What Color Shoes with Tan Pants?

Tan pants, sweater and heel boots
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Tan pants are a very popular wardrobe choice.

Personally, I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t own a pair of tan pants.

The reason why tan colored pants are trendy is that they can be styled with any top.

However, the challenging part is finding the right shoe color that can go well with these pants.

That’s why I have looked into this topic to give you the best advice so you can rock your tan pants with the right shoe color.

What Color Shoes with Tan Pants

It’s safe to say that tan pants are great for any kind of weather or situation.

That’s why I deeply understand if you find it a bit challenging deciding which shoe color best fits your tan pants without looking monotonous.

After all, a simple wrong color combination can ruin your entire look.

Take a look at the list I have made to see which color shoes can match your tan pants.

Beige or Tan Shoes

To start this list, let’s talk about tan pants paired with beige or tan shoes.

Since tan is a neutral color, pairing them with another earthy-colored wardrobe can give you a seamless look.

For people who want to look comfortable and stylish, try matching your tan pants with a pair of beige or tan colored ankle boots.

There is also an outfit ready for people who want to look professional and smart.

You can achieve this look by pairing your tan suit with the same shade of high-heeled pumps.

Tan Pants Black Shoes

Repeat after me, every single woman should have a pair of black shoes ready in their wardrobe.

Some of you may think that black shoes and tan pants are hard to pull off.

But as long as you know how to style them, you will realize how perfect they can look together.

For example, a pair of black wedge boots can really give a striking appearance when paired with tan skinny pants.

Tan colored square pants can also give off outgoing and relaxed vibes if they are worn with black sneakers.

Just put on a white or cream-colored top to balance your color combination.

Tan Pants White Shoes

When it comes to versatility, white shoes are always top on the list.

These shoes can go with any clothing.

But a pair of white shoes and tan pants is something else.

Wearing your tan pants plus your white shoes can make your outfit and appearance more put together.

If your goal is to make everyone notice your clothing, a pair of white shoes can make your outfit become the center of attraction.

White open-toe heels look great with khaki square pants.

Topping it with a neutral-colored tank top and a white coat will give off a sophisticated look.

Tan Pants Brown Shoes

I know you’re thinking that brown shoes only look good when paired with jeans.

But honestly, it can look great with a pair of tan pants too!

Some people even prefer to wear brown shoes with tan pants instead of black-colored footwear.

If you want to look really aesthetic, try wearing square-cut tan pants paired with a darker shade of combat boots.

Simply fold the ends of your pants just above your boots and you’re ready to take some Instagram-worthy pictures.

Green Shoes

Some may raise their eyebrows with our next color combination.

But if you know how to carry your outfit well, then you will totally rock this look.

Green shoes like a pair of flat-styled espadrilles with ribbons to tie around your ankles can look really great with tan-colored jogger pants.

And to complete this outfit, try putting on your figure-hugging white crop top shirt.

You can also add a little jewelry with this kind of outfit like a choker or gold necklace and you’re ready to make heads turn.

Blue Shoes

For the ladies who want to make their bare-looking tan pants look livelier, try matching them with blue shoes.

It doesn’t matter if you have bright-colored blue shoes or ones with darker hues.

The blue shoes can complement really well with a tan.

If your outfit is more on the neutral-colored side, your blue shoes can give more life to your overall appearance.

For a smart and semi-formal look, you can match your tan pants with a pair of dark blue pumps.

This can also make a nice accent to your tan pants.

Yellow Shoes

Planning to hang out with friends or visit the park with a pair of tan colored skinny pants?

Match them with your yellow flats and you’ll look definitely good.

The yellow hue of your shoes can give more character to your neutral-colored pants, making a perfect blend.

Topping it with a plain white T-shirt is enough to balance the color scheme of your overall outfit.

Add a few accessories like a watch or a gold bracelet and you’re ready to go.

Velvet shoes

Wearing your tan pants and your velvet-colored shoes can give you a really bold look.

If you plan to attend a meeting or get coffee with your friends, you can try matching your tan pants with a pair of velvet pointed-toe stilettos.

You can also match it with a white or cream-colored dress shirt and some gold jewelry to look super stylish.

But if you want to feel more comfortable, a pair of velvet loafers and tan pants can still look pretty chic as well.

Animal Printed Shoes

Another bold choice when wearing a pair of tan pants is a pair of animal printed shoes.

You can choose to wear a flat-styled or high-heeled one depending on your mood and it will look really fashionable.

The animal patterns of your shoes can make a statement as you walk down the streets.

Make sure to choose animal printed shoes that have neutral colors or strokes of yellow and black to not make your shoes look too flashy.

Floral Shoes

If you are looking forward to giving off a real feminine and soft vibe, tan pants and pastel-colored ballet flats will help you achieve that look.

The floral patterns and the pastel color of your footwear will give a little bit of accent to your tan pants while still keeping attention to your outfit.

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