What Is The Average Bra Size For A Woman?

Average Bra Size For A Woman
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While with most statistics, finding the average isn’t all that challenging, it is a little more complicated when it comes to bra sizes for women. 

The truth is, 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong size, and even though it may feel comfortable enough when surveyed, this miscalculation could lead to an incorrect average bra size of women in the USA. 

With these details in mind.

Studies show that the average bra size for a woman is 34DD. This statistic is supposedly based on natural breasts, however, as it is slowly increasing, experts believe that some augmented breasts are being added to the survey. 

If you want to find out a little more about what the measurements are for a 34 DD, as well as how you can measure your own breasts to find the right size bra for you, keep reading! 

We will also discuss which sizes are considered small or large and where your boobs fit in. Before we go ahead, just a little reminder that all breasts are beautiful and unique, there are truly no two pairs alike! 

So even though in this article we will discuss averages and what is considered in the lingerie market as small and large, remember that there is no such thing as “too small” or “too big”, they’re all wonderful!

What is the Average Bra Size for a Woman?

The average is a 34 DD.

A woman who wears a 34 DD bra should have a measurement of 30-32 inches around the torso directly underneath the breasts (where your bra will sit) and 38-39 inches around the bust itself (including all the way to the back.)

If this still doesn’t mean much to you because you do not know your own measurements, I recommend you grab a tape measure and find out for yourself! 

How Do You Find Your True Bra Size?

When figuring out what bra size you wear, I don’t actually recommend checking the label on your bra tag. 

As you know now, the majority of women are wearing the incorrect size for the measurements of their breasts, and unfortunately, you are probably one of them! 

Here’s how to take your own measurements:

  • I recommend a flexible tape measure instead of a metal option.
  • Begin by placing the start of the tape directly below your breasts in the middle of your chest, then wrap it around your body until it meets again. 
  • If you have larger breasts, you will want to pick them up and place the measuring tape under them to get your correct number. 
  • Write that number down, it’s your band under bust.
  • Then move the tape measure up around the nipple and measure all the way around again.
  • Write that number down, it is your band around bust.

There are literally dozens of bra sizes ranging all the way from 24AA to 64T. But luckily there is an easy-to-read chart located on this website, and now that you know your true measurements, you can find out your accurate bra size.

How to Read a Bra Size

Here’s where it gets a little confusing. 

Technically, it is the letter that makes the actual bra size smaller or larger, not the number itself. Because the number is only the measurement of essentially your torso, as it goes up or down, your cup size doesn’t actually change. 

As the letters go from AA all the way to T, the jump from band under bust length to band around bust length is increased gradually. 

Meaning the actual breast size is larger. 

Let’s go through a quick example to clear up any questions. 

  • A bra sized 34AA has a band under bust of 30-32 inches, and a  band around bust of 30-34 inches. That means that your breasts only come out 0-4 inches from your chest.
  • A bra sized 34DD has a band under bust of 30-32 inches, and a band around bust of 38-39 inches. This means that your breasts come out 7-9 inches from your chest. 
  • A bra sized 34T has a band under bust of 30-32 inches, and a band around bust of 52-53 inches. So here, the breasts come out 20-23 inches from your chest.

What is Considered a Small Bra Size? 

Small bra sizes are typically AAs, As, and sometimes Bs depending on who’s asking. 

The smallest bra size, it is technically a 26AA, which is the smallest in both cup size and band width size. However, anyone wearing a AA bra technically has the same breast size.

What is Considered a Big Bra Size

Now, I want to reiterate that what is considered a small or large bra size really depends on you! 

If you think breasts that come out 7-9 inches from the body are large, then you might think that the national average of a 34DD is a large breast size. 

If you think that’s nothing, you might consider it small. 

However, for the purpose of averages. Anything larger than a DDDD/G is considered large. That means your breasts are anywhere from 8-11 inches to 20-23 inches off your chest. 

Smallest Bra Size to Biggest

As you know now, when organizing bra size from smallest to biggest, you only need to pay attention to the letter, not the number itself. So let’s break down the smallest bra size to the biggest including the actual size of the bust:

  • AA: 0-4 inch 
  • A: 2-5 inch
  • B: 3-6 inch
  • C: 4-7 inch
  • D: 5-8 inch
  • DD/E: 6-9 inch
  • DDD/F: 7-10 inch
  • DDDD/G: 8-11 inch
  • H: 9-12 inch
  • I: 10-13 inch
  • J: 11-14 inch
  • K: 12-15 inch
  • L: 13-16 inch
  • M: 14-17 inch
  • N: 15-18 inch
  • O: 16-19 inch
  • P: 17-20 inch
  • R: 18-21 inch
  • S: 19-22 inch
  • T: 20-23 inch

As you can see, each letter gradually increases the bust size itself, however, no matter your band under bust size, you can find a cup size that fits you just right!