What Is a Bodycon Dress?

Woman in bodycon dress looking in mirror
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Bodycon is the fashion style that accentuates your body’s curves rather than covering them as you wear layers of clothing. 

This dress is usually called a body-conscious dress. It is tight, hugs your body, and allows you to show off your natural curves by simply wearing a dress.

You will feel it pulling you in and smoothing out lumps and bumps because this bodycon is made of weighty and stretchy material. 

Plus, you can make it look as modest or elegant as you like with just a few minor adjustments to what you wear under or over it. Later, I will tell you how.

Why do girls wear bodycon dresses?

Personally, I love wearing bodycon dresses, especially on days when I feel extra. This dress helped me to love every angle of myself more. 

Therefore, wearing a bodycon dress is beneficial to enhance the way we think about ourselves. 

It will make you appreciate your body features, imperfections, and insecurities without trying to hide them beneath your clothes. 

Hérve Peugnet, the designer behind Hervé Léger, is the first to introduce bodycon dresses to the world. It was stated in history that in the early 1990s, this style began to be popular with women. 

And who wouldn’t think that many women are still fond of it until now? 

Clearly, the power of confidence it brings while wearing it is undeniable. It is not the type of dress that reciprocates the trend. 

Instead, it is still in trend because it makes us feel good about ourselves, and has passed from generation to generation regardless of the body type we have. 

So even if your body is thin or thick, you don’t have to worry because there’s a lot of possible ways for you to rock this dress. 

What to wear under bodycon dress? 

Since bodycon dresses focus on showing your body’s features, the clothes you wear under that can affect your whole look. No matter what underwear you wear, some lines will show outside. 

Below are the tips of clothing you should wear under your bodycon dress: 

Different Undergarments: 

When it comes to picking a bra or panties, it is important that you think about them carefully. 

It doesn’t matter whether you wear matching undies or not. What matters most is the kind of panty you would wear. 

  • The most recommended panty type is Thong underwear. As per The Mirriam English Dictionary, “thong” means “restraining.” The original purpose of a thong was to secure something without thick coverage. 

Thus, wearing a thong would give you assurance to lessen the panty-lines that are possible to show. But, if you don’t have a thong. You can wear boyshorts instead. 

  • For tank tops, if you feel uncomfortable with your belly. Wearing fitted sleeveless undergarments under your bodycon dress could help slim your stomach. 

Plus, it has a smooth texture that would prevent you from feeling uneasy. 

  • Slips, a must-have undergarment for every woman. It will help your bodycon dress hang properly, especially if your bodycon dress is a bit thin. 
  • Leggings. Normally, we wear leggings for any activity that requires more movement. But you can wear it under your bodycon dress. Leggings will be able to tuck in your belly and thighs. 

What to wear over bodycon dress?

These things are your accessories such as watches, jackets, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, etc., are some of the ideas you should wear over your bodycon dress.

Let’s admit it. Certain accessories can really add a spark to your overall look. If we compare it to makeup, it is the part where you put a highlighter on your face to add a glowing effect. 

The same goes with deciding about what you wear over a bodycon dress. 

Here are the best two ideas. 

Idea no. 1: You can choose between a jacket, cloak, coat, or scarves.

Wearing a coat over your bodycon dress could be your win in any situation. We call it layering. It is the process of wearing garments on top of your main clothes. 

The benefits of wearing other tops are; first, you can feel warmed instantly if you feel cold. Second, it will add a flavor to your bodycon dress by having the opposite of it. 

Just like how a loose coat is the perfect partner for your cute and sexy bodycon dress. You can simply put your coats above your shoulder. Then, you will have a classy and expensive vibe in a snap. 

However, just take note that you must only pick minimal overtop ideas. 

If you want to wear coats, you don’t have to put on scraps or another jacket unless you’re in cold weather. Because if you do, your bodycon dress will be overshadowed by your extra over-the-top.

Idea no. 2: Accessories, accessories, accessories!

You will never go wrong with accessories, particularly if you are wearing a bodycon dress. 

It will help you to express the looks you’re trying to convey fully. Plus, your accessories can describe what kind of personality you have.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to show how amazing you are. 

Convey it through your fashion taste. 

If you’re planning to wear a bodycon dress for a special occasion today, feel free to wear your favorite accessories as well. 

You can put your necklace, bracelet, and even belt too. In that way, you will be able to express your body figures together with the real you.

Best shapewear for bodycon dress

According to K. Johnson, a researcher in the social psychology of dress, the behavior of the person with whom you’re interacting can leave an impact on you. 

Meaning, if you dress up today, wear your best bodycon dress, and decide to show your confidence through your bodycon dress. 

The person you are connecting with will be amazed at how well you carry yourself. 

Your dress can showcase your personality. That’s why we love to dress. 

We prepare everything starting from the shoes we’re going to wear up to the pony tale we will be using. More importantly, in composing the looks, we want to achieve. 

If you’re planning to wear a bodycon dress, you must also prepare your best shapewear. Right? 

To help you pick, here are the top 3 shapewear that will suit your bodycon dress.

1. Trainer bodysuit or bodysuit

A trainer bodysuit is perfect shapewear you should use before wearing a bodycon dress. 

It is made of a mixture of pure late and fabric that can correct your posture in a minute. Plus, it has a 3-layer midsection to make you achieve a perfect hourglass body. 

2. Tummy control

If you prioritize wearing shapewear for your thighs, tummy, and curvy hips. Tummy control would be best for you. 

It reached the second spot because it is the most efficient high-waist pants. You can expect  won’t roll down your body no matter how busy your life might get. 

And, even if the grip of a tummy control is tight, you can still be comfortable and breathable under your bodycon dress. 

3. Easy up full slip

The structure form of this shapewear is also the same as your bodycon dress. It will make you look like you’re wearing another dress but thinner and for shaping your body more. 

Easy-up full slip makes it to the top 3 because it has a built-in bra. Yes, you read it right. This shapewear is multi-functional. 

It can be your bra, a strapless second dress, and it’s made with hook and eye closures – so it’s easy to put on and take off.

Types of bodycon dresses 

1. Bodycon Minidress

Fun fact: bodycon dresses can be identified based on their length. The length of a bodycon mini dress is estimated to be above your knee while sitting. 

It is the best kind of bodycon for you if you are comfortable showing off your legs and curves.

 2. Bodycon Midi dress

If your purpose is to attend formal occasions and meetings, a bodycon midi dress is the one you should wear. 

The length of this dress is either below your knees or above your ankle. In other words, it has an average long-length figure-flattering dress.

There is no certain design for this midi dress. It can be long-sleeve, lace-up, sleeveless, you name it. 

3. Bodycon Maxi dress

The longest bodycon dress. 

The length of this outfit is near the spaces between your ankle and the floor. 

My favorite part of wearing this is that you can highlight your curves while minimizing the specific trouble part of your body. 

4. Bodycon Sleeveless 

For summer occasions, a sleeveless bodycon dress is the most ideal. 

You can elegantly expose your collar bone or the upper part of your body. 

The thing about sleeveless bodycon – it doesn’t matter how long it is as long as it specifically focuses on the shape of your upper body and helps you feel cool during warmer weather. 

5. Tube bodycon dress

The type of our bodycon dress is getting sexier, just like this tube bodycon dress. The dress itself has a tube-shaped form that hugs the body like a glove. 

Usually, it is a long-length type of dress.

6. Spaghetti strap

Spaghetti strap bodycon dress is quite similar to the sleeveless bodycon. But the only difference is, sleeveless has a wide variety of designs. 

While for spaghetti strap, it only has a thin simple yet sexy thin strap.

7. Off-shoulder bodycon  

Since off-shoulder is loved by many, it is also available in bodycon dresses. 

It may have strong support to the upper part of your body, just like sleeveless and spaghetti strap, but in off-shoulder, it is complete with the invisible backing.  

What color is best for a bodycon dress? 

A neutral color such as black, white, and brown bodycon dress is always best for all occasions. 

It will give you elegant vibes. However, you can still wear any colors you want that would match your skin type. 

The same goes for styles. You can go with stripes, polka dots, plain, or patterns. The choice is yours. 

The beauty of bodycon dresses is that their style automatically suits you regardless of their color or style.

Main tips for wearing bodycon dress

According to National Organisation for Women statistics, approximately 50% of teens are self-conscious about their bodies, and 26.2% are unhappy with their appearance. And by the age of 60, 28.7% of women feel “unsatisfied” with their bodies, and 32.6% feel “self-conscious” about them.

This relevant rate is getting more alarming as the day goes by. Therefore, the only tip I could recommend to you is to be confident with your body when wearing a bodycon dress. 

You have to trust the body shaper you wear, and how your body is beautiful and unique. 

You must learn to embrace your imperfections and make them perfectly imperfect. In that way, you can easily pick the bodycon you like and wear it confidently. 

Let acceptance be the makeup you put on your face while wearing your bodycon dress. 

Because again, our personality shows by how we carry ourselves

Whenever we are happy and confident, it will reflect on the kind of dress we choose to wear. 

Continue to rule your day, ladies!