties Should I Wear?

Woman in blue panties
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As women, one of the hardest things we have to do is find comfortable underwear. 

When you ask “What kind of panties should I wear?” Many things determine the answer, but one thing is sure, it needs to be comfortable! 

For this article, we will review each type of underwear and advise you on which ‘body type’ they suit the most (but we aren’t saying other body types can’t wear them!).

Best underwear for body type


First up, we have the G-string and this is the type of underwear with the least coverage.

We would say that they have an almost commando feel and due to the lack of material, there are no panty lines to be shown (because there’s barely any panty!). 

Body type:

These are great for all body types but bear in mind there’s not a lot of coverage around the bum area, I mean your cheeks are basically out. If you’re not the most confident with your bum, steer clear of these. 

Wear them with:

You can wear one of these with a tight dress or leggings and be sure that there are no panty lines on show, just make sure you don’t wear a dress on a windy day or your bum will really be out!


Very similar to a G-string but has a little more coverage, plus the waistband on a thong tends to have more material.

You can get thongs that are made out of a thin material that is nearly unnoticeable when wearing a tighter outfit, but you still feel like there’s something there. 

Body type:

Again, most body types suit a thong, of course, if you want more coverage on the bum and support around the tummy, a thong probably isn’t for you. 

Wear them with:

As they are almost the same as a G-string we would recommend them for situations where you don’t want to show that you’re wearing any underwear. Tight dresses or skirts, super tight jeans or anything, well, tight… these are definitely an option! 


Like the average summer bikini, this cut of underwear tends to have a high cut leg and low rise cut around the waistband. 

The great thing about these is they do offer coverage around the bum cheeks, which the underwear listed above so far, certainly do not. 

Body type:

Generally speaking, if you have a larger bum, a bikini cut might not be a great option. Sometimes the cut can go right across the bum cheek (depending on bum-cheek-size of course) and can make your bum, sort of, fall out of the pants. 

Wear them with:

This is where you need to carefully pick your bikini underwear. If you decide on a type that has stitching around the outside, your panty line will be visible for all to see when wearing tight jeans or dresses. Of course, if you fancy slumming it around the house in your tracksuit, then these are a reliable and comfy choice. 


The cheeky cut is a perfect blend of thong and brief which equals in sexy but sturdy underwear. 

This allows you to have a little bit of cheek on show (hence the name) without giving up on supporting your bum. 

Body type:

Because the cut across the bum is a little higher than a brief, these can suit women that have a bigger bum. However, due to the low rise, if you aren’t comfortable with your hips, avoid them! 

Wear them with:

These are very versatile and can be worn with almost everything. If you find a cheeky cut with a high cut at the back you can even wear them with tight outfits. 

Most stylists advise wearing these under denim jeans, giving the bum a well-deserved boost. 

Tanga Brief

Not really heard of this cut before? Don’t worry, it’s not a common one. 

Tanga briefs are like thongs but the waistband is thicker and they have two triangle-shaped pieces at the front and back, a thong has nothing at the back. If you have always wanted to try a thong but are worried you won’t be comfortable, I would advise you to try these first as a test. 

Body type:

These are great if you like the feel of a thong down below, but don’t like the lack of support across the top. 

The thicker waistband provides a few extra inches of comfort, especially in the tummy area. 

Wear them with:

The thicker waistband proves to be a small challenge if you want to wear these with tighter outfits, but they are versatile enough to be worn with pretty much everything else. Jeans, joggers, skirts, and loose dresses… in a tanga brief you’re good to go! 


The hipster cut is exactly what it suggests, they sit on the hips and the leg holes in this particular style are very low cut, offering a bit more top-leg coverage. 

These are a great blend between a bikini cut and a boyshort. 

Body type:

The hipster is great if you have some sturdy hips to keep those pants up, however, if you’re conscious about your hips, having underwear that sits directly on them probably isn’t a good idea. 

Depending on what you wear, it could highlight broad hips. 

Wear them with:

These are great with low cut and baggy jeans, you minimise the risk of your panties being seen if you wear a hipster cut.  

These are also perfect for tighter jeans or trousers as the leg cut is so low that your whole bum can fit inside, not half and half like the bikini cut. This means you can wear tighter clothing without having a visible panty line. 

High – rise

The trusty high rise brief. These have been supporting our bums and stomachs for decades and are still the most reliable but discreet type of panty. 

The high rise is THE slimming style, they rise high up on the stomach, helping to suck in the waist. The leg holes are also low which offers a great deal of support to the bum cheeks too!

Body type:

The high-rise is suitable for the curvier woman, someone who wants to have her waist pulled in, to wear something a little tighter. 

Wear them with:

Perfect for high waist skirts or dresses or when you just don’t want a panty line across the hips. Of course, they can be worn with baggier clothes just to make you feel comfortable and supported. 

Control-top brief

These do exactly what they say on the tin…control the top. The cut is high up on the waist and often has more elastic across the abdomen to give extra support to the tummy area. 

Body type:

These are often connected with the curvier woman or someone who’s a little unconfident about their middle area. 

However, for slimmer women, these are also useful if you want to cinch in the waist for a slender look.  

Wear them with:

These are a great choice if you want to wear tight dresses or jeans, the support around the tummy will mean there are no rolls spilling over the hips which can be unsightly in tight clothing. 

Boy shorts 

Inspired by men’s underwear, these are pure comfort! 

Often the material is thin so you don’t get too hot and they can also be found in a ‘second skin’ material which means you can have the support without the panty line. 

Body type:

The boy shorts can be for any body type, they are comfortable but not usually classified as sexy. 

If you are uncomfortable in the bottom area then they provide extra support but you might have a visible panty line if you don’t purchase the right material. 

Wear them with:

These are absolutely perfect for skirts and dresses! 

On a windy day skirts and dresses can get blown up, yet you have these boy shorts giving you the best coverage possible. No bum cheeks to see here! 


Ever wanted to wear a super tight dress and thought “what kind of panties should I wear with this?” The most supporting but not always the most discreet, the slip-shorts. Great if you need to feel extra comfort around the waist and also down the legs. 

Body type:

Most of the time, the curvier woman opts for this sort of support, usually if the thighs are a sticking point. The slip shorts are tight around the thighs and prevent lumps and bumps. 

Wear them with:

Great for long dresses that are tight around the bum and thighs, the material will prevent any visible cellulite. 

Only opt for these if the outfit is loose after the short material finishes, as for tight jeans these are not a good option. 


Ideal for almost all situations, the seamless panties are the most discreet of all. Often made out of second skin material which is soft and silky, these can rarely be seen. 

Body type:

Regardless of how discreet these are, they don’t really suit all body types. They are most certainly not supportive because the material is too thin and usually not elasticated. 

The waistband is usually low and the leg holes high. 

Wear them with:

As we said, these are THE most discreet type of underwear so they can be worn with almost everything. 

If you feel the need to wear a tighter outfit, these might not give you the suck in effect you want.