What Color Sneakers Go With Everything?

What Color Sneakers Go With Everything
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If you want to wear sneakers with everything, you should stick with neutral colors. 

Black, white, and gray will most likely match everything in your wardrobe.

There’s a lot to love about sneakers that make you want to wear them everyday. 

They’re comfortable, stylish, and you can wear them anywhere. 

But let’s face it, our wardrobe consists of so many different styles and colors. And it really begs the question, what color sneakers go with everything?

Like most girls, I love shoes. 

And sneakers are my go-to for anything other than dressing up. 

So in this article, I’ll give reasons why going neutral is the best sneaker color to go with everything.

Though if you love other sneaker colors too, don’t worry! 

I’ll also detail what other sneaker colors you can add to your shoe rack.

How To Find The Right Sneakers?

Many things go into finding the right sneakers. 

Color is one of them, for sure – style, comfort, and purpose. And for many sneaker lovers, the brand matters too.

There’s no formula on how to find the right sneakers.

It really comes down to personal preference.


We definitely have to talk about color. 

We all have our favorite color. 

That’s one thing that drives our outfit choices.

 We mix and match different pieces based on color. 

And your choice of sneaker color can make or break your outfit. 


Chunky, minimalist, or sleek. 

Sneakers come in various shapes, materials, and designs. 

There’s a style for different tastes.

I have different sneaker designs in my shoe closet and they’re all in rotation. 

But there are a couple of styles that I prefer over everything else. 

I have those in different colors too.


Sneaker technology has gone a long way. 

It’s not just about aesthetics. 

We now have sneakers made of knit. 

These materials are more comfortable on your feet. 

with no break-in is required. 

Who would’ve imagined fabric on your sneaker 20 years ago?!

Also, various brands have midsoles that promise all-day comfort. 

It’s one of the reasons why we love wearing sneakers. They’re really so comfortable.


The right sneaker sometimes comes down to what you need it for. Running? For going out? A daily beater? 

Different activities sometimes call for different sneakers.


Of course, we all have our preferred brands.

 If you’re like me, I keep my sneaker brand options limited to those that I really love. 

But it’s good to try on other brands every now and then. 

Especially if some designs or colors go well with the clothes you own.

How To Pick The Best Sneaker Color?

There are two kinds of people in this world. 

Those who pick their sneaker color based on their outfit and those who pick their outfit based on their shoes.

That’s how to pick the best sneaker color.

There’s no single best color among all the available colors in the sneaker universe. But some colors have a much bigger impact on your outfit than others. 

While some go with anything that you put on.

Whichever side you’re on, it’s a safe bet to have basic colors that can match most of what you have. 

And depending on the design, they can be a regular part of a business casual outfit.

Remember, the best sneaker color is the one that can balance your outfit or what makes it shine. 

Here are some of the most common sneaker colors you’ll find.


blond girl with black sneakers

It’s one of the colors that can match anything in your wardrobe. 

Black hides dirt and scruff well. 

It’s a low-maintenance color for anyone too lazy to clean your shoes after each use. 

This makes a pair of black sneakers perfect as a daily beater. You can wear it anywhere in any weather.

But black can also be work-appropriate. 

A pair of leather black sneakers can make head turns at the office.


white sneakers on female legs

The other color that you can match with anything, white sneakers will always make you look fresh. 

They’re classics that will never go out of style. And what’s great is that tons of brands offer white sneakers. 

You’ll never run out of options.

And even if you have a full range of colors in your closet, wearing white sneakers can make you look clean and coordinated.


women's hands gray sneakers

If black is too edgy and white is too laid-back, gray is the compromise. 

A pair of sharp-looking gray sneakers can also make you look sophisticated.

They’re the perfect sneakers during the fall because they can lighten up dark and gloomy outfits. 

Yet it can also match a lot of different styles and colors.

Plus, gray comes in various shades. 

You can have several gray sneakers to match your mood.


Off-white sneakers come in warmer or cooler tones. 

What’s great about off-white is that it can match dark or bright colors with ease. 

While it won’t give you a classic look as white does, off-white sneakers can also give a similar effect. 

It can still give you a fresh vibe, especially when paired with the right pieces.


A pair of brown sneakers also goes well with a variety of colors. 

Blue, gray, and white are great partners. 

They’re not too warm and it adds a natural color to your outfit.

If you love gold, bronze, and other metallic accessories, you’ll be happy to know they complement brown perfectly. 

It’s also a more formal color that can elevate a casual look. 

If you want to wear sneakers but not look too dressed down, brown can dress you up instantly.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is close enough to black but not quite as dark. 

It’s a cool shade that works well with jeans, white and gray outfits. 

And if you want to neutralize that bright red top you’re wearing, navy blue sneakers can do the trick.

Like brown, it can have a more formal appeal. 

So certain designs can be appropriate for the work setting.

Red, Yellow, Orange

woman hands tying shoelaces of red sneakers

These shades make a statement. 

The loud colors will draw attention to your sneakers. 

It shows you’re daring and not shy about it. 

Or that you’re fun and want to show it off. 

That’s why you should keep your outfit simple to get a balanced look. 


Green sneakers come in different shades. Olive, moss, emerald, military green are staples in the sneaker design. 

Like brown, they add an earthy element to your outfit.

Brighter shades of green can also be attention-grabbing. 

So practice the same principles with wearing bright red, yellow, or orange shoes. 

But skip pairing them with brown, unless you’re going for the earthy vibe. 

Go for white, off-white, or gray instead.

Why Should I Choose The Most Versatile Sneaker Color?

The most versatile sneaker color goes with everything. 

It’s the safest pair to have because you won’t have to worry too much about what goes on your feet.

Do you have a wide range of colors in your wardrobe? Do you love wearing something bright? How about patterns and prints? 

If this is your style, you need sneakers that will tone down your look and won’t take attention away from your outfit.

That’s why you should choose the most versatile sneaker color. 

Luckily, you’re not stuck with one. 

Black, white, and gray are the queens of versatility.

These colors match with everything — your favorite color, print, or design. 

Your favorite jeans, joggers, dresses, and shorts all go well with these colors. 

And when the event calls for a dressier outfit, these colors can make a more stylish statement.

Aside from matching anything that you can put on, what makes black so versatile is that you can dress it up or down. 

If you love sneakers but need to look a little more formal than usual, black is a safe bet.

Meanwhile, a pair of clean, white sneakers can make you look fresh and crisp no matter the occasion or outfit. 

Like black sneakers, some white sneakers come in designs that you can rock even when you need to dress up.

Gray sneakers offer a more dressed-down vibe without being too casual. 

If you’re wearing something dark but want to add a lighter element, gray is the perfect sneaker.

If your wardrobe is mostly green, blue, or purple, gray is a great versatile option.

I should also mention brown here. 

Brown sneakers aren’t as versatile as black or white. 

They don’t go with everything but the color is still versatile enough to match a lot of outfits.

White Vs Black Sneakers, Which Is Better?

White Vs Black Sneakers

If you want sneakers that go with everything, your two best options are black and white sneakers. 

Is one better than the other? Not necessarily. 

But since they belong to the opposite ends of the spectrum, they have contrasting effects on your outfit. 

But they have their advantages over the other.

The Case for Black Sneakers

The best thing about black sneakers is that they’re low maintenance. 

If you tend to get dirt, scruff, or pasta sauce on your sneakers, they won’t show with black.

You can’t say the same for white sneakers.

Maintaining their pristine color is essential if you want to look good wearing them. And you’ll have to be careful where you step. 

You can’t wear them when it’s rainy or muddy outside.

There are too many things to worry about with white sneakers. 

So for white vs black sneakers, black is the easiest to maintain.

And if sneakers are your footwear of choice, an all-black pair are like combat boots. 

You can take them to battle anywhere, anytime. 

You won’t have to worry about how they’ll look when you get home.

And as I’ve mentioned, black sneakers with a leather upper can pass the office dress code. 

They’re much dressier than the casual white sneaker.

The Case for White Sneakers

There’s nothing like a crisp pair of white sneakers. 

It gives a certain shine and elegance to your outfit that black won’t ever do for you. 

Even if you’re wearing an eye-popping top or bottom, white sneakers can provide balance to your outfit.

But do they always have to be in pristine condition? Not always. 

Some white sneakers look better when they’re dirty or beat down. 

It adds character, especially if it matches a carefree personality. Who cares how dirty they are? If you’re comfortable with it, that’s all that matters.

And also, white sneakers will always be trendy, no matter the season. 

Its simplicity will never go out of style.