What kind of belt to wear with jeans?

Woman wearing jeans with belt
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Today, we are going to look at what kind of belt to wear with jeans? This will help you to make sure your outfit is always sharp and looking good.

I’ve spent most of my life wearing jeans, both with and without belts. I’ve worn subtle belts and stylish belts and glitzy belts. 

I’ve made the belt the outfit statement, and worn belts you would hardly notice. 

I’ve also spent time researching all the fashion options out there so you can feel confident you’re making the right choices.

Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, but once you’ve got the right pair of jeans, the belt is a whole different question. 

It is often such a complicated choice that people just go without, but a belt can pull together a whole outfit if you choose correctly.

Don’t neglect the belt you wear; it is important to think about. If you decide not to wear one, make sure this is a conscious choice, and not just down to fear of choosing the wrong thing!

We’re going to look at:

  • Belt width
  • How your jeans should fit
  • How to wear your belt with jeans
  • What color belt goes with jeans

How Wide Should A Belt Be?

The belt width for women’s jeans is a great starting point. How wide is too wide?

Firstly, your belt should never be wider than the loops of the jeans. They will crunch it inward and make it look badly chosen.

Many jeans have belt loops that allow for a 40 mm belt, and this looks great. It looks like it fits the jeans. 

If your belt loops are narrower, make sure you select a narrower belt to go with them. That is your first major rule: tailor the belt to fit the jeans in question.

It’s often good to go as wide as you can without crunching the belt. 

A wide belt lets you opt for various different buckles. It makes a statement, instead of feeling like an afterthought.

Wearing a belt with jeans is one thing, but you should also think about the rest of the outfit. 

What are you wearing on your top? How can you make sure the buckle and the belt style fit with this? 

A slim belt with a light buckle looks great with light blouses. Chunkier sweaters or bulky turtlenecks go best with heavy belts.

Bear in mind that wide and chunky belts tend to be less comfortable to wear, especially if you are going to be sitting down. 

A large buckle can dig into your stomach or leg. Think about what you will be doing all day and make a decision that will ensure you are comfortable as well as stylish.

When looking at belts to wear with jeans, you also need to think about where you want the belt to sit. Should it go against your hips, or will you cinch it in around your waist? 

You need to make sure your jeans allow for this.

If you’re wearing high rise jeans, your belt should go around the waist. If you’re wearing low cut jeans, your belt will sit around your hips. 

If you are wearing a heavy belt, it is particularly important to make sure that your jeans fit well, so that you don’t run any risk of the belt pulling your jeans down at the front.

Should Jeans Fit Without A Belt?

Yes, your jeans should fit you without needing a belt to hold them up. 

If your jeans are depending upon the belt to stay up, they will end up scrunched around your waist or hips, and this is not a good look.

You also don’t want to be depending on your belt to keep your pants up. This can spell disaster, and is usually quite uncomfortable as well. 

If you find that your jeans do not fit around the waist, you are wearing the wrong size and you need to find a smaller size.

Some people aim to achieve a baggy look with their jeans, and if that’s what you are looking for, it might seem logical to go for a loose waist. However, there are better ways to achieve this aesthetic. 

Choosing jeans that are straight cut and wide legged is far more effective. The boyfriend cut is a good example of this.

You can also opt for jeans that are too long in the leg, allowing you to turn the cuffs up to accentuate the oversized look. Looseness almost anywhere is fine, but you want your jeans to stay up on their own when fastened.

Do not buy a pair of jeans that does not stay up around your waist without a belt. They won’t be comfortable to wear, and they won’t look good. 

Although jeans with belts are a fashion statement, the belt should be for show, and not to keep the pants up.

That might seem odd, because the belt’s original purpose was to keep pants in place. However, modern fabrics have improved dramatically, and we better understand how to cut clothes to fit the shape of a body and its movement. 

We no longer need belts to keep our pants on, and your clothes will look better if they fit properly.

Should I Wear A Belt With Jeans?

Since jeans fit much better now, these are an optional accessory, and many people forgo them entirely. 

However, if chosen with care, they can look great, and they are a fantastic way to spice up any outfit.

You can use a belt to dress your jeans up for a casual party, or use it to dress them down for an informal occasion. Glitzy, flashy, or even light-up belts are great fun for a night out. 

A plain leather belt, especially in a dark color, looks subdued and calm.

As long as the belt fits nicely into the loops of the jeans, you should be fine whatever you choose to wear. 

You can also wear jeans with no belt if you prefer, especially on days when you’re busy or appearances don’t matter so much.

What Color Belt With Jeans?

The color makes a big difference to your overall look, and you might be struggling to choose. 

Really, as long as the belt is not too wide, you can opt for any color you like.

It is a good idea to think about the occasion you’re wearing it for. You would not choose a rainbow belt if attending a funeral in most cases. 

You would not wear a light-up disco belt to a job interview. Select a belt that is a good color for whatever event you are attending, or the aesthetic that you wish to achieve.

Think about the style of jeans, too. Baggy jeans may go best with a wide belt and a large buckle. A thin, light belt will look lost in the material.

Distressed jeans often pair nicely with black or very textured material. Leather belts are the most popular, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Skinny jeans may work with a thin and bright leather belt. Whatever your preferred jeans look like, take some time to match the belt to them.

Equally, you should think about your other clothes. What are your shoes like? Can you pair them with your belt? A great way to spice up a neutral outfit is to have a pop of color at your waist and feet.

Alternatively, try pairing your scarf with your belt. This can be done through the aesthetic as well as the color. 

Loosely woven belts work well with a nice, light scarf. A touch of color in your makeup can also help to pull everything together.