What Color Shoes with Yellow Dress?

Woman in yellow dress and nude shoes
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Yellow dresses were popular back in the year 2019.

But even now, yellow dresses are still pretty trendy!

I would like to say that this is mostly because yellow is such a vibrant and happy color.

And when a lady wears yellow, she can definitely shine no matter where she goes.

What Color Shoes with Yellow Dress

A yellow dress can easily match any style.

You can wear a yellow dress during the summer season.

And a mustard dress during fall.

Basically, yellow dresses can fit any season.

If you’re feeling bold and daring, you can even wear them during holiday parties.

Now, the only thing that’s left to do is to find the perfect color shoes to match your yellow or mustard dress.

Here, I will show you the best color shoes to wear with a yellow dress.

Yellow dress blue shoes

To start our list, let’s go with the most unexpected yet fitting combo.

Yes, you can pair your yellow dress with blue shoes.

In fact, these two colors can create a very contrasting yet striking appearance together.

They may be worlds apart but they can very much look elegant and energetic when worn at the same time.

If you want to appear more smart and professional, a mustard dress with dark or navy shoes would be the best choice.

And if you want to look charming and balanced, a pale-colored yellow dress and light blue shoes would be perfect together.

Yellow dress black shoes

Black and yellow? A superb choice.

They say you can never go wrong with a pair of black shoes.

And that is indeed very true.

Actually, matching your yellow dress with black shoes would be a very vibrant option.

Black and yellow can give a big contrast to each other.

But they can also create a very appealing and striking look.

If you want to make your yellow dress stand out and shine, opt for a pair of black shoes.

For a sophisticated look, go for a yellow dress and black shoes or loafers combo.

If you want to appear more casual and laid-back, black ankle boots and strappy sandals would be the better choice.

You can also pair this outfit with black jewelry to match your footwear.

Yellow dress red shoes

Want to show your playful side and bright mood?

How about wearing your bright yellow dress with red-colored shoes?

If you want to go pop and stand out with just one look, red shoes are the perfect match for your yellow dress.

What’s more, is that red can fit with any shade of yellow.

So you don’t have to worry about your outfit being mismatched.

Because no matter what, your yellow dress would definitely look super stylish with your red shoes.

Yellow dress with gold shoes

There’s nothing more fit than a pair of gold shoes and a yellow dress.

If you want to be on the safer side, opt for gold-colored shoes.

Gold shoes can easily elevate the look of your yellow dress, making it look more elegant and extravagant.

And to complete your classy and rich look, you will need to accessorize this outfit with gold jewelry.

A gold belt that matches the shade of your footwear or a gold necklace would be just right.

Yellow dress with silver shoes

Another stylish and safe color of footwear that you can match with your yellow dress is silver shoes.

Silver shoes or other metallic shades can easily make any yellow dress look more classy and chic.

What’s more, is that your silver shoes can give your yellow dress a very aesthetic and nice accent that screams nothing but pure sophistication.

If you want to attend a cocktail event and want to outshine everyone, opt for a yellow dress with silver shoes.

Accessorizing this outfit choice is also as easy as wearing gold.

Yellow dress brown shoes

Now, if you want to balance the brightness and the warmth of your yellow dress, the best footwear choice would be brown.

Since brown is an earthy color, it can give a calming and warmer tone to your yellow dress without outshining your dress.

This pair is perfect for the summer season!

You can wear a floral yellow dress with your brown espadrilles to look more casual and lively.

Or you can also give a very airy and chic aura by wearing your flowing maxi dress and brown wedges.

Yellow dress white shoes

Bright yellow, dark yellow, mustard, or any shades of yellow would always look good with a pair of white shoes.

White shoes can easily make any yellow dress stand out and shine even brighter.

But there are also instances where your white shoes can give your yellow dress a minimalistic and simple look.

Which is perfect if you don’t want to shine that much with your yellow dress on.

Basically, white shoes and yellow dresses can be worn in different styles.

That’s how versatile and perfect they are when worn together.

Yellow dress nude shoes

If your goal is to make everyone notice your yellow dress, then pairing it with nude shoes is a perfect choice.

Nude shoes that match your skin tone not only make your yellow dress shine, this can also elongate the look of your legs.

Since nude is neutral, you can pair it with any shade of yellow.

Be it a bright yellow or a mustard-colored dress.

Personally, nude shoes are my best footwear choice when I don’t know what to wear with any color of a dress.

So if you are also in doubt, wear nude.

Yellow dress pink shoes

There are two shades of pink that can go well with a yellow dress.

Starting with the brighter side, you can wear a hot pink or neon pink pair of shoes and match them with a yellow dress.

This outfit choice would be perfect if you want to mix fashion and fun.

You can easily make lots of heads turn if you wear your yellow dress with hot pink shoes.

Now, blush shoes and yellow dresses are also perfect when you want to appear more feminine and delicate.

This color choice is best worn during formal events where you want to remain soft and aesthetic like wedding ceremonies.